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Punto-1.4 Years driving=37000km, Me-1.4 Years Jogging=3450KM

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by subhchau4, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. subhchau4


    New Delhi

    It all started in 2007 when I first read a case study on fiat’s turnaround and how Grande Punto contributed to Fiat’s revival. I was amazed, how one product can revive a company? What is there in the product? Why it did not strike to other manufactures?

    After doing a detail Study I found out that customers (past & present) were emotionally attached to fiat brand. They always want Fiat to succeed and Grande Punto brought that welcome change. Q4 of FY2005 Fiat reported its first profit in 17 quarters.
    I read about Punto experiences and Automobile experts comments. After studying it for 3 month I was convinced that my next car will be a Grande Punto. I checked with people I know in automobile industry about Grande punto launch in India. I was not getting a right answer, people were not very sure about the Fiat strategy. Few told me that they will Launch Punto first and few told me they will launch the Liena. Time passed by and they launched the Liena and after a long wait Punto was launched in 17th June 2009.
    I was in the showroom the very first day to take a test drive. I was the second customer to take the test drive and it lasted for some good 20-30 minutes. The handling of the car was exceptional the car was a class apart.
    After the test drive the next logical move was to book the car as it had 20-25 day waiting. My last car was Black Santro and this time I thought of opting for a cherry red but to my disappointment or you can say good luck that cherry red colour was not there so I stick to Black Punto.
    I was prepared for spending 6-6.5 lacs. On checking I zeroed on emotion (later on I regret on my decision of not opting for "emotion pack"). Step by step I was closing the gap for owning a Grande Punto.

    1. Short listing a car ( was done in Q3 2007)
    2. Test drive ( done in the last week of June 2006
    3. selecting a variant and color (done)
    4. Finance ( 50% cash Down, remaining loan for a PSU bank)
    5. Delivery (21st July 2009)

    Finance was one thing which took a long time (20 days). Dealer suggested me HDFC and they gave me approval in flat 48 hrs but I opted for SBI as the EMI was working out to be very competitive. I did lot of follow up and at time I use to feel very frustrated but I knew even if I get the loan then also I had to wait for the car.

    One very interesting observation was the way the showroom staff was dealing with the fiat customers. Initially they were not able to understand that this is a different breed of customers who want to know every thing in detail. And at times the customer visiting the showroom was more aware of the product then the sales guys. All these years they were dealing with Taxi wala’s who were more interested in the price then anything else.

    After a long wait finally the d-day came. I gave a good bye kiss to my old car (1, 87,000 KM) and went to the showroom to pick the new beauty. When I reached the showroom the bride was not ready. Even after planning everything so minutely the showroom guys did not deliver on promise. I waited there for some 45 minutes and then came the Shining Black Beauty. I told them very clear that there should nothing be on the car (ribbons / Plastic covers).

    I took the delivery of the car and straight headed to the temple for the divine blessing. After the temple we (My family) went home.

    The driving experience will follow Soon………………
  2. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Re: Punto-1.4 Years driving=37000km, Me-1.4 Years Jogging=34

    greatly written! pics ?
  3. sungoa2010


    It is time for a Update:D
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Awaiting to hear from you along with the pictures/

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