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Punto 2012

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Anish_A, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Anish_A



    I'm buying a new car and after a lot of research and thinking have finally nailed it don to two models:

    1: Fiat Punto 1.3L MULTIJET Diesel DYNAMIC--2012 75HP
    2: Maruthi Dzire
    New Swift DZire Diesel VDi2012

    The Punto stays way ahead in terms of feature and benefits and i personally rate Punto over Dzire.

    I had taken the Punto for a trail drive on Sunday to the hosur road. The car came in from concorde motors.

    What stuck me the most was the following:

    1> Pickup was non impressive in the first and second gears
    2> The braking which come with (ABD + EBD) skids and screeches when doing a hard stop @ 110 0r 120.

    I'm now wondering if the owners of punto have a similar experience???

    Does the vehicle skid and screech @ high speed even with ABS.

    A similar test on "Volkswagen Polo" and "Skoda Fabia" did not make my vehicle skid or screech @ high speed.

    Can some owners of punto please share there experiences as it has now become a deciding factor between these two cars.

    Awaiting your experience..

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  2. Hello Anish.

    First and second gears of punto are short gears. The main advantage is you can drive easily in the city traffic. On the negative side you have to shift sooner to the third gear on the highways. Also this gear system can move the vehicle without acceleration which is a boon in the city traffic, on 5th gear Punto pulls at 30 - 40 KMPH w/o acceleration.

    Regarding brakes, I have nt experienced any schreeching sound while braking at high speeds, maybe there could be some issue with the test vehicle.

    Btw you have made good choice.
  3. Anish_A


    Hello raajravi17

    Thank you for the inputs.

    Is there by any chance that you can let me know the mileage that you are getting especially the diesel variant 75HP engine.

    Also is there any other person with the breaking experience as that's what i'm looking to have more information on???

  4. HI Anish,

    I have 2011 model punto Emotion 76HP and i don`t see any issue with Break or ABS (if your at high speed and want to apply break try depress the clutch full and apply the break in and out this will be best).
    about mileage city in bangalore i m getting 16+ for full tank method. and on highway its 17 - 19 what i got in full tank method. driving more then 100+ speed. if you drive up to 100 and not more than that you can easily attain 22. trust me i was getting, but its not so fun as per me driving Punto at below 100.

    till now i have crossed 7500kms .
  5. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    See, short gearing will help you to drive much more easily in the city as well as pull more loads in the ups. Where as taller gearings like in the swift will decrease drivability, torque, but will increase the speed. I hope you understand that Punto is a car for enthusiasts and all fiat cars are built like tanks. Whereas in comparison, the MS products are fragile and are not meant for extreme use. The screeching noise you here when you brake hard because of the tire width. Take a Emotion PK and try it out, the noise wont be there. But atleast you get ABS in the mid variant, where in the swift you don't. So why miss such a safety feature?? !! Just go ahead and buy it! :)
  6. Hello Anish,

    I am getting 13 -14 in city traffic and 20 + on highways. But in Punto as you drive miles efficiency increases.

  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Hi Anish,

    For any fuel efficiency related queries, please refer to - Fuel Efficiency of Fiat cars in India!. The figures posted here are true real time figures and no speculations.

    I recently had the privilege to take a Punto 75 through village roads, and after 40+ km's of village driving in 2nd and 3 gear mostly and 20km's of a busy-highway cruise, the Average fuel consumption of the trip on the MID was 20.1kmpl. And generally it has been found that the MID figures are pretty accurate.

    Someone with more experience on the Punto brakes can comment on them, but I found them eager and strong on the short drive. The tires were standard 165/80/14.

  8. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    Anish my friend are you sure about it? Car you TD actually skid? Which varient was it?
    Did you saw skid marks? Cause if you are reffering this by feeling break pedal then you are wrong! What you actually felt was ABS feedbak.
    If you are sure about skid then only two posiblities are there
    1) Something wrong with TD car.
    2) Road must be havig gravel, uneven surface.
    If you would've complained about something else i might hv agreed but about breaks? No way!
    Current FIATs got best breaks.
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  9. Anish_A


    Hi Tron

    Frankly even i was amazed with the breaking and was not happy at all.

    I asked the sales tech to get me another car after rectifying the issue which even he felt shouldn't happen .

    Sunday was my second trail drive and i could almost feel the car drifting in the back which made me check with one of there main Service adviser and was given ridiculous explanation.

    So if it happens in my new 2012 whom do i contact is there anyone in the forum that has some access or contact s to the people @ FIAT.

    I find TATA is more interested in selling there CAR than Punto. :(

  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Anish, ABS will prevent the "skidding due to locking of the tyres under heavy braking" as per my understanding. It won't prevent skidding etc as a result of lower traction due to various factors like the tarmac, tyre condition of the vehicle etc.

    I have seen the brakes of Punto in real time for around 22000Km and I can assure that Punto has very good brakes. The soft compound on brake pads does it's job wonderfully for such a heavy car though it has a bit shorter average life.

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