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Punto 1.4 Emotion a good choice?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sanjay, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    He is a moderator at some other forum and he is a highly anti Fiat person (according to his posts I have seen over there). He heard about this forum and came here to pick up some arguments.

    Regarding i20, they have remapped the ECU of i20 but some i20 owners say that the issue is still unresolved while others say that it is resolved.
    As far as steering rattles are concerned, it is unresolved as many people have been left with hard steering after some modifications from Hyundai.
    Steering rattle mostly goes unnoticed in cities where roads are smooth. But I donty know how much the AC is an issue as I haven't driven it in peak summers. But I have noticed that most i20 TD cars were being driven with AC in "low temperature" settings, in which the AC is working in max possible speed.
  2. Vikrant Joshi

    Vikrant Joshi Regolare

    Hi Sanjay,

    I happen to own a 1.4 emotion punto, just 2 months new.

    Am very happy with the car(My first one!). I literally learnt to drive a car through punto. Am getting decent average in city(13-14), though have got a fe of 16 with AC in city too! Yes the gearshifts are not that smooth as the competition, but nothing to complain about. :mrgreen:

    I too raised my budget to get this car as got a powerful engine along with all the necessary features(wrt polo). The first 2 gears are short, but have adjusted to the same. Have driven it with loads of luggage and people, never felt the car lagging in power. The interiors are decent. The Gc has not given me any trouble so far. The ride and handling is excellent.

    My apprehension initially was of FE and service quality. Am happy about the fe part. Since am yet to service my car, wont be able to comment fairly on that. Have a back to back test drive of the cars you consider.

    Would be glad to reply on any more queries you have! :car
  3. sanjay


    Thanks Vikrant.I've decided to go for Punto.But because of the FE issue,I don't know which variant I should select.The diesel seems to be a better option.Maybe the 1.3 Dynamic.I will consider going for the 1.3 Emotion if I get it for around 6.25lacs(Paddle,Adarsh is sitting aside me and he says you're a master at deception :mrgreen: because he never though I would extend my budget this much :shocked ) .What's the difference between swift diesel and punto diesel when it comes to performance?Is Fiat charging the extra Ks for the facilities only?And please tell me about the differences in features between 1.3 Dynamic and 1.3 Emotion.

    By the way,I went to car company's website and clicked on the request a brochure button.They asked me to select a car and fill a form(containing space for name,address,phone no. etc)which I did.I thought they were going to display the brochure.But instead it returned a message:"Dear Sanjay,we will contact you soon".Now what is gonna happen?I've given them my address and phone no.What do they mean by saying 'request a brochure'?
  4. arulvr

    arulvr Amatore

    First, welcome to the group. I own the 1.4 Punto for close to 10months now and have been immensely satisfied with the purchase. The engine is as smooth as it can get and more often I got to rev the gas to check if the engine is actualy ON. I get close to 13km within city and 17km on high-way with A/C. The gear when compared to VW is a bit hard but once you get used to it, it wouldn't be a thing of concern. There are plenty of good things in the car. My car was Feb'10 make and I had no problems with interiors/plastics. One other thing I like about this engine, the NOTE...man, you pull this car in 3rd gear and you got to hear the engine note, just sizzling...I'm going to clock 10k soon and I guess I made the best choice in gettin this car. If your usage is higher, stick to MJD with the petrol price hitting the other side of Rs.62, MJD might be the right option for you... what ever you decide, bump your budget and get a Emotion PK fully loaded...its worth every penny...Gud luck !
  5. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Say hello to Mr Adarsh on my behalf.
    lol :lol: I should have been a lawyer instead of a doctor (with due respect to lawyers).

    I just highlight the missing things (features, ADs) that should have been highlighted by Fiat. But, everything I have said regarding Punto, Polo, i20 or any other car is a true fact backed by links to the feedback from owners of respective cars themselves, whether positive or negative. At every point, I gave links of i20 owners (AC and steering issues), Polo owners (engine head replacement, turbo failure).

    Let me tell you that even my own family fell victim to this Inception I created in their mind (rather than deception). They still think what made them go for 1.3 MJD instead of 1.2 Emotion variant.

    1.3MJD Dynamic vs Emotion coming up in next post.

    Regarding Swift vs Punto performance, I would like to share a link again. ::V So many people can not be deceptive.
    http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-ca ... koner.html

    You can compare the outright acceleration and 30-80 in 3rd gear. Punto will be definitely slower as it is carrying so much metal everywhere.
    [attachment=1:2ksi1l5f]Engine guard plate.jpg[/attachment:2ksi1l5f]
    [attachment=0:2ksi1l5f]Metal plate behind the back seat.jpg[/attachment:2ksi1l5f]

    Download the brochure here:

    There are 3 brochures. One for Punto Petrol, 2nd Punto 1.3MJD and the third one is the Punto 1.3MJD 90Hp.

    Engine guard plate.jpg

    Metal plate behind the back seat.jpg
  6. sanjay


    Please consider Punto petrol vs Punto diesel too.It's very important to me.I like that petrol engine's swwweeet sound when revved hard but if it's going to drain my pocket......
  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ok, I will come up with Punto 1.4FIRE vs Punt 1.3MJD tomorrow morning along with all the features present in Active vs Dynamic vs Emotion vs Emotion Pack. That would be convenient for others as well who want to know more about features in all four variants.
  8. sanjay


    That will be great!Thanks a lot.Don't think I will sleep today.
  9. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Features present in FIAT Grande Punto variants. The Fiat brochure lists only a few features and majority of the features are hidden. You come to know about them only when you read the manual.

    First of all, I've seen all the features in the brochures of Swift and Polo. All the features present in Swift are present in Punto. You should compare the features with i20 (the actual competition wrt features list).


    - Programmable speed limit warning system
    - Fire prevention system
    - Fog lamps (rear)
    - Engine immobilizer with FIAT Code system (FCS) rolling code
    - Double crank prevention system
    - Engine guard metal plate
    - Metal plate the back of the rear seats
    - Headlamps height adjustment
    - Parking lights of one side can be activated

    - Body color bumpers
    - Full wheel covers

    - Theater dimming cabin lamps
    - Back seat pockets
    - Rear parcel tray
    - Rear seat head rests- fixed type
    - Full fabric seat upholstry
    - Flat folding rear seat

    - AC with heater (HVAC)
    - Rear AC vents
    - Speed sensitive front wipers
    - Hydraulic Power Steering
    - Front power windows with Auto down on both windows and driver side auto up as well
    - Clutch footrest
    - Height adjustable front headrests
    - 12V power socket
    - Battery saver
    - Internally adjustable ORVMs
    - Tilt steering
    - Speed sensitive intermittent front wipers

    - Active variant comes with pre wiring for music system, speakers for all 4 doors and antenna.

    - Single tripmeter
    - Tachometer
    - Driver seat belt warning
    - Follow me home headlamps (upto 210 seconds)
    - Digital clock, odometer etc.
    - Headlamp height adjustment

    - Speed limit setting, clock setting, buzzer volume setting, Units settings.

    DYNAMIC VARIANT: All the features of Active variant plus those given below:

    - Programmable auto door locks (not confirmed)

    - No additions

    - Theater dimming cabin lamp with spot light function
    - Fabric insert on door trim and door arm rest
    - Center console is silver in color
    - Chrome rings and cosmetic enhancements around the instrument panel

    - Instrument panel light regulation
    - All four auto down power windows with driver side auto up as well
    - Central locking
    - Theater dimming lights will work for all four doors

    - no additions

    - The advanced MID screen shows:
    - Date and day
    - Odometer
    - Clock
    - Headlight aiming position
    - Speed limit warning system
    - Warning messages from advanced onboard diagnostics system: boot open, specific door open warning message (right front, left rear, right rear, boot open etc), warning on anomalies detected (any fused bulb, headlight bulb, indicator bulb, Ice on road warning if external temperature dropping close to zero)
    - Dual trip computer (Trip A and Trip B)
    Trip Data shown-
    - Distance to Empty (Range)
    - Trip Distance
    - Average consumption
    - Instantaneous consumption
    - Average speed
    - Travel time (driving time)

    It is an advanced program that has the following features:
    Allows customization of various settings like-
    - Language (total of 9 languages),
    - Units (Km or miles, Km/l or miles per gallon etc)
    - Calender settings(day, date and time),
    - Button and buzzer volume,
    - Programmable auto door locks settings,
    - Speed warning on/off with speed threshold setting at which it comes into action,
    - Service reminder details,
    - TripB data

    - Keyless system for Dynamic costs 4k (for Active, it costs 10k). Savings of 6k.
    - Spend close to Rs1500 and you can get control switches of all four power windows on driver side panel as well

    Next: Emotion and Emotion pack.
  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    One correction- Dynamic variant does not have external temperature display. All FIAT cars' variants have Pollen filter as well
    Lets continue below...

    EMOTION VARIANT- Dynamic variant plus features given below:

    - Anti Lock Braking system
    - Electronic Brake force distribution
    - Height adjustable front seat belts
    - Electronically controlled front fog lamps
    - Keyless entry

    - Body color door handles and ORVMs
    - Silver front grill with silver painted fog lamp enclosures

    - Dual tone interiors
    - Silver painted door handles

    - Electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors (ORVMs)
    - Intelligent rear defogger with timer
    - Rear washer and intelligent rear wiper
    - Desmodronic foldable key
    - Boot/luggage lamp
    - Height adjustable rear headrests
    - Pollen filter
    - Height adjustable driver seat
    - All control switches are illuminated
    - 60:40 split folding rear seats

    - Blaupunkt Music system with 4 average speakers
    - Speed sensitive volume control

    - Audio display on MID- Displays song name, radio frequency, artist and album name etc on the MID

    - See radio/song details on MID on/off

    EMOTION PACK VARIANT- Emotion variant plus these...

    - Dual stage front driver and passenger airbags
    - 3 point ELR seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters
    - Passenger airbag on/off
    - Seat belt warning has buzzer as well

    - 15 inch alloy wheels
    - 195/60R15 tyres (widest in the segment)
    - Spare tyre is also 15 inch

    - No additions

    - Automatic Climate control
    - Steering mounted audio and Blue&Me controls
    - Leather wrapped steering wheel
    - Leather wrapped gear knob

    - Microsoft Blue&Me system
    - SMS Reader
    - Car communicator/voice commands for phone calling by contact name or digit by digit dictation to the car
    - Windows Media Player for playing music via Blue&Me USB port
    - USB Port in glove box on Blue&Me system
    - Voice commands for Media player control
    - Onboard storage memory inside Blue&Me system for storing uploaded index of phonebook besides storing incoming SMS.
    - Pairing with upto 5 Bluetooth mobile phones

    - Text from SMS Reader (not confirmed)
    - Incoming contact name/phone number display
    - Outgoing contact name/phone number display
    - Phonebook display
    - Blue&Me settings display

    - Passenger airbag on/off setting

    Typed a lot for tonight. I will come up with more features in case I have missed any and as new features are discovered.

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