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Punto Clutch Issue

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by amargawade90, May 23, 2013.

  1. avnsiva

    avnsiva Amatore

    Whats the Cost that you were charged? How is the service by True Sai Motors?
  2. Sathish_UPS

    Sathish_UPS Novizio

    Missed your post completely. Just noticed. Though too late it may help

    Clutch Overhauling: 1,444.63
    Clutch Kit: 4,728.00
    Sleeve T/O Bearing: 608.00
    Master Cylinder: 471.91
    Clutch Pump: 1,340.00
    Delivery Hose to slave cylinder: 269.66
    Clutch Cylinder: 2627.00
    Total: 11,489.20

    Service/clutch change work was good, but after clutch replacement I felt hardness when pressing clutch pedal, which they couldn't resolve on my second visit also.

    Finally rectified clutch pedal hardness after clutch bleeding [as told by SA] last Friday in Vecto motors, Hosur Road, Bangalore.

    Really impressed with Vecto motors. Vehicle was returned with complete exterior/interior wash and not charged for clutch work & as well as washing.

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