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Punto Evo - 2014 - Test Drive and Review

Discussion in 'Punto' started by nkrishnap, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. sandipan_r15

    sandipan_r15 Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    A stupid review by a non(car)sense reviewer.
    May be off topic or may be helpful for a prospective buyer---this is from MOTORBEAM

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  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    The hackery that pass for journalism in our news media!

    The woman doing this voice-over is an in-house VO specialist, doing business reports and sports reports too.

    The guy actually driving the car has next to no say in the piece. And we don't know who he is or what 'credentials' he has, since the 'script' and the voice over are done anonymously.

    It's a cut and paste job back at the studio, with a suitably tendentious, shapely though logically incoherent 'script' into which the 'facts' and the 'report' are forcefully aligned, or as in this case ignored/twisted/neglected.

    This is increasingly the norm for all news reports, no matter how much more serious than a mere car review the topic is.
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  3. praveen43all

    praveen43all Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3
    Remote Central Locking + 5K discount.
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  4. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Recently went for a quick checkup @ Butta in HYD before my planned long trip which starts 2 days from now.

    I had my eye on Evo since the start of the year when the test mules were being spotted pretty frequently.
    The wait bacame so long that in May 2014 bought a 90 HP with heavy heart knowing that the Evo may get launched anytime. The Evo did get lanuched in 4 months time. I was a little sad as the the only thing the GP lacked was the classy interiors of the Evo. Had been waiting to check myself what all am I missing in my GP 90 HP when compared to Evo 90 HP.

    Last Saturday I went for a quick check up after dropping off my wife and kiddie @ her friend's place. It was almost lunch time and I knew I would have to wait as the staff would start trcikling out for lunch. Thought that I would use the time to dekko the Evo 90 HP and the Avvy. Here are my observation

    Evo 90 HP vs GP 90 HP
    Still a looker and continues to impress as far as exteriors are concerned. Somehow all the bling( read chrome) works for the Evo.
    But the classic look is gone now for a more contemporary look. I guess most would agree that GP was a more icononc design and would age well when compared to Evo.
    With so much chrome strapped onto the bumpers I am guessing the structural rigidity of the bumpers in Evo will be lesser than that of GP
    GP: 4.5 Evo: 3.5

    This is where Evo trumps by a good margin. It looks more classier now and is on par with competition as far as looks and design are concerned. Way ahead of GP. The quality though better than GP is behind Hyundai and VW its main competitors.The glove box is sorted now and opens and closes with a mere push or pull. The GP one has to literally pull or push hard. The alignment issues for glove box have been taken care of as well. The centre console looks great with Piano black finish. Sound quality is now comparable to competition and much better than GP. All black theme looks hot along with nice ambient lighting. Rear AC vents is a nice touch. Though we have never felt the need for it due to Punto's effective cooling but it would be very helpful in humid and hot climatic conditions when the back seat passengers want air to be thrown on them directly.

    Though the overall ambience has improved due to the new design and looks some of the omissions are glaring. Some of the stuff from GP have been given a miss as well.

    • The storage space near the steering is covered now. Though it can be used to store coins now and they will not fall off as a result of being closed it can not be used for anything else. I use it for my purse in GP as it is not closed. Easy when on highways I come across a Toll. The same could be used for coins as well and till date I never had a issue with coins falling off.
    • The door latches which were chrome on GP are plastic in Evo. Cost cutting. Same for hand brake swicth. The chrome looked classy but the black plastics look and feel pathetic.
    • The steering column finishing still not up to mark. Doesn't look a 8.5 lacs car.
    • Storage beneath the air con is gone now. We used it to keep mobiles, toll tickets , bills and other important paers that we would need during a trip. Its completely missing. Fiat always was notorious for not providing much storage spaces in its cars. now its even worse.
    • The piano black finish of the centre console is a finger print magnet.
    • Cup storage under the AC. GP had two small ones which could be used for small thin bottles. Now one is even smaller and the other one is for USB connection. I liked the earlier design of USB inside the glove box because the expensive smart phone/ipod/ipad ect would stay hidden inside the glove box though it was little cumbersome to put it at the first place. But still it was always hidden away from prying eyes. Now one has to be very careful to take that phone or ipod even if one goes away from the car for a few minutes.
    • Central locking. No swicth in either GP or Evo to lock all doors manually after the car starts running. I know there is speed sensing lock but still any co passenger can open the doors even when the car is running. Swift has a button which locks all doors from inside. One can not open any doors unless the driver wants to or the car is swicthed off. Big miss again.
    • Window locking only for read doors. The front co passenger can still open the window. In Swift it locks all three windows.
    • No useful storage for bottles either in GP or Evo. Evo is a little bigger than GP but I still feel anything other than a 500 ml bottle wont fit well. What I mean here is we do stuff 1 litre bottle in the front doors but they need some muscle to taken out. The rear doors continue to hopeless. What I do not understand is that do Italians not drink while travelling.
    • Ergonomics still iffy. Similar to GP though I have got used to it now. There is something amiss and its a pain to find the perfect sitting position. Though one tends to forget all this once you have that perfectly caliberated HPS in your hand and wide grin plastered on your face. The driving dynamics still continue to be spot on and best in class.
    • That hot red stitching. White stitching looks sober.
    GP: 3 Evo: 3( 1 point deducted for the negative points)

    Alloys and ride:
    Avvy, Emotion are jaw droppingly beautiful. Even GP 90 HP was beautiful when compared to competition. But EVO 90 HP looks confused. Its doesn't look like FIAT OEM alloys. Fiats usually have great looking alloys on the the top end models. But the one on EVO 90 HP is plain ugly. I mean from some angles it didn't even look like alloys. Positives is that its a 16 incher and hence fills the wheel wells better than the 15 incher on GP 90 HP. The overall dia though remains close and should not affect ride much. May be a little more flatter on higher speeds for Evo 90 HP but low speed ride on GP 90 HP is definitely better due to wider side walls of the tyre. 16 incher alloy like Avvy of Evo Emotion would have made the car a lot more bolder.

    GP: 3 Evo: 3

    Both are exceptional and can be considered class best

    GP: 4.5 Evo: 4.5

    Handling and Balance:
    No need to mention on Fiats strengths. Class topping again.

    GP: 4.5 Evo: 4.5

    Ease of Driving:
    Super light clutch and little less rubbery gear shifts make life a little easier in the city. The clutch travel reamins the same though.

    GP: 3 Evo: 4

    Fiat missed a great chance to tune the engine better to have better low range driveability and better torque spread in the lower rpms between 1200 - 2000 rpms. I mean Punto is almost dead in that range till you hit the turbo sweet spot after 2200 rpms.
    The gear box continues to be the same and the gear ratios for 1st is horrible and second in just so so. The mid range is explosive and top end good. A little tweaking would have been better. Avvy is tuned better and it shows in the first 2 gears. The same tuning will do wonder for 90 HP as the Avvy is heavier as well.

    All in all after taking a TD of Evo 90 HP all I would miss would be the all black interiors(the color only), better sound quality(though I hardly put it on when driving alone), light clutch and slightly better responding gear box. May be 30 K more for all of it. Not close to 80 K more - the discount I got for my 90 HP. I will continue with my blissful driving experience with my GP 90 HP.
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  5. kgramesh

    kgramesh Amatore

    Palakkad, KL
    Linea T-Jet
    How do you compare Evo 90hp with Avvy for highway driving ? Reports say apart from 1st and 2nd gear advantage in Avvy, Evo 90hp excel in highway.
  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hi @kgramesh! Welcome to TFi, man.

    This is one of the problems with the internet, you know? Small differences get blown out of proportion through repetition. Believe me: even if there is a meaningful difference, it is nothing to peg a purchase decision on. Because the ostensible low-end torque 'deficiency' in the Evo 90 hp can easily be worked around, once one gets used to the engine's gearing and torque curve@rpm-s. In any case, what are you going to do with max torque of 200+ Nm in gears 1 and 2, when traffic is, if it is at all, moving at a mere 15-20 km/h?! ;)

    Go with the car that looks and feels more exciting, more 'Live Alive', more EVOcative to you on long, varied-road TD-s. :)

    The diesel engines on these two cars are the least of the criteria IMO, since they are nearly the same, as is the gearbox, and are in any case guaranteed to be great (all-round, all-told).
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  7. SOOZ_P

    SOOZ_P Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Came across first TW evo in bangalore
    Looks biggg
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  8. gazgotta

    gazgotta Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Namma Bengaluru
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Added some red treatment to bumper, ;):cat:

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  9. Dhileepan Karthi

    Dhileepan Karthi Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes. Roof rails is an accessory, will cost you 4700 INR.

    I have booked a Punto Evo 1.3 MJD Emotion Black. And have ordered the roof rails.
  10. Ansal

    Ansal Timido

    Kottayam, Kearala
    Kottayam, Kerala
    Punto Evo 1.3
    Hello everyone. Proud to be part of the fiat lover's community. I booked the Punto Evo 1.3 MJD in pearl white color 1 week back. expecting to get the delivery next week. clear.png clear.png

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