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Punto buying help

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by platinumshine, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Hello guys

    So I am here!
    My WagonR is not exactly aging now but the petrol costs are hurting + those long drives are becoming less comfortable and I need to make a decision soon about buying a new car.
    As mentioned in my introduction post I was looking for a Punto 90.
    Last week I checked with Pandit Auto and they said only 90 Sports is available which costs a whopping INR 8.5 lakh.
    That said, I am also looking to invest my finances into real estate very soon.

    So, the car which now falls into my budget is either Punto 75 dynamic/emotion. I am a bit disappointed that the 90 seems to be only dream for me and have to go for 75HP. But I am equally happy that I am going to get a GP finally.

    Pandit Auto Pune, sales guy is giving
    1. Insurance for 4k ( 16k discount)
    2. corporate disc - 3k
    3. exchange bonus - 15k ( I am not selling my WAgon R to Pandit Auto as Maruti True value is giving me much much better offer).

    I asked to waive off the insurance completely and also give free extended warranty but he doesnot seem keen about it.
    Would like to know from you
    1. Is there anythign that can be done for more discounts?
    2. Is there anything extra I need to keep in mind during the booking process. I plan to book the car within next few days and take delivery only after 20th July.
    3. I am just hoping there is not much difference between 75 and 90 versions when it comes to performance ;) I know I will lose out on the charm of 90 but that is destiny.

    Wish I would have booked the 90HP car last year.

    Another query that I have is,
    In case I go for a Dynamic variant, can a 195 section tyre be fitted onto R14 non alloy wheel?
    If i need to go for R15 non alloy wheel then where can I get it?
    If I go for a R15 alloy wheel later on, instead better I buy an Emotion variant.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Normal Punto with 90HP should also be available, call Fiat helpline and confirm.
  3. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    Congrats that you are buying a punto. I think you should check whether punto 90hp 2011 is available or not cause there is no diff. in 90hp & sports version of punto. If yes go for it eyes closed, though you 'll have some issues but don't worry fiat'll take care of that. If its not available, then go to diff. dealers and negotiate on price you'll surely get good price.
    Only variable geometry turbo is the difference. Which gives linear power delivery.

    Yes you can get them fitted, but body-roll will increase along with comfort.

    Go to the Tass and buy linea steel wheels they are 15".

    This is the best option, cause you'll get lots of things along with wheels. Which are not there in Dynamic.
    I'm sharing the detailed features list* :

    Fiat Grande Punto. Be Bold.
    Pricing and brochure: Not available.

    Full specifications, Features, Colours and highlights


    Petrol FIRE
    • 1.2 active
    • 1.4 dynamic
    • 1.4 emotion
    • 1.4 emotion pack
    Diesel Multijet
    • 1.3 active
    • 1.3 dynamic
    • 1.3 emotion
    • 1.3 emotion pack
    • 1.3 90 hp
    Technical Specifications:

    1.2 petrol FIRE (Fully Integrated Robotised Engine)

    Cylinder head: aluminium
    Cylinder block: cast iron
    Piston displacement: 1197 cc
    Max power: 68.22 ps@6000 rpm
    Max torque: 95.75 NM@4500 pm
    Valve gear: SOHC
    Valves: 8, 2 per cylinder

    1.4 petrol FIRE (Fully Integrated Robotised Engine)

    Cylinder head: aluminium
    Cylinder block: cast iron
    Piston displacement: 1368 cc
    Max power: 90 ps@6000 rpm
    Max torque: 115 NM@4500 pm
    Valve gear: DOHC
    Valves: 16, 4 per cylinder

    1.3 Diesel Multijet

    Cylinder head: aluminium
    Cylinder block: aluminium
    Piston displacement: 1248 cc
    Max power: 76 ps@4000 rpm
    Max torque: 197 NM@1750 pm
    Valve gear: DOHC
    Valves: 16, 4 per cylinder
    Engine weight: 130 kg
    Turbo: Fixed Geometry Turbocharger

    1.3 Diesel Multijet VGT

    Cylinder head: aluminium
    Cylinder block: aluminium
    Piston displacement: 1248 cc
    Max power: 90 ps@4000 rpm
    Max torque: 209 NM@1750 pm
    Valve gear: DOHC
    Valves: 16, 4 per cylinder
    Engine weight: 130 kg
    Turbo: Variable Geometry Turbocharger
    Throttle control: drive by wire

    Tilt, power assisted rack and pinion

    front: MacPherson independent wheel type, telescopic dampers, stabilizer bar.
    rear: Torsion beam interconnected wheels with torsion bar, telescopic hydraulic dampers.

    Front: ventilated disc
    Rear: drum, self adjusting leading and trailing shoe type
    ABS: standard on emotion and emotion pack

    Length: 3987 mm
    Width: 1685 mm
    Height: 1495 mm
    Wheelbase: 2510 mm
    Ground clearance: 165 mm

    Boot space: 280 litres (with seats intact)
    Fuel tank capacity: 45 litres

    14 inch steel: active, dynamic, emotion
    15 inch alloy: emotion pack

    Tyre sizes:
    Active: 165/70 R 14
    Dynamic: 165/70 R 14
    Emotion: 175/60 R 14
    Emotion pack: 195/60 R 15

    Key features:

    Active (1.2 petrol and 1.3 diesel)
    • Striking front head with mercury drop headlamps
    • Bold and muscular stylish rear end with vertical tail lamps
    • Body coloured bumpers
    • Double folding seats
    • Body hugging seats
    • Black door handles, OSRVM and grille
    • Full wheel covers
    • 1 Rear fog lamp and 1 rear reverse light on the rear bumper
    • Power windows ONLY IN FRONT
    • Central locking
    • Tilt steering
    • Power steering
    • Black dashboard and centre console
    • Body coloured B pillar
    • programmed maintenance service
    • MY-CAR STAGE 1*
    Dynamic (1.4 petrol and 1.3 diesel)-adds to or replaces in active:
    • Body coloured door handles
    • Black OSRVM and radiator grille
    • Matte black B pillar black out film
    • Silver painted centre console
    • Fabric insert on door trims+ front armrest
    • Inside door handles silver painted
    • FRONT and REAR power windows with child lock and full central controls
    • programmed maintenance service
    • MY-CAR STAGE 2*
    Emotion (1.4 petrol and 1.3 diesel)-adds to or replaces in Dynamic:
    • Body coloured handles , OSRVM and radiator grill
    • Gloss black B pillar black out film
    • Different design wheel cover
    • Dual tone grey interiors
    • 60: 40 split rear seat double folding
    • CD/MP3 stereo with 4 speakers, 2 tweeters
    • Intelligent Rear defogger with timer
    • Rear washer and wiper
    • Fabric insert on all door trims + front+ rear armrest
    • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force distribution (EBD)
    • programmed maintenance service
    • MY-CAR STAGE 2**
    Emotion pack (1.4 petrol and 1.3 diesel & 1.3 90 hp)-adds to emotion:
    • Multi stage dual airbags (driver and front passenger)
    • 15 inch alloy wheels
    • Remote keyless entry
    • Blue and me with USB port and steering mounted controls
    • Audio controls on steering wheel
    • Automatic climate control
    • Height adjustable driver seat
    • programmed maintenance service
    • MY-CAR STAGE 2**

      1.3 90HP Exclusive
    • Crome door handles
    • Red Stitching on seat covers
    • 90 Hp Rear Marking
    • speed limit setting
    • clock setting
    • buzzer volume setting
    • distance unit setting
    • speed limit setting
    • trip and activation
    • clock setting
    • date setting
    • radio display
    • automatic door lock
    • setting units for distance, range and temperature
    • selecting from 9 languages
    • button beep volume adjustment
    • check service reminder
    • front passenger airbag activation
    • time and date
    • ambient temperature
    • average and instant fuel consumption
    • trip meter and trip time (range)
    • low fuel warning
    • specific door open warning
    • Medium grey
    • Minimal grey
    • Bossa nova white
    • Hip-hop black
    • Electric blue
    • Exotic red



    1ST SERVICE- 3000 KMS OR 3 MONTHS whichever is earlier
    2ND SERVICE- 15,000 KMS OR 12 MONTHS whichever is earlier
    3RD SERVICE- 30,000 KMS OR 24 MONTHS whichever is earlier

    though in 2012 active varient has been removed that is why

    Active removed
    Dynamic = Active
    Emotion = Dynamic
    Emotion Pack = Emotion
    Punto 90HP=Punto Sports
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  4. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    What about OB color in ur color list??

    Is it discontinued?
  5. TradeDecision


    Hi, i also got same offer from Pandit Auto. I booked GP 1.3 Dynamic (Tuscon Wine).
  6. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    Hi Punto 75 HP is not at all a bad choice its a very decent one for the price range. We always tend to think bigger things if that option is available. Punto 90 hp is suitable for who want to experiment the power, but for ordinary use 75 hp is more than enough. You can do whatever you want to with 75 hp....
  7. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    The list belongs to 2011or earlier models only. Except some of features every thing else is same. Like color and rain sensing vipers.

    I think sundar is correct, everything is present in 76 hp model also. But try to get Emotion, as i have already mentioned the reason.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  8. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    thread owner,
    Get the best out of Grande Punto and as this is your second car,opt for top end model i.e. Emotion Variant.
    Being owner of 75HP(this is also good), my humble request: go for 90 HP.
  9. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Thanks vivekrj.dieselhead, sundar1900 and all for answering my queries.
    News to share! I booked an exotica red emotion variant today! Very happy! :)
  10. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    Extend your budget and get the 90hp. You are anyway willing to,spend 8 lakh, 50k more and you have a better long term investment - you may not feel, say 3 or 4 years down the line, the need for a more powerful car.

    But the 76hp is a decent performer, no doubt.
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