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Punto 2012 ICE Upgrade help

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by chkneo, May 29, 2012.

  1. chkneo


    Hey All

    I am having 2012 punto Dynamic diesel version. It doesn't have USB or AUX support. There is no way to add too. So planning to upgrade the Head Unit and speakers as well. Here the short listed Items. Let me help with your comments about the selection whether I should go or not.


    • I dont want use extra amp/woofers (amp is ok if its really necessary)
    • dont want fit speakers in boot

    Head Unit:

    Pioneer USB only MVH-1490UB. (50W x 4)
    JVC Bluetooth/USB KD-R926BT.
    (50W x 4)
    Since I am going to use my phone to mount as a USB drive or a USB disk. Can we use bluetooth to stream music if I buy a bluetooth capable Head Units like the jvc one.

    Front Speakers:

    JBL GT6-S266C (60W RMS) Component Speaker JBL GT6-S266C

    I am not sure about the input power handling. Should I use the speaker with only 50W rated input power or can I use a 90W RMS JBL speakers

    Rear Speakers:

    JBL GT6-S366 Coaxial Speakers or the above if fits.

    I would like to know the difference between infinity and jbl speakers. I dont want to go for extra amps and woofer, Will the Head unit power unit is sufficient for these speakers?

    Please give your suggesstions.
  2. The Pioneer USB only HU is there in my FIGO.I would really recommend the unit if you are on a budget and also need some good SQ.Otherwise you can even go for the ones with CD and Bluetooth.
  3. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    Coming to HU, go for 926BT . You have seen many people giving good reviews about it and myself a user of this HU, its a master piece at the price point and Bluetooth streaming of music works w/o any glitches.
    Coming to components , if you use a higher wattage speaker and if your input power is less, then the utilization of your speakers is not done. your HU will be able to power the components , but whats the use if its not fully utilized. Go for an Amp.
    Coming to coaxials , just close your eyes and go for Infinity 9663i. JBLs are too bright in nature. with 9663i , you don need to plan for sub(Unless you don need boom boom) and the bass effect is very well balanced.
  4. chkneo


    thanks for the suggestions. I dont want to go for an amp. So whats the max watts in speakers I can use in components and coaxials. The head unit will deliver 50W x 4
  5. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Adding amp to the set up definitely add to the SQ. Even if you omit amp for not consider adding one when your budget permits. Stock speakers are crappy ones and by just changing speakers you can feel the difference.

    In my humble view, Adding co-axials to the parcel try will ruin the looks and adds to rattles.

    My suggestion is first upgrade the speakers, then add amp and if you want finally change the headunit. If usb and aux is the need of the hour then change the hu and speakers and add amp.
  6. pradhanbv


    So which one did you install finally? and what was the cost?

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