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Punto 2012 Model Features

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by Surya, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    None of the above mentioned features are available in 2012 Punto (mine 2012 90HP) except for ABS with EBD and Leather steering wheel.
    I think these features are part of the European spec 2012 Punto.
  2. sidindica


    The punto 2012 in India is virtually the same as the 2005-10 vintage. In 2010, Grande Punto got new front and rear dual tone bumpers, grille and taillights and completely new interiors and was renamed the punto evo. It came with multijet 2. In 2012, the european punto evo got a second facelift with new monotone two stage front and rear bumpers and twin air and multiair petrol engines. This is simply known as punto 2012 of europe. In India, the grande punto came in 2009, for 2012, the same model has been mechanically refined and just badged as punto 2012.

    -clutch is lighter
    -altered first and second gears for better pickup
    -76 hp models have lower NVH
    -improved turning radius
    -increased compressor size and retuning of ECU for better air conditioning
    -Better driveability and torque spread through out the power band
    -Gc increasd from 170 to 185 mm (1.4 petrol, 1.3 diesel) and 195 mm (1.2 petrol)
    -Retuned front and rear suspension with new design springs and bushes
    -Interior plastic texture diffeent and grey fabric on door trims.

    -emotion pack=emotion
    -dynamic minus rear power windows and black B pillar applique plus prehistoric stereo and manual central locking=active

    -old 90 hp plus mechanical refinements=new 90 hp emotion
    90 hp emotion with accessories kit=sport.
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