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Punto Abarth 2015 - Test Drive and Review

Discussion in 'Abarth' started by nkrishnap, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. RCP

    RCP Amatore


    While am waiting to invest on a new linea or abarth punto, I just need your advise to help myself decide based on some real time practical experience. Though am using punto for about 4 years, I feel that it would be totally different when it comes to a Linea multijet and Tjet. First thing is the very comfortable driving seat for the linea. However, my only dilemma is on whether it should be a multijet or a tjet. I have driven both, and I feel that definitely tjet is more smoother and power starts much earlier so linear, but on the other hand never felt multijet underpowered except for the 2nd gear. Post 130/140, both cars went to 170 in a very similar fashion. Not much difference. My straight question is - how badly does the multijet is underpowered(in real world is it so underpowered compared to Rapid? I never liked rapid except for it's rev free engine especially in lower gears. But I felt Linea also felt very similar in power), and how good is tjet better than the multijet. I have done 115,000 kms in 3.5 years and I love longs trips. I will no way sell my current punto, but will use the sedan as my next relief medicine. Only factor that's going in my mind is that the maintenance of tjet is quite expensive, that the clutch along with flywheel costs 50k, and the set of brake pads for all 4 wheels costs 12k(excluding disc plates). I heard some customer inpts stating that if we use the tjet harder like the way we usually do, the clutch won't last longer and starts jerking. My current punto's brake pads only lasts 12 to 14k kms, and I guess that should be the same with tjet as well, for me.

    Once I take your inputs and other member inputs as well, I will then decide my buy. I like abarth punto, but considering the linea for it's better driving seat comfort and feel. Guys, please let me know your thoughts
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  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hi man.

    Tough to say: but only because you feel very comfy with the mjd relative to the t-jet. In which case, it really is just about how many miles you'll be putting it through. More: go for the mjd. less: go for the t-jet.

    Depending on one's driving style it is clear that the t-jet is both more driveable and fun, both in the city and out on more open roads. But if you're comfy with the new Linea (revised ecu map) mjd's revs-torque-gearing character (and that is what seems to be the case): the mjd is no slouch on highways at all, every bit as good as the t-jet! Some parts are more expensive (e.g., brake pads etc), but not out-of-line at all imo. Ah yes: do consider the even-better braking of the t-jet (all 4 discs)!

    Although, unless frequent need is felt for a capacious rear seat: the Abarth Punto/Avventura are REALLY the ones to go for, from a driver-centric POV.

    cheers, hope that helps in some way, just my opining away.

    Also @PradeepM for eg might have better insights on the matter? or even @acechip ?
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  3. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3

    My views below.

    From comfort stand point, the Linea will definitely offer you more than a Punto.

    On the MJD part, well the power is adequate and it can build and maintain high speeds without a hitch. In comparison to the Rapid, 1.6 is any day lot better than a 1.3, the downside being the noise of 1.6 on Rapid though.

    Also I read that you are not planning to sell the Punto, so my personal opinion is to get a Linea as be it abarth or the avvy the face and the interior space are more or less the same with your current ride.

    Between a TJet and MJD, an MJD can never beat the power and refinement of a TJET period.

    Take a call as per your usage pattern, both are great cars to have and drive.

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  4. fiatzorro

    fiatzorro Timido

    Linea T-Jet
    Nicely u explained the all features of abarth punto thanks to u guys it helps very much for new buyers
  5. Turbothinghy

    Turbothinghy Esperto

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @fiatzorro : If FE doesnt feature high in your priorities, then go for T-JET eyes closed. I drive a 90 HP Punto (same engine in Linea), and trust me T-JET feels more refined (higher RPMs) and more powerful (specially in city conditions). On the highway I guess both can give a tough fight to each other.

    T-JET (0-100) : Almost 11 seconds
    MJD (01-100): 14-15 seconds
  6. Dhruv_Sappers

    Dhruv_Sappers Amatore

    You can enjoy the power surge on roads which let you use it. If you have a combination drive of city and highways go for the MJD hands down as it will give you all you need. The T-Jet is powerful but if you are left alone wanting to use then it is a forbidden fruit. The MJD provides a growl which is distinctly famous ;););)
  7. Turbothinghy

    Turbothinghy Esperto

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Rightly said @Dhruv_Sappers . People say that other manufacturers to whom Fiat sells its MJD are able to tune it better, but I guess the way the MJD sounds at >4000 RPM is very sporty, something other manufacturers havent been able to do. I never thought a diesel can also sound so sporty at the red line.
    An excerpt from the Motorbeam's long term review of Punto Evo 90 HP:

    'The best part about this diesel mill is the top-end, while it doesn’t take you anywhere, the motor does sound sweet near its 5000 RPM redline and the sound from the powerplant is something only Fiat has managed to tune so well.'

    Full review: http://www.motorbeam.com/2015/09/ca...fiat-punto-evo-long-term-review-final-report/

    @prabhjot : Hope you have gone through this review by MB.
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  8. Saji Babu

    Saji Babu Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    My vote goes for MJD (I own a new linea emotion mjd) since you have mentioned "long drives".
    Gives more than adequate highway performance and can maintain high speeds.
    Excellent stability, dynamics and economical too!

    But it's a different ball game in a city like Bangalore where it's chock-a-block traffic these days - cannot expect a much faster progression from a speed breaker or a stop/slowdown, in comparison to 1.6 even with the updated ECU.
    Overall drivability in lower gears has been improved with ECU update though, provided you drive in reasonable traffic.
    The hefty weight does not work in the 1.3 motor's favor. Should get adjusted to drive in the right RPM's to get a better performance in city driving, in Linea mjd.

    Show it an open stretch - it changes the character after 2000 RPM!!
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  9. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    You have to do something really nasty with the car to break the clutch. This is not anyway related to the T-Jet engine as much as the transmission.Replacement parts may be expensive, and perhaps also have an availability issue, but it is not as frequent as you would imagine. i never looked at the disk brakes on my T-JEt for nearly 26000km. A general suggestion would be that if you are using it for long drives, you may perhaps derive greater satisfaction in the MJD from seeing 18-20 kmpl on the dashboard, as opposed to 13-15 on the T-Jet. But the thrill is a bit greater.But having said that, the MJD can very well hold its own with the T-Jet at speeds of 80-120 kph. In fact, you may not need to drop a gear to accelerate after slowing from 120 to 90 and getting back to 120. In case of the T-JEt, you may need to do so. Please do not exceed these speeds under any circumstances. Even if it is a Fiat. Its inherently unsafe in a country like India.
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  10. vinit

    vinit Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    @RCP: Your monthly running is the deciding factor here. After the recent ECU update, there is not much difference between the MJD and TJet as far as performance is concerned (TJet may be slightly better but only just). Also, MJD has good discounts on it making it on par with TJet, price wise. In such scenario, if your monthly running is more than 1000 kms, then it makes perfect sense to go ahead with MJD.

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