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Punto 90 HP Sportz

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by car_champ, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. car_champ

    car_champ Timido

    Dear All,

    To start my first thread about Punto ownership I would like to give brief background:-

    Just like a small child, cars have been my favorite past time, reading about them, driving and active engagement in their maintenance. I have driven a lot in cities, highways in varied conditions and by the grace of God it has been great till date. When I landed into my first job as a trainee, I use to drive down to office in my Dad's car, use to shell out 50% of my salary on fuel but it was peace, fun and satisfaction being at steering wheel and never getting tired. I love you Dad. </SPAN>J</SPAN></SPAN>

    Let me give you brief updates on my previous companions:-

    Hyundai Santro(1999): This was my Dad's car which I drove for 1L + km's and she was just brilliant without any major hiccups or issues.
    Maruti Wagon R Duo (2006): My ride before Punto. Though she was not as sturdy and solid as Santro but she drove very well for 1.2 L KM's and still in fine condition running on company fitted LPG. Car is pretty reliable and efficient but just age catching up with her.

    Why New Car?

    It was natural after driving 1+ L km's on wagon r to start looking for upgrade. Following were the key features which influenced my search:-

    1. Sturdy and safety features.
    2. Diesel
    3. Spacious

    Myself and my wife have been the admirer of Volkswagen Vento however it required good dose of "Vitamin M" hence we skipped her. We took some time to evaluate other cars. Fiat was never on my mind (don’t know for what reason it never figured in any discussion) and we went ahead to check Dzire's, Amaze and i20.

    i20 was better among the lot however high On-Road price of top end version kept us away from it. Rest of them were good but seemed very conventional cars to be used to go from point A to point B which is not the case with me, I love the feeling of driving and wanted a fun to drive car which keeps me engaged.

    One day in Feb'14 I saw advertisement for Fiat Punto in newspaper and the deals going on them. Since we were still undecided on what car to buy hence I visited the showroom and fortunately Red Sportz 90 HP was on display. The awesome look of the car just floored me. I was keen to show it to my wifey and son. Also discussed on deals and 2013 models were being sold on good discounts which matched my budget hence it further gave my thoughts positive boost.

    Next week took my wife and son to showroom. They were equally awestruck with the beauty of the car. We test drove Emotion as dealer was not having 90 HP for test drive and overall we liked the car. After this negotiations started. My budget was freeze with no scope of increase. Couple of times talks failed but finally dealer gave in and agreed on my price. Luck was my side and after freezing the deal, excise cut was announced which further reduced the price of the car. All went well till this point and we were happy for our new car. I checked the car and its VIN, checked visible rubber/other parts and all looked good. Happy!!

    Now all paper work was done and delivery date was fixed. All excited to take my car out for long drive but was not aware what lies ahead.

    We went on agreed date and time (11 AM) to showroom. Car was not there and was informed that it has been sent for final wash and polish. Ok, sat for 1.5 hours and still no clue, spoke with Sales manager and he said car is on the way. Finally Car arrived; our scheduled pooja time at temple has past so rescheduled it later in the day.

    Paperwork: Invoice had wrong name (My Dad's name was inserted in between my first and last name). Though I understand it is used in certain states but my name doesn’t have it. Checked with Sales manager, he said it’s mandatory in Maharashtra and is the process hence it will be like this only and I should not worry about it. I was puzzled but he assured its same for all cases and will not impact. I signed though I did mention that it will impact for any transactions done for the car. I will share more details on this later. I was also provided with extended warranty certificate, Insurance and Punto booklets. </SPAN>

    Next I went on to check the car, performed small pooja and sat with sales executive in the car to get details of functions. He was not well versed with Blue & Me hence was not able to explain it much but explained other functions well. I noticed engine check light consistently on after cranking the engine on and no fluid in windshield washer. I immediately highlighted the issue to Sales Manager.</SPAN>
    They discussed internally and mentioned that it could be due to some loose wiring (strange and shocking) and I will have to take the car to workshop after the delivery. For anyone this will be worst scenario and expectation at the time of delivery. Yes its true, this happened. Our faces were saddened. Our car all loaded with garlands was driven by me to workshop right after the delivery and they connected the car to computer for an hour or so. Error was gone, I was told that it was not and issue and they have deleted the error. Relaxed though bit sad took the car home for pooja. After pooja went for drive on Pune-Mumbai expressway till Lonawala and returned back. Noticed that car is pulling on RHS. I planned to call the dealer next day.

    3rd day: I took my car to office. Informed Sales executive about RHS pulling and he booked appointment in workshop. Spent 2-3 hours over the weekend in workshop, they adjusted the suspension and wheel alignment. RHS pulling issue was fixed now.

    9th day: Oil pressure switch warning came up. I called Sales Manager, sent him the picture of warning on whatapp. He said SA will get in touch with me. No response till late evening then I called workshop and booked appointment. Next day took the car to workshop. Note that warning light has gone automatically by then but as precaution they changed the oil pressure switch so that it doesn’t come up again due to any malfunction of switch.

    I took this opportunity to speak with service head of the dealer. He heard me patiently and took test drive of the car for 20 minutes or so. Found nothing wrong as such but offered to do PDI again for my satisfaction. I was in hurry for office so told him that will come in a day or two. The information which shocked me more is that dealer was doing PDI of cars when cars lands at his yard from Fiat. My Punto’s PDI was done on 2 Jan'14 and it was sold to me in Mar'14. Good 2+ months gap and before delivery no PDI or detailed check. He promised to change the process. Note sure what guidelines they have from Fiat but its common sense that before delivery, car’s need to be thoroughly checked. Now I sensed the reason for no water in windshield washer, Injection system failure light etc. Since Service head attended the issue well hence I didn’t took it further.

    Very next day(11[SUP]th[/SUP] Day) we went for 1 day trip to Mumbai. All went well and we were returning late at night to Pune. Suddenly Injection system failure light comes up again. It stressed me a lot and our whole experience of new car was completely marred now. It was less than 800 Km's and all these recurring issues. As I have read in the booklet, I drove back at moderate speed to Pune and planned to take it up first thing in morning with Dealer.

    12[SUP]th[/SUP] day: In Morning I tried numbers of dealer and Customer care manager of dealer. No response. Drove down to workshop and came to know it’s closed on account of holiday. Then I went to showroom, took the number of sales AGM of dealer and called him. Initial call to him also went unanswered. I came back home tired and stressed and logged complaint about the car and dealer with Fiat. I also called Fiat emergency road assist and they conferenced me in with other dealer in city. The Service advisor listened to my issue and requested me to come next day to their workshop. I agreed and fixed the appointment.

    In the meantime I got the call back from Sales AGM of my dealer. He listened to the whole sequence of events and said he will call me back in an hour after discussing it with service head and Fiat. After an hour he called back and mentioned that Service head phone is off and Fiat expert is not reachable hence I should visit the other dealer workshop next morning to get the issue corrected and he will get back to me once he connects with all stakeholders.

    Next day (13[SUP]th[/SUP] day): I went to other dealer workshop. Issue identified in 15 minutes with vacuum tank (it was choked) of the car without connecting with computer. Due to this issue turbo was not working correctly and pickup/mileage of the car was impacted. Since I had never driven diesel car before hence never realized any noticeable drop in pick up till now. All I could compare it was with my old Wagon R in which case Punto was in any situation powerful then it. They changed the vacuum tank under warranty and test drove it. All well and car was ready in 1.5 hours. They did mention that this issue typically happens after lakh KM's and can't happen with 800 KM of driving hence it could be manufacturing issue so part is replaced. Their technical expert and Service Manager sounded very knowledgeable and reliable. The manner in which issue was quickly identified and fixed was really good. Just to remind all of you that Injection System Failure light had come up at the time of delivery as well and the error was deleted by the workshop at that time. I am quite sure it was because of this issue warning light had come up and if dealer would have taken the corrective action at that time, it would have saved my lot of heartache. These issues were existing well before delivery and a thorough PDI before delivery could have helped.

    Finally drove back home thinking what next could crop up. However since then, till today (40th day from purchase, 1900 KM on odo) no further issue has been detected and car is running well. Hope it keeps like this.</SPAN>

    For wrong name in Invoice, dealer is working on it now for corrections.
    So friends mine and my family's overall experience of new car was ruined by repetitive issues faced and shocking gaps identified in product quality as well as sales process. There was no final response from Fiat on my queries and complaint. I think they assume that customer his happy once they attend the issue through dealer. I wish they were more sensitive.</SPAN>

    Fiat also conducts customer feedback visit through dealership post 30 days of ownership and this was recently done for me. CRM Manager of dealer visited my house and got back with big zero report card which I think she was already expecting. I am doubtful that Fiat has taken any corrective steps as I have not heard back from them directly. </SPAN>

    I daily say good night to my beautiful angel in parking as I love her so much. It was painful but I don’t hate her. My son is like why you take her to office daily Dad, it’s only for all of us to travel together. He misses her lot till the time I come back from office. I don’t know if it was mistake to buy Fiat or 2013 car but whatever it is, now this is going to be our ride for next couple of years. Hope God blesses us and our angel. :)</SPAN>

    Take care and stay blessed.
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Car champ, I hope you have lakhs of kms of happiness with no niggles. I would still like to say (despite your experience) that the service in Pune and Bangalore is of top quality. I am sure your car will be taken care of well by the service department of Pandit.
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  3. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    What happened is really unfortunate, but lets hope all goes well for you now. Congratulations for your new ride. Post some pics too!!
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  4. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    @car champ,

    First of all heartiest congratulations on getting home the 90HP scorcher. Sad to know that you faced so many issues with the car, mind sharing the workshop details. I would suggest you to write specifically to Mangesh Kodalkar of Fiat and mention your travails on the Fiat FB page too. I am sure this will spring the action from Fiat.

    There are 3 workshops in Pune, did you not think of taking to a different workshop? Also ensure that the name & VIN are correctly mentioned in the RC, coz looking at the error made in the Invoice copy I am sure that the same might be repeated in the RC too.

    Apart from these, happy (S)mile crunching and drive safely.
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  5. XLR8er

    XLR8er Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    First of all, a heartily congratulations mate. Its unfortunate that you had to go through all this headache. May your Punto eat miles and miles in the future. Mine is also 90hp Sport, purchased in Jan.I must say It has not given me any major problems. Enjoy your Punto buddy. cheers:D
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  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Let me sum it up as i am leaving for home now, I will read your full post later. Your last 2 lines give an impression that you didn't have a very +ve buying experience, where-as first 2-3 lines (Santro/Wagon_R), it will be like Bucket of ice-cold water thrown on a sleeping person. You will soon come to know what junk is sold to the people, driving could be fun actually & not merely a mean to move from point A to B. 90 HP seals the deal. You are set to forget every single bad/ugly experience that came your way in buying Punto 90 HP. It's a class of it's own for Indian Hatch Back segment.

    If you are an aggressive driver... bid adieu not only to Santro/Alto/Wagon-R but also i20/swift/sunny/Dharmendra/verna/sportzzz this-that... & bla bla!! If you are a sedate driver, it may take you longer to get the point but you will get none the less. Good luck with your new ride!!
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
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  7. XLR8er

    XLR8er Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    You just explained it with the truth man. Really liked the post. Keep it up.:p
  8. car_champ

    car_champ Timido

    Thanks PaddleShifter for warm wishes. Yes it was Pandit's Service team to whom I was directed by Fiat Emergency Assist for Injection System Failure and they diagnosed and fixed the issues very well. I must say that Rahul and his team are doing very good job there.

    Thanks Pabhishek. I will post the pictures in next few days.

    Thanks Ghodlur for compliments. Initially issues were being reported to Sky Moto, the dealer from whom I purchased the car. Since issues happened so frequently hence never got the time to try some other workshop. However subsequently I was directed by Fiat Emergency Assist to Pandit and from there on Rahul and his team did wonderful job in resolving the outstanding issues. I believe Mangesh Kodalkar is already aware of the issue with my car as I had log the complaint with Fiat with all details and Pandit service team confirmed that they received communication from Mangesh to address the issues. However I never had any direct communication with Mangesh or anyone from Fiat directly.
    I will check RC once I receive it for correct vehicle details. Thank you.

    Thanks XLR8er for wishes.

    Hi ENKI, yes my initial one month of ownership exprience was marred by bad sales exprience and recurring issues hence never got time to actually experience the drive of punto 90 HP. However I have no doubt about the positive and exhilrating experience Punto 90 HP will bring in as I have more troublefree rides in it. Thanks for your inputs and positive comments.
  9. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    Car champ, First of all Congrtaulations on your new ride , 90 HP is a beast , hope it serves you well .
    I am sorry to hear about your new car issues but dont worry , everything can be fixed and dont think too much on 2013/2014 vehicles , there is no gurantee that it would not have happend on 2014 manufactured car.
    One thing i will strongly suggest is , Just make sure you dont change anything which voids warrenty.
    Also it will be good to follow run-in period ( info thread http://www.teamfiat.co.in/engine-compartment/1598-run-period-fiat-engines.html )
  10. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Congratulations on your new Punto 90hp,thats a beast on highways
    Sorry to hear that you had to go with headache with a brand new 90 hp,hope your 90hp crunches more miles & make you forget about the headache which you faced initially.
    Happy safe driving,happy smiles with more miles.

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