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Punto is home :)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Live2dream, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Congrats live2dream on your beauty.
  2. Thanks ferrari1234 . The car has done around 1600 kms now. The engine has freed up quite a bit, the car is absolutely divine to drive.no issues till now. Everything is working as it is meant to be. I am 200% satisfied with my car. Currently running in my home town trivandrum. Will post a detailed ownership review, once i cross 3000 kms.
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  3. congrats live2dream.happy motoring.


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    congrats live2dream.happy motoring.

  4. Punto V-kooled

    Punto V-kooled.

    Finally went ahead with vkool films in my punto today. It was economy series k37 model. Light shade. Costed me 8500 rs. Must say the particular shade suits very well on white punto. Attaching Pics. It has 5 years warranty and the installation was done very neatly. Heat rejection of 50%.

    shop : sandhya cars, alwarpet.,chennai

    Other updates. : Completed 3000km on my punto today in 21 days courtesy to and fro trip to trivandrum. The car is much more responsive now than when i took delivery. Cant feel the turbo lag now, even though its still very much there, altered my driving style to suit the punto.

    -ves :

    1.Light steering wobble at 100km/hr, not existent before and after that.
    2.Very rarely I hear a faint mechanical sound from front wheel well. too infrequent to bother
    3.Rear wiper blade loose. if i lift the wiper the blade comes off.

    Other accessories planned

    1.3d kagu mats cost 4500/-
    2.Stanley leather seats ( in due course of time, dont have the moolah now) cost 36000 as quoted by Sandhya cars. Is there any stanley leather direct dealer in Chennai.





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  5. Your car looks stunning...
    till now i was under the impression that whit punto looks cool only with darkest shades of film...
    but even yours is a looker....
    also for Light steering wobble at 100km/hr, i guess wheel alignment and balancing will solve the problem..
    get it donr from any authorised tyre shops...
    they do a much better job than most of the showroom guys

    Happy puntoing!!!
  6. Thanks sanjeev...the shades does provide punto an upmarket feel. Regarding the wobbling, since the car is jsut 20 days old,,i think i will give it to vst motors, if it doesnot workout would look for outside tyre shops
  7. nobrakes


    U car looks brilliant. Please keep it "sticker free" as imo, stickers spoil the looks of the car. I liked your comment that you are 200% satisfied with your punto. After 6800kms in my 1.2, I am as well :)

  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Your white Punto looks smashing. Absolutely stunning. Take good care of her.
  9. Thanks nobrakes..... I am of the same opinion. I want it to be completely sticker free.. The are no stickers except the pdi stickers and the vin stickers which i would remove eventually. I asked the dealer specifically not to put any dealer name stickers on the car.
  10. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Infact the Work is done neatly and your Grande looks more Grand now,
    Do check the Wheel balancing at some Authorized shop to get the wobbling out.

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    Infact the Work is done neatly and your Grande looks more Grand now,
    Do check the Wheel balancing at some Authorized shop to get the wobbling out.

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