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Punto 90 hp vs polo 1.6petrol

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sanjeev, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. hello all,
    i was wondering if the gurus present here in TFI can elaborate the differences between puto 90 hp & polo 1.6 petrol in terms of power of the engine (torque/hp)

    Polo 1.6 has a torque of 153@3750 as comapred to 209 @ 2000 of the mighty 90 hp...

    so does it means 90 hp is powerful than 1.6 polo despite being 300 cc less than it??

  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Polo 1.6 does not have a turbocharger so torque will always be low.

    See, what do you want from your car?
    a. Outright acceleration- i.e. you want that no one should be able to beat you from one traffic light to the next. or best 0-100 timings.
    b. Better in gear acceleration- You want that you should be able to overtake others effortlessly without having the need to change gears.

    Performance depends upon several factors. e.g.
    1. BHP@RPM- BHP is pushing power. Higher the peak BHP, higher the top speed. e.g. 90HP Punto has higher top speed as compared to 75HP Punto.
    2. Torque@RPM- Torque is pulling power. Higher the torque at that particular RPM, higher is the capability to accelerate. And the car that generates higher torque at lower rpm will have lesser turbo lag in general.
    3. Gear ratios- A car with taller gearing/higher gear ratios will have better outright acceleration provided it's driver at high rpm. Consequently, it will also have lesser in gear acceleration. A car with shorter gear ratios will have higher 0-100 timings but the in gear acceleration will be better. A car with shorter gear ratios will also have lesser turbo lag in general.
    4. Power-to-weight ratio- A lighter car will have higher power to weight ratio. It will be more zippy. BUT it must be remember that it takes money to make such light car that is equally safe. In a budget of 6-8 lacs, it might be possible that a lighter car isn't as safe as a heavier car IMHO.

    End result is an interplay of all these factors. Perhaps a dyno run of a Punto 90HP and a Polo 1.6 can reveal better results.

    Note dated 02-02-12@1:43pm- Highly disappointed by around 20% posts in this thread talking about mad speeds rather than discussing power comparison between Polo 1.6 and 90HP. The thread is already locked so can't add a new post.
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  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Rather than Polo, it would be apt to consider the Fabia 1.6. Its handling is way better than that of Polo.
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I think your question is quite legitimate, though fuel types are different & comparison on paper doesn't make sense. But when Punto 90 HP & Polo 1.6 drivers stare each other being along side, everything else will be forgotten. But till 115, Polo can make Punto to beg for water for all the hard work in that 3rd Gear, thanks to diesel powered engine. That a drawback being diesel as you have only 4600-5000 RPM to play with against VW's petrol 6800-7000 RPM.

    Once you upshift in 4th@115@5000 RPM, man it goes!! The catching up game starts.
    Punto has only 93 PS, 209 NM@1800 rpm but it climbs ferousiously for that torque/power like it's never going to stop. That endurance of MJD 90HP can't be shown with statistics on a sheet but can only be felt driving it.

    Yes even with this baby but wicked mjd, It's Punto's territory all the way till 190 & surely will disappear after a while:devil. Have no fear & doubts for Polo 1.6. It's been already tested & verified:firey.
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  5. sathya_sc


    0-100 - Polo
    100-150 - Punto (if the Polo driver decides to accelerate only at higher gears without revving hard)
    Top speed - Polo marginally better because of the larger displacement and higher Bhp.

    Real life feel of acceleration - Punto will be better because of higher torque.

    This is how I feel when I muscle with Vento Tdi with my Tjet.. Similar situation. Isnt? I never allow Tdi to go beyond me even above 100 since I accelerate hard in every gear like 40 in 1st, 80 in 2nd, 130/140 in 3rd, 185 in 4th and then 5th to near the double ton leaving the diesel behind me..

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  6. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Sathya, what percent of the driving one would be able to go above 100 or do a drag race as specified? Is it safe to say maybe 10% of the time at max?
  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Satya, 90 HP MJD goes till 160 in 4th gear before it feels strained. For Top speed on Punto 90HP, i would be surprised if we can ever have the final stats in India. Pls excuse to explain myself better.

    I haven't measured with an inch-tape but Punto 90HP should go to 160 km/hr with-in 1 km -1.5 km of stretch, 160-180 Km/hr for next 1 Km, 180-190 km/hr for next 1.5 Km (you know that at 160-190 Km/hr, 1 km whhoooshhes like 100 ms:mrgreen:). For it's top speed where engine just forfeits, you would need another 3-4 km (i must clarify that i am not referring to GPS instead Punto's speedo). We can never find 10 Km good empty road in India & so Punto's extremes.

    Since i have driven Polo 1.6 & felt it beyond 100 kmph specially keeping the above aspect in mind, it's no match to Punto's 90 HP. Engine starts to bog down. But Polo is an absolute mad little scamp & hoot to drive till 120 & it's supposed to be one for that 1.6, isn't it. But i am not sure what it will do after 150. Thanks to my 90 HP which has raised standards for high speed response. Punto feels so alive even after 150. Unintended 1-2 mm throttle at 120-130 will give you a little push at the back, it's that responsive even at high speeds. More-over Punto would do all this for 100-200 ml of diesel against Polo's half tank of petrol..!! 1.6 is very hard on pocket, if you drive it aggressively. I clearly noticed the fuel tank indicator dipping 2-3 mm just after 5 mins of aggressive drive. You can have all that fun in Punto 90HP at peanuts.:dancing.

    As I understand, Diesel should command the top speed because of torque factor. Torque becomes a critical factor when start climbing more & more speeds.

    MODS NOTE - Please verify information before posting. There is no BMW M5 Diesel in existence. There is only a BMW M550d X drive. It is NOT the diesel M5.
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  8. sathya_sc


    @Speedjet - I understand the intent of your question and would honestly admit that racing or drag race or high speeds in our Indian streets or highways is a strict NO NO. No 5% or 10% here - since our roads are highly unpredictable. Having said that, chances of an accident "may" be lesser because of the dynamics of a FIAT but that doesn't rule the the possibility since all the cars or other vehicles are not made by FIAT. So better not to race or do high speeds gievn the fact that the other car may be totally unsafe..

    This is in complete contradiction to what I do, but FIAT has spoilt me with its handling prowess, ability to hug the road and above all brilliant steering feedback. But I have to accept, Everytime need not be the same and I am honestly making efforts to reduce my speed or to avoid any drag races in any case. and I think am getting better. Nevertheless, its good if its not too late.
  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Dear, Lets not exaggerate this safety thing. We all love our lives. I should also clarify that we are all responsible citizens & understand security concepts quite good. We are just discussing two cars which is better buck for money & powerful/fun to drive, what's wrong with that?:cry:

    We all drive safe & sound but does it restrict to have some fun whenever surroundings permit?
    Try to distinguish between passionate & secured & Fear & idiocy while quoting safety & security.

    I would rather advise those people not to try this who got the license by just joining some driving school for a week & paying few bucks & never crosses 40 kmph mark. They are more dangerous than an auto enthusiast:evilsmile.
    Heck!! Don't even try that if you don't have passion to do that. Without passion, one is just a "thing" & "not a human". Things don't drive, they move.

    @Sathya: Don't be defensive. I would advise to ignore this safety hypocrisy. Mods will let us know when-ever it is required.
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  10. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    I think it will be unfair to compare diesel and petrol ones.Its better to compare beast palio sports(1.6) with polo 1.6.
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