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Punto 2012

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Anish_A, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. go for puntoooo a.k.a punter
  2. JJPunter


    Initially I got mileage of 13 to 14 in city traffic. Ive clocked 13k now and the mileage has improved to 15. The highest mileage my car achieved in the city is 16.2. On the highways I get around 20. I havent experienced any screeching while braking but I gotta say that the brakes in the Punto are excellent.
  3. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    mine still floating at 13.5 even after a drive to banglore for fitting alloys ..it has done just 1200 km on ODO ..keeping my fingers crossed
  4. Anish_A


    Hello Tfiat'ians

    Final Verdict After two hours of continuous test driving on Punto @ the Nice Road in Bangalore.

    Took the Punto along with my Dad and the Technical sales Adviser (Mr. Jaram) for a test drive on the nice road.

    MR Jayaram was very courteous to drive me to the nice road i Personally don't like driving in that heavy traffic. :(

    First MR Jayaram drove the car and took it to 80KM and braked....Good no skids. :)

    Next to 100 and brake, then sudden noise of the Tyre skidding but still not all that great impact.

    He then asked me to drive and show him when the vehicle is skidding.

    ok. Now that was no challenge as i had done this before.

    Took a hang of this car for the first few minutes and then zoomed it.

    took it to 100 braked--instant braking full pedal on the breaks until the car halts--Does not skid all that much but yeah some feel did come up.

    Took it to 120 and braked again----instant braking full pedal on the breaks until the car halts--Does skid a little but then excellent braking as the car came to stop in less than 5 second.

    Took it to 150 and braked again----instant braking full pedal on the breaks until the car halts--Does skid but then again excellent braking as the car came to stop in less than 8 second.

    Over all i felt that the car does skid at high speed braking but then it also holds on to the road and does some amazing stops.

    Went back to check the thread marks and found that it was not all that visible but is still seen at some places.
    It is not like a non-ABS vehicle where the entire thread marks are hardcoded on to the road.

    Even @ 150 i hardly found any hard coded threading carbon protruding out of the road.
    I believe that it does well @ high speeds but does tend to skid a little and not drift of the ROAD.

    Checked the suspension in the showroom and then found that the car does not scoop down when fully loaded with 5 people so suspensions wise great.

    Did some research with some technically sound friends in Fiat to check why ABS equipped vehicle skids.

    This info cannot be technically proved or i do not have the proof or wont let you guyz know the people who told me this. :)

    The number of times ABS gets pressed on the disc or drum in case of Puto is anywhere near to 250 times per second.
    The same in case of Polo or Fabia is nearly 350 -380 times per second.

    This is the reason as to why it skids in Punto but not in Fabia or Polo. The brakes are held for a fraction of second more in Punto causing it to slightly skid.
    Guess i will have to live with that as i want to still stick to FIAT.

    A Big Thank you for all the people who posted and read my post. :)

    Safe Driving
    Burn the rubber not the soul. :)

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  5. That is a good technical info on ABS :)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2012
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    First of all congrats on choosing the Fiat!
    I am not sure what is the source of the above quoted info but it seems to be incorrect. Have a look at the below links which says the good ABS systems can apply or release braking pressure 16 times per second. 250-350 are way too big figures and don't seem realistic.

    1.Anti-lock braking system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2.HowStuffWorks "The ABS System"
  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Since Fabia Polo are performing better, why do you want to stick to Punto with inferior brakes & skidding? Sorry, but i am totally puzzeled on this. Our suggestions at TFI are not help FIAT's sales but instead appeal people not to reject FIAT baselessly in their option list, obvously with some relevant inputs. If you find braking +ve in Fabia/Polo & not in Punto, i think you are making a mistake here.You must go with Fabia/Polo only.As far as heart/soul thing is concerned, how a inferior car can have that? If i would be in your place, no way i would opt for Punto. I have my own reasons & didn't compromise on one single priority.You would be compromising the most important one & that's safety aspect. I don't know about ABS pump frequency but I completely in harmony to your statements & recommend the VW/Fabia anyday to you:).

    ---------- Post added at 11:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:38 PM ----------

    Sham, I excuse to add something more to it. ABS was invented & introduced by "Bosch" in 1978. The very first vehicles to feature ABS was Mercedes-Benz 350SE in 1978. The next vehicle was BMW 7 series from the same year. It's well known fact & mentioned on Bosch international website.

    @Anish The latest Bosch ABS system's Pump can work at a frequency of 16/second while decompressing/compressing oil for braking actions. So FIAT's guy has brought out a joke as a scoop. I didn't want to contradict as it's another sales-man's air firing which is out of the world.

    For more intereting update, Both Grande Punto & Polo (Big Bosch not just cog in the wheel - Times Of India) features Bosch ABS system (speed sensors, controller, oil pumps) & their Plant is in Pune (near by FIAT's Rajandgaon facility).
    Not only Punto/Polo but Bosch supplies major no. of brands (Mahindra Xylo, TATA). Punto front ventilated disc size is 258mm while drum for the rear wheel 203 mm. I don't have the details for Fabia/Polo.

    Whatever car you wish for, objective is to provide the correct information & sales man isn't likely to be best the source. I would still reiterate my point of sticking with VW/Skoda instead of Punto.
  8. sungoa2010


    Punto may not be the quickest in 0-100kmph but I don't think there is any hatch(even sedan exept linea) that can come close to it in terms of 100-0 capabilities.
  9. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @Anish_A, im really sorry bro if im going to offend you in upcoming statement but yours views really hit me.

    1)First of all what do you exactly expect from your car?
    2)Is breaking is the only crucial aspect you are looking at in a car??(sorry but if yes then you should leave FIAT alone & should start thinking about Ferrari, Maclaren.)
    3) What ever you said about polo, Fabia might be true but have you noticed that weight Punto is max than these two thin sheet metal toys.
    4)Uptill now you must be the first i came across saying FIAT's breaks didn't worked well!
    5)How much you are aware that these skids are also depend upon what type of tyres, specific compound of tyres, profile you are using?
    6)In your daily life i believe you won't need those panic breaking on daily bases. Althought breaks are crucial stuff but what you've been stating isen't practical enough. I mean come on man, who want to check 100 to 0, 150 to 0 timings in daily life? This isen't a sports car man!

    No doubt it might have skid a lil bit but it dosen't mean that ABS is on FIAT is loss system. I will strongly recomend you to go with your heart. Don't think it as fanboy thing.

    If you ard comfertable with Polo & Fabia then i think you should go with it.
    Anyways ones againg sorry if i offended you, no hard feelings man!
  10. singh

    singh Amatore

    It may skid even with ABS if car is on loose sand-tarmac-, Where the traction is less . As per my experience brakes are better than swift without ABS(Vdi) not driven Zdi , I own a previous gen swift and those are ok till 80kmph above that trust god. Punto is better with ABS and feels more planted .
    Punto is slower than swift but at par with Polo-Figo-Micra-ritz-Vista-Fabia. Dont forget Punto has a very strong Mid range , in gear acceleration is more than enough for overtaking high speed vehicles.
    Not even a single car is perfect , everyone has to compromise on few things . But always give priority to safety .
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