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Punto EVO 75 vs 90HP?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by cynicalcount, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Your observation is correct, 76hp is sufficiently powered, have nice beige interior etc.
    But if you like black interiors, need some extra power on highway drive, like bigger 16 inch alloy, 90hp is the car for you.

    Small distance TD might not tell you much of extra power 90hp has. See if you can take TD on some open road and longer duration.

    For more city and occasional highway drive, 76hp is more than sufficient.
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  2. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @cynicalcount Having bought a 90 HP few months after extensively testdriving many cars here are my observation regarding 75 Vs 90 HP

    75 HP has better driveability in the city. Now with EVO there is a change in the gearing which has made it more drivable in the city. The 90 HP mechanically remains untouched. So thats one area 75 HP remains better.
    Everything esle from a driver's point of view is better in 90 HP.

    With new EVO the black interiors of 90 HP gives a more premium feeling. It a better highway car and those 15 horses make their presence felt in the mid to top range . 90 HP will have a higher top end. In short if you plan on having a good mix of highway and city driving then 90 HP is the one to select.

    If its going to be primarily city drive then its the 75 HP if EVO is the only car that you have shortlisted. Else there are better city cars than Punto.

    Budget permitting I would recommend going for the 90 HP because
    You would learn to work around the lag in few weeks time and city driving would't be any bother then.
    The clutch in the new Evo is super light now so no more pains in stop n go traffic.
    If possible take a test drive with a Punto which has more than 10 K on the odo. The first test drive that I did was on car with 16 K on the odo and I really felt that the turbo lag and other gearing issues in Punto has been over criticized. But when I bought the same Punto brand new I could feel that all concerns raised are very true. So what I want to convey is as you put on miles the 90 HP keeps getting better due to a combination of engine opening up as well as the driver learning to work around the lag. I can say from my experince that having logged more than 6K kms in last 3 months my car is better than what it was when bought new. My interactions with FASS technicans also points to the car getting much better to drive after the 15 K service when it undergoes all oil and filter changes. Mostly by that time these issues stop being too much of a bother as experienced by me after taking the test drive of a car with 16 K on the odo. Do rememeber to change the engine oil for the MJD @ the 5K service even though Fiat doesn't recommend. One can just feel the difference instantly as if the engine starts breathing better and becomes smoother.

    The last but not the least Punto is the only car in its segment which eggs on the driver push the car to its limit. Such confidence inspiring is the chassis ,suspension set up and the superbly calibarated hydraulic power steering that its begs for a more poptent engine gear box combo. Every time I try to push my car to its limits I feel as if the car talks back to me challenging "COME ON BOY IS THAT ALL YOU GOT". I have been able to hit a max of 150 KMPH on highway and it felt as if we are driving close to 100-110. I didn't go any further as I usually do long drives with my wife and kid and didn't feel it would be wiser to drive any more faster. But I felt Punto still has legs to do at least 170-180 range.

    Go for the 90 HP beacuse as soon as you buy a Punto you start hitting the higways more as thats where the car shines. You gonna regret later how much more fun it would have been to have owned the 90 HP.

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