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Punto Evo ~ A Love Affair <3

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Ravi Varma, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Ravi Varma

    Ravi Varma Novizio

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Second service update : 15,000km up
    Finally it's time for an update. No follow-up updates to the thread would either mean that I'm extremely lazy or that I'm having no issues whatsover with the Evo. It's only in difficult times that we, humans tend to run for help :)

    It's a bit of both of the above reasons mentioned.

    10k km up and it's been one year. Moreover Pandit is shutting shop and I wanted peace of mind at least for another year. So I called them up and headed over there.
    No major complaints, just the regular 2nd service.

    Here's the 2nd service reciept and alignment report. The wheels were also rotated.



    Once done I went out for a test drive and it looked ok. I also complained about the jerk when changing gears. As soon as I let go of the clutch there's a perceivable jerk. What confuses me is it doesn't occur If I let go slowly, but when I want to change gears in a hurry it's noticeable.

    They connected the diagnosis tool and found no errors. Then said they're going to upgrade the software. I asked if they're upgrading the maps; I got a look of surprise in return. I said that I heard the new maps were for 90hp and not the 75hp. The cashier is leaving and so I had to head over there to settle the bills.
    By the time I came back they said the software is updated. I returned home and while driving I didn't feel much difference. Maybe I'm changing the gears leisurely.

    Thanks to my hometown being about 1100km from Pune I get to enjoy the pleasure of driving at least twice every year. Most of my friends and relatives still can't understand why I drive all the way when I can opt for train.

    One of my major concern and which still is, is the fact that we do not have a covered parking. That would mean having to deal with these :

    A stupid kid, instead of me requesting him to cycle properly, tried some acrobatic stuff and fell on the car. It really pains, when your car is 5 months into ownership and this happens.


    yet another fan of the Punto. It didn't even move when I inched closer to get a good shot.


    Sometimes I wonder why I've gone for Red when I do not even have a proper parking. The situation worsens in the monsoon.
    Leaves, dirt get into the cabin ACC filter. I got to know of this when it was replaced in the 2nd service. I had a "Recaro" car cover, but then it doesn't protect against the rains. It sticks itself to the car and the dust seeps in and dries onto the car once the rain stops.

    So I started searching for a rain-proof car cover. Many of the links turned up to be outside the country. I read in another forum a positive review of a cover from "http://www.coverit.in/".

    The one that costs around 3k mentioned it's made of canvas cloth and is rain-proof upto 98%. I called them up, had a chat and placed the order. I called them after 4 days to know the status and then came to know that it's being stitched and is made of Tarpaulin. When it's shipped it weighed close to 6 kilos and so was sent via India Post.
    Finally I had to go to the post office to collect it, and then it stopped raining. Putting the cover on and taking it off takes a considerable effort. I dusted off with a Jopasu and then used to put the cover on.
    I comforted myself saying if any swirls are formed the detailing will take care of them. One positive note to make is, it really held well against the rains. I looked like a fool checking the cover with an umbrella when it's raining like hell :D

    Whenever the Punto is mentioned one point that come to the fore is "messed up ergonomics".
    No kidding but half of those comments come from people who read them somewhere. If they're really messed up, I'd not be driving on and on until my wife reminds me that we've done 300km and should take a break.

    I ask "are you tired?" and she says "No, let's just take a break for the sake of it" :) We usually stop at this temple after crossing Solapur.


    Coming back to the ergonomics, I thought I'd see if I could find some info if the ergonomics are really that bad. After some googling I found that back in 1995, at the behest of FIAT CEO studies were conducted to make the Punto's seat more comfortable.

    Here are the extracts from google docs. All the content is copyright of their respective owners and is mentioned here only for reference. No wonder the research and time poured in to make sure the seats are comfortable shows.
    They were conducted in Europe considering their body proportions, but then they made sure that extremes (height and weight) were also considered in the tests.
    This redesign led to the Punto being voted the "Car of the Year 1995" in it's segment. During the tests it's seats were compared to that of the Civic.

    So the itch to get a dashcam caught me too. I got "KDlinks x1" from the US. It supports full HD recording and supports upto 32gb microsd card. It requires to be connected to the 12v DC of the car and relies on it to start/stop recording.
    Why a dashcam : well, it records all our journeys and is a fun way to look back at them. On a serious note, it can be helpful in the case of a frontal accident. It detects the shock and locks the video from being overwritten.

    This is how I've attached it; didn't run the wiring through the panels.


    and this is how small it is :)


    The videos are pretty decent. I'll edit them and post the links soon.

    Now for some recent pics.


    That aggressive face


    In the twilight, at home with Nature

  2. bibin

    bibin Regolare

    @Ravi Varma

    Great information on ergonomics.

    keep driving your beauty.
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