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Punto 1.4 vs Punto 90HP:A comparison

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sungoa2010, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Grande Punto 1.3
    @ prabhjot

    MJD siblings in any avatar are the babies of parents GM and FIAT we all know but the differentiating factors are the Gearbox design and How the power is being transferred to the hub. If you happen to see the the graphs of 2.2L engine earlier you will see their was a turbolag but at a speed of say 100 kmph the engine was hovering around 1800 rpm and at speed 160 it was somewhere around 2500 if I remember correctly absolutely stress free engines. As far as the launch of Jeep Cherokee is concerned in other countries I am not on to it but as far as the launch and sales of Jeep Renegade is concerned Fiat is getting a quite bashing from their customers. First of all under the hood build quality is not up to the mark and on top of it the addition of their 9 th gear in AT has added to their woes. They say it is a software glitch but if we go by the annoymous Fiat employees then they definately need too change the design. Already huge stock yard in detroit is filled with Renegade for the upgrade.

    As far as Mercedes and BMW are concerned I very well know GERMEN capability and what they deliver. Believe me or not they are far superior to italians.The difference is Italians will the perform any task very efficiently solving your purpose for the time but if you need any thing extra in a very tight situation then you will know that the machine is meant only for the job you were doing regularly.But a German machine will look just like italian machine but will take you out in all situation be it worst of the worst but they have a price.

    You are absolutely right about HYUNDAI they have a very long distance to cover. Their product life cyle is too short may be their Factor of safety is 1. 1.3 MJD is a 120 bhp design engine. Engines are usually used at 60 % of their power for greater product life and in some cases 75% with some mods to boost speed, timing etc.This is the reason for 1.3 mjd to have a good life redundancy.

    Regarding MJD2: Mjd 2 is basically a system change in Fuel injection and is not due to FIAT but it is due to BOSCH that we are having this. Basically the the injector ,rail and pump pressure has been increased by say about 50% and the Hole size, the ball diameter in the injector has been decreased.Yes indeed the Car manufacturer has to design engine component to tolerate this amount of pressure but it is now not a big deal for them since they already design rocket engines.
    India will surely not get MJD2 because our Diesel is not ready for even MJD 1.Forget MJD 2 we still do not use DPF in our cars coz they will get clogged in just 1 day.Actually we as a nation are not at all concerned about the environment and think it is god gift and he will keep on showering us with this through out our life and generations to come.

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