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Punto infected by too much rust.

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by nitinkumardba, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    shit man, thats really bad. i feel very sorry that these pathetic TASS spoiled the whole exercise.
    do keep ample evidences of each and every word you have with them. also record all the conversations in the phone voice recorder.

    i dont know how the top bosses will act on this now. i have less hopes. i think they should take you case and either replace your car or take it to the factory and treat it.
  2. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Very sorry to hear about this. Even if they (FIAT or TASS) are not acting properly hereafter, I think the best option would be to knock the doors of Consumer Redressal Forum (http://consumerredressal.com/default.aspx). I am sure you will get justice there.
  3. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Here is reply from Mr. Saxena:
    Dear mr nitin

    We are really concern about your issues ,in this regards we have discussed the issues in length

    Mr ravi is in touch with you ,request to co-operate with him ,to sort out these issue

    He has already sent you the requested mail


    R K Saxena
    Head (Fiat - Customer Support)

    Here is reply from Ravi Agarwal
    Dear Mr Nitin

    As discussed last week , A paint supplier , TML and FIAT representative ( Mr Arun ) will meet you in this week and provide solution to all the issues mentioned out which many are solved by Mr Arun and Mr Gopalan.

    Either Mr Mangesh or Mr Vikas or myself will fix up appointment according to your convenience.

    We appreciate your unwearied support to us, kindly bear till meeting.

    Thanks and Regards

    These bosses were always there. Oberai cars just ignored them. Due to this, I also have very little hope now.

    As of now, I asked Mr Saxena for a timeframe for proper solution. Waiting for his reply on this. If things are not solved in given time frame, I'll proceed on legal way.
  4. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Thank you Cinju, just spoke on helpline number. I'll go according to them in case legal proceeding is required.
  5. Sorry to hear this Nitin. On seeing your last but few posts, I was also on a high hope, that my Punto too will be treated properly for rust. My hopes too are down now.

    There is a famous saying in Tamil, "Saami varam kuduthaalum poosaari kudukamaataru". It means, even if God gives you your wish, Priest will stop it. Similarly, whatever support we recieve from Fiat, finally it is in the hands of TASC, either to spoil it or extend the same support.
  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Soundar..lets not get into a negative assumption now itself. All TASS would not be the same. My personal opinion is you should initiate the process.
  7. Sir, I am not being in a negative assumption. I have given my car for rust treatment twice. Second time I have given it to a different TASC from first as I am not satisfied with their work. The treatment done at second TASC is better than first but far below my expectations. Still my car is rusted in few places. I have to email to Fiat top executives and give the car for treatment to the third and last TASC.

    To go into much detail:

    First treatment: Even the visible rust is not treated at all. It was like they given the car as it was before. I made my mind not to go there again.

    Second treatment: They treated most of the rusted areas and gave a lousy painting work on top of it. They took nearly 3 weeks for the work and I eventually have to pay for the door beading which should have been replaced under warrenty. I was made to wait for more than a month for the beading. After repeated communication and waiting, I went to TASC directly and found it to be in stock. They made me wait for a part which was in stock. During that period, my car was running without beading in the door and creating rattles. Still there are rusts under beadings.

    My expectation is: I want my car to be fully checked for rust and treat it so that I can have peaceful ownership. But, everytime I get back the car I find the rust in one another place. Is it not the SA or SE's job to check it fully.
  8. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Sorry my friend. If I were in your place I would have reacted much worse. Please don't call me 'SIR'. By the way how many TASC are there in Chennai ?
  9. Excuse me for that "Sir" then. There are 5 TASC in chennai.

    2 TASCs by Concorde motors - one of this TASCs is the one I have visited as first attempt.
    1 TASC by TAFE Reach - This was my second TASC
    1 TASC by VST service station - I am planning to go here next.
    1 TASC by Bhooma automobiles - To far away. May be fourth. :)

    By the way, all these issues bother the owner, only when the car is parked. While driving it is really sweet and "feel like God" to forgive TASC. (Like Bajaj Avenger Ad lolz)
  10. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    @Sounder, I am planning to knock the door of court in coming days. But prior to that I want to give final chance to top bosses of TML and Fiat because they have been supportive so far.

    Today, I had words with Ravi Agarwal who told me that after treatment inspection would take place in a day or two under supervision of executive from TML, executive from Fiat and executive from paint supplier.

    I'll discuss my case point by point. I am sure they have to accept bad quality. This inspection will take place in Oberai Cars only.

    This time I'll not give any chance to Oberai cars. I'll ask them to arrange painter from paint company. I'll ask TML or Fiat executive to be present there in workshop.

    So as of now its wait and watch situation for me.

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