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Punto Evo - 2014 - Test Drive and Review

Discussion in 'Punto' started by nkrishnap, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yup. All are backlit
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  2. Amit Rox

    Amit Rox Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Came across this post on FB Team Fiat Moto.

    There are many things/features in the Punto/Linea which only its owner knows. Its not mentioned in any brochure nor in any magazine nor in any websites. You discover this when you live with your car, every day is a learning experience with FIAT, it seems!

    1) Leave the cabin light ON & it will automatically switch off after some pre determined time to save battery.

    2) Suppose your fog lamps are ON. Now, when you switch OFF your headlights, of course the fog lights will also switch off. But good feature is the fog lights wont automatically turn on the next time you switch on the headlights. that is because Punto does not have a manual switch for fog lights but it has a 'touch' button. Good thing if you keep forgetting to manually switch off fog lights. same applies for rear fog lights also.

    3) Punto has hydraulic engine mounts to reduce noise & vibration.

    4) Cool feature - If any of your warning lights such as brake light, turn indicators, boot light, tail lamp is not working, the car will display a message on the MID with a beep mentioning which bulb is not working.

    5) Punto has a speed limit warning which you can manually set. even polo has this.

    6) Many cars have door open warning. Punto shows you which exact door is open. For example, door open warning light on the instrument console with a beep followed by a message on the MID which reads "rear left door is open" or "boot is open".

    7) Punto shows which track (entire track or album name) is playing or which radio station is set right in front of the driver's eyes, in the MID.

    8) Blue & Me feature - Connect upto 5 phones with the car. It will download your entire phonebook from your phone into the car's memory. you can navigate your phonebook through the steering controls & the names will appear on the MID. Makes calls again from the steering & enjoy wireless conversation. This is really really convenient. Even when you are receiving calls, it shows the caller's name (or number) on the MID allowing you to accept or reject calls.

    9) Voice commands - You can change tracks, folders, search songs, open phonebook, search contacts & even call you contacts just by talking to your car! Some scenarios -

    Me: Call DAD
    Punto: Call DAD now?
    Me: Yes
    Punto: tring tring


    Me: call 123456789
    Punto: call 123456789 now?
    Me: Yes
    Punto: tring tring


    Me: Settings
    Punto : Settings, Choose your options - car settings, phone settings, ....
    Me: Phone settings
    Punto: Phone settings, Choose your option - pairing, volume, code, ...


    Me: Songs
    Punto: shows songs on MID
    Me: Folder
    Punto: shows folders on MID
    Me: Genre
    Punto: shows genre on MID
    Me: Radio
    Punto: shifts to radio from USB!

    Best part about Punto's voice commands is that there is no specific strict command as such for a function. for example, to listen to USB, you can say anything like "media player" or "music" or "songs" & it will still open USB folder for you!!! It even understands our Indian accent well, something which is a problem that I have noticed in the VW Passat.

    10) Pull you headlamp stack once after car is switched off & key is taken out, follow me headlamp feature is activated. even that is customizable! pull lever once, headlamp stays on for 10 seconds. pull lever twice, headlamp stays on for 20 seconds, pull thrice, stays on for 30 seconds!

    11) Unlock your car & the cabin light comes on. Open the door, sit inside & close the door & the light goes off in a nice progressive manner - theatre dimming style. Similarly, switch off the car & take the key out, the light comes on slowly. exit & lock the car, the light dims progressively.

    12) I dont know if anybody has noticed this, but even after you exit & lock the car, the MID still remains ON for some 10 seconds. Dont know why. Have noticed this in the Polo too.

    13) Attention to detail in a FIAT? The charging point has a light. you can see a nice dim orange light in the night when it is unused. Even the USB port inside the glovebox has a light so that you can locate it in darkness to connect your pendrive.

    14) Rear wiper automatically starts when you shift to reverse, if front wiper is ON. this is present in many cars.
    15) You can download a software from the internet, copy it to your pendrive, insert the pen drive in the car's USB slot & then copy the contents to your computer. it will show your driving habits, how efficient you were & your car's carbon footprints. it will recommend how you can improve your driving to increase fuel efficiency & decrease pollution. I dont know whether this works in Indian cars though, never tried in my car.
    16) Punto has 5 years paint warranty & 5 years anti-corrosion warranty.

    17) Punto has 4 years unlimited kms warranty, highest in the segment.

    18) The entire dash, stereo, instrument console and a/c controls lights up in orange. Good. But this can be dimmed/brightened by pressing +/- buttons on the dash!

    19) When you pull the wiper stalk for the washer, it sprays water first (without wiper for a second or so) & then wipes 4 times & then after a few seconds, it gives 1 more wipe to clear the residual water coming down on windshied.

    20) You can engage parking light of just one side by turning the indicator stalk to the respective direction with park light on. Good to save battery.

    21) Punto has a mechanism that prevents airlock when the fuel goes empty. The car stops with approx 3 litres of fuel still remaining in tank which will be in accessible . So when you refill again your car is back to normal unlike other cars where the airlock has to be released by manually pumping the fuel pump.

    22) When the outside temperature is less than 3'celsius the MID shows - POSSIBLE ICE ON ROAD!

    23) The HU has a Speed sensing volume feature which you can activate/deactivate. When activated, the music volume increases/decreases with respect to speed/road noise.

    24) Wipers are Speed sensitive in Intermittent mode i.e. Wiper speed increases in intermittent mode with increase in Car speed.

    25) When the child lock button on the front RHS electrical power window console is activated , both the rear orange lights of the window buttons goes off.

    26) You cannot change settings in MID when you are driving – A safety feature
  3. Anand Shankar

    Anand Shankar Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Guys, I have acquired my Exotica red Evo, and have driven about 600 odd kms in the last week or so. Though a full blown review is in the making, I had a couple of issues I wanted to check on.

    1. I idle for a 30-60 secs after a cold start, as as I engage 1st gear and start moving, I hear a diesel locomotive like sound, if you have heard the Diesel locomotives accelerate, you would know what I mean, they make a intermittent whirring noise. its only audiable in the low RPMs, When I shift to first and slowly engage the clutch, this sound comes in as soon as the car starts moving and goes away as soon as the clutch is fully engaged. Any one knows why and what this noise is ?

    2. After 100 kmph, the engine noise is intrusive, and the engine feels a bit harsh, will the reduce as I add miles ?

    3. the Hatch door needs a firm whack to close. minor issue I know, but is it the norm ?

    4. Now this isn't an issue with the car necessarily, its an issue with me and the car. But I find this very dangerous. I wear 10.5 size shoes, and the foot well is really weird, most of the times when I wear a wide shoe, I end up slamming the dead pedal instead of the clutch, even if I have my feet on the C pedal, at times the Dead pedal obstructs the move. I have a habit of slamming the clutch and the break simultaneously in case of panic breaking, which makes sense as it will keep the engine from stalling. Y'day when a fool jumped in front, I tried panic braking and the dead pedal came in the way and I cudn't disengage the clutch. Now the dangerous part, muscle memory, stopped my right foot from slamming the brakes too!!! Lucky for me and the clown on the road, it was a narrow miss. Now this seems to be a dangerous setup for me at least. Anyone else facing this ? Can I get rid of the dead pedal or reduce its width ? I rather have a sore ankle than crawl out of a wreck!

    Please suggest.
  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @Anand Shankar

    NOTHING wrong or unusual there at all, i don't think.

    The boot is tough, as is its lock/latch: build quality! The noise you notice is not unusual at all, perhaps you're moving from a petrol car or this is your first car? The new Linea/Evo/Avventura diesels have identical in-cabin sound levels (db at different speeds) to the quietest/refined engine+cabin, namely the Hyundai i20/Verna/Elantra (AutoBild measurements). Neither is as quiet as their petrol equivalents: the FIRE/t-jet's dead silent, except at high revs. I believe you're talking about the slight 'turbo spooling' sound?

    As for the dead pedal thing: yes that is an issue for the 'big-footed' and the 'big-booted', not sure why the spacing is that half-inch OFF (for some)? You'll just have to get 'used to', which will not take long?

    btw, cheers to you on your Red One, enjoy, and wishing you the best...
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  5. Anand Shankar

    Anand Shankar Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Thanks Prabhjot. Nope, this isnt my first car/diesel car. I have had a diesel Indica NA and Scorp 2.6CRDE earlier, also I have moved in from the super noisy Liva :D. The sound intrusion at high speeds isnt a big worry and like you said, it should be the norm with diesels. But does the mild harshness take a while to settle down ? Nothing seems out of place, but just wanted to check.

    The sound which is worrying me is at low RPMs before the turbo spools in, like if i engage the 1st gear at idle rpm, as I release the clutch the engine picks up momentum the sound appears only in this space, like till about 10kmph. As soon as I have released the clutch completely the noise disappears. Its not a loud noise, like I said, 'chug chug chug' sound of a diesel locomotive. For all I know, this might be the norm, just a bit paranoid with the new engine.

    The Dead pedal is a big bummer for me :( most of my shoes are wide. No issues while driving bare foot or with sandals. I now keep a conscious watch on where I place my left foot. I guess I should be fine in a few days.

    have a 2-3 1000km round trips coming up in the end of August and mid Sept, really excited to take her to the highways :D the rock solid road hugging ability and the excellent mileage (my immediate ex car was a Petrol) just makes the drive tad more enjoyable.
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  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @Anand Shankar

    Sounds like: no 'issue', as long as the clutch (de)progression is fine, and you're pressing it well-down, it does have a long-travel? Sounds like maybe your left leg is still slightly out-of-sync/timing with your right one for this unfamiliar new engine-with-a-bit-of-turbolag, maybe? Perhaps?;) In which case: nothing that long road trip won't cure.

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  7. Anand Shankar

    Anand Shankar Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Yup, i observed the engine for sometime in silent basement, I just hear the normal diesel murmuring now. All looks good, touch wood. I can feel the engine getting smoother by the day.
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  8. Turbothinghy

    Turbothinghy Esperto

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Bro it will indeed get smoother as you will pile on some kms and after 5000 kms it will sound quite sporty as well. This is one common trait of our MJD.
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  9. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    @all 75 hp punto owners, One of my friend who has fallen in love with the driving pleasure & wants to buy a 75 hp & keep it for 5 years , asked me following questions.
    1)how much is the engine & transmission life?
    2)how much is the per servicing cost?
    3)what are the common problems /repairs faced by the car during longterm ownership?

    Kindly reply so that I can guide him properly rather than just saying 'fiat is best'.
  10. Raaz

    Raaz Regolare

    Andhra Pradesh, India
    Avventura Abarth

    Tell him Fiat cars should be the worst user friendly cars in the world as their service areas are very poor. But you should also tell him, soon after we purchase the Fiat car, it become a family member rather than just another car in the family.

    Tell him its the only Hatchback car in India with super driving dynamics with fantastic Hydraulic Steering and ultimate driving pleasure Plus great build quality at a very REASONABLE price (Counting Mighty Discounts).

    Now the Answers.

    1) Usually it should be 2 Lakh +
    2) It depends on how the car is maintained and on Schedule. However, usually it should be between 5k to 15 K (Once in 15,000 kms)
    3) Rattles, Vibrations etc and rarely some engine probs. But, If you care the car, it will care you. Simple logic.
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