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Punto 76 BHP MJD versus Alto K10

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by vikastwister, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. vikastwister

    vikastwister Novizio

    Hi Guys,
    Five months back I purchased my Alto K10 Vxi for my parents and driving that also. So now I own both Punto 76 BHP MJD and Alto K10 Vxi and in the condition to comment on both with out any bias. The reason I went for the K10 was due to budget constraint, and was not willing to buy old Alto due to less rear space and old engine. I will describe both the cars on same aspect point wise:

    Price: Punto Active MJD cost me 5.75 Lakhs on road one year back after loading music system and plush seat covers and blah blah:
    K10 Vxi cost me 3.4 on road with UP registration and without loading.

    Seat Comfort both front and rear : Punto : Different league together. Never felt tired and and more stuffing is there even the ergonomic design of that is very good.
    K10 Vxi : Its OK keep in mind the price front. Once had a 100 Km drive on that, and every bit of my back is paining. Even the headrest for the driver seat is not connected well. (Keep in mind the price), it is better than old alto.

    Cabin space and boot space: Punto: Its very much bigger here no doubt about that.
    K10 Vxi : Rear knee space is just OK. And OK boot space. (Compare to Spark, old alto)

    Drivebility: Punto : Best in its class and decades ahead than what maruti is providing.
    K10 Vxi : It is just OK. The pot holes on which punto goes unnoticeable, you can feel it in K10 Vxi but less than old Alto.

    Steering feel: Punto: Thousand times better than K10 on high speed.
    K10 Vxi: Light at parking speed. But feedback is less on high speed. People say there is no feedback. But according to my experience with my car, feedback is there but not as much as Punto has.

    Engine Performance : Punto : Multijet Diesel, and its proven and excellent torque. I can drive my Punto on 170 Km/h any day. Fuel efficiency is excellent.
    K10 Vxi : Engine is good, and there is no effect of Ac or heater on it. Tried 150 Km/h with K10 on Express highway. But Punto is easily drivable than K10. (Its OK for the price front at K10 has been offered)

    Breaking : Punto : Fantastic braking, you never goes out of control and always have confidence while breaking.
    K10 Vxi : Its the biggest let down in K10 Vxi. Once you cross 60 Km/h, engine comes alive and brakes go dead. Never having the confidence while breaking. People say K10 has good brakes, but they are those people
    who has upgraded from 800 or old Alto. Punto is leap years ahead in this department.

    Even the Multi information display is much more advanced in Punto. People say that finish in Maruti cars are good, for me its OK. Punto is also good, if K10 is good. Even you feel safe after sitting in Punto, because its a tank.

    This is difference I feel between two, but yes all this difference comes with a price difference. But if some one say K10 is better than Punto, just slap him on his face.
  2. vikastwister

    vikastwister Novizio

    Thanks Mod for moving it in to another section.
  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    If you compare Punto 1.2 Active with Alto then it would be better competition.

    Alto K10 costs near about 3.80 lacs and Punto Active 1.2 near about 4.10 lacs. Now can some compare both these cars.
  4. If you are quoting on-road price then, Punto 1.2 Active costed me 4.5L in December 2009 after some 20K discount (free insurance, ext warrenty, corporate discount, blah blah). If you are quoting ex-showroom price, please forgive me. Btw, is K10 cost 3.8L ex-showroom? Then Chevy Spark is much more vfm than K10. I did all the math while looking out for my first car and Spark LT fitted the bill perfectly. Then I extended my budget and settled for Punto 1.2 Active.
  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    given the fun to drive engine alto K10 will always score over 1.2 punto. reason - very simple, power to weight ratio on alto is almost 90bhp/ tonne.
    with this the 0-100 timings on alto k10 is just around 13secs.

    also the throttle response is amazing. apart from engine its but obvious punto scores in all other sectors.
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