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Punto 90 HP launched

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Official Press Release

    • Fiat brings power back into fashion
      Launches Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET
      Expands network to 175 dealers across 130 cities

    • Fiat Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET to be the most powerful diesel hatchback in India
      The car to be equipped with a Variable Geometry Turbo engine that offers high power and superior fuel efficiency

    With high power comes the true driving experience. Keeping in mind this very thought, Fiat India today unveiled its latest offering in the premium hatchback segment: the Fiat Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET. Armed with a 1.3 litre Multijet engine, powered by a Variable Geometry Turbocharger, the car will be India’s most powerful diesel hatchback.
    Already setting the standard with its gorgeous looks and style, the Grande Punto 90 HP is poised to power through the competition and create a new benchmark for diesel hatchbacks in India. The Punto 90 HP MULTIJET’s engine will provide drivers with ‘class leading’ power of 93 PS and torque of 209 NM along with excellent drive dynamics – Ride, Handling, Braking and also superior fuel efficiency of 20km / l. The 1.3 litre Multijet engine, a validation of Fiat’s technological prowess, is also the only ‘locally produced’ Variable Geometry Diesel engine in this category.
    To make the driving experience even more fun, the Grande Punto 90HP comes equipped with Dual Stage Airbags, ABS with EBD, Automatic Climate Control, Blue & Me technology, Integrated CD/MP3 player with USB, Alloy wheels with the widest tyres (in the category), Chrome plated door handles, swanky Red stitching on the seats, and a host of other exciting and new age features.

    Customers will also have a choice of personalisation through a special accessory pack for the Punto 90 HP that includes a Rear Spoiler, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Stylish Body Decals, Sporty Aluminium Pedals, Leather Seat Covers & Punto branded Door Sill. This accessory pack shall provide discerning customers a ‘sporty feel’, along with the opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

    The Grande Punto 90 HP, delivering 93 PS of power, will be positioned within the ‘performance diesel’ segment and will compete with existing and future brands in this segment
    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajeev Kapoor, President& CEO, Fiat India said. “The launch of the Grande Punto 90 HP MULTIJET is testament to Fiat’s commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction. Through this new variant, discerning consumers will be given the perfect opportunity to enjoy both ‘high power’ and a ‘fun to drive’ experience. The Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET will aim to consolidate our position within the ‘performance diesel’ segment which has been relatively untapped unto now. We are confident the Grande Punto 90 HP MULTIJET will mark a new chapter of power driving in the premium hatchback segment.”

    The Grande Punto 90 HP MULTJET will be available in 5 electrifying colors: Bossa Nova White, Exotica Red, Medium Grey, Fox Trot Azure and Tuscan Wine.

    The Fiat Grande Punto, since its launch last year, has taken the market by storm with its beautiful design and impressive styling. With its design being attributed to Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro – the ‘car designer of the century’, the car has won numerous accolades in the Indian auto sector, the latest being

    • Car of the Year Award 2009 for Premium Hatchback - ET Zigwheels.
    • Car with the Best Styling & Design by UTV Autocar Awards - 2010.
    • The Most Beautiful Car of the year by BBC Top Gear -2009

    The car’s sleek and aggressive looks have made many a head turn and many a jaw drop. With both critics and buyers taking dearly to this vehicle, the Grande Punto has made a sizeable mark in the Indian auto scenario. The new Grande Punto 90 HP MULTIJET along with the existing Fiat models are available through 175 TATA-FIAT dealers across 130 cities and can be booked from 18th July 2010 onwards.
    Fiat now expands the Grande Punto range to 10 variants with a choice of 1.2 & 1.4 litre FIRE engines in Petrol and 1.3 litre MultiJet (76 HP) & (93 HP) engines in Diesel, thus offering ‘a Punto for everyone’.

    With the promise of superior power and fuel efficiency, the Fiat Grande Punto 90HP MULTIJET is all set to light the Indian roads on fire thus assuring yet another significant step taken by Fiat in India.
  2. Its Punto Emotion Pk and not Punto Emotion.Its clearly written on Fiat India website.
  3. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    I actually find it quite weird when people go on to make hefty statements like "Suzuki knows better how to tune Fiat multijet". Nothing could be more bunkum. A manufacturer, who has developed the ECU logic, doesn't know how to juice it? Come on! I feel they are tuning as per the company objective. If the company has decided that for city driving, 90bhp will provide 20kmpl and on highways, power will be provided for cruises, then tuning will be done like that. One can't forget that Fiat has yet to recover from the "Fuel Guzzler" image given by the Palio. Now when people see the two catch phrases: Most powerful hatch in the country" and "20kmpl", they are going to recognize the USP. However, Fiat does need to do a bit of juggling with prices. IMHO, they should bring down FGT (E+) to the slightly higher than Figo and VGT (which is anyway available in E+)at least 20-25K lower than i20.
  4. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    very well said kaps. Fiat knows how to use and tune their engine. Punto FGT is such a beautifully tuned engine. it delievers both mileage and performance. Punto 90 shud be no exception. i fail to understand what ppl like in a swift. its initial pick-up? after few thousand kms the car starts having rattling problems. ppl r gaga over resale , which means they r ready to sell it before buying it, fully knowing that it wont last more than few thousand kms. strange , absolutely stange.
  5. donzil_pinto


    For quite a few months, we had had the question if the Punto 90HP will be launched as how it was displayed at the Auto Show.
    FIAT has very cleverly catered to both sets of customers by giving them options to add or go without the accessories.

    As mentioned by Ravi earlier, customers will also have a choice of personalisation through a special accessory pack for the Punto 90 HP that includes a Rear Spoiler, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Stylish Body Decals, Sporty Aluminium Pedals, Leather Seat Covers & Punto branded Door Sill. This accessory pack shall provide discerning customers a ‘sporty feel’, along with the opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

    Good stuff.
  6. NAREN64


    Fiat brings power back into fashion

    Not only Fasion but more of PASSION for all FIAT owners. It would be even more exiting if FIAT launches the T JET for Linea as soon as possible.
  7. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Linea T Jet coming in august
  8. milind5656

    milind5656 Novizio

    Has anybody test drove this one in pune?
    If yes, where?
  9. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    i think the brilliant Punto 90 HP shud be launched in active and dynamic trims as well with better low end torque so that its a pleasureable drive in city too. more ppl will aspire to buy the Punto 90 HP.
  10. keshav


    Saw a Red Punto 90 HP in office today.. That was real quick. So, there are people waiting to put money on powerful FIATs :)

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