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Punto Evo OEM lookalike Android Head Unit

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by limraj, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Trivandrum / Bangalore
    Linea 1.3

    This thread is for the information of someone looking to upgrade their head unit to Android Head Unit. This is by Mr Anil TG, who has done it on his Punto Evo. He wanted an HU that would look very much like OEM, which fits the OEM HU space with minimal modification.

    Here are some snaps.
    IMG_7725.JPG IMG_7727.JPG IMG_7726.JPG IMG_7723.JPG IMG_7724.JPG
    The procedure is in this attached PDF.

    Hope it is useful.

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