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Punto 1.3MJD Emotion Pk 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by Cuty Red, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    It is bit misleading. Are you going to do the seat covers from the showroom or from outside?

    Suggestions from my side.

    - Don't get the sunfilms done from the showroom, instead get 2500 discount and go to Balaji for the 3M sun film.

    - Personally, I don't suggest reverse sensors. It will be irritating at time. Instead you can opt for Reverse camera with 3.5" LCD screen. You can get this done for Rs 5.5K.

    - Seat Cover. Don't do this at showroom. I would suggest you privelege carz spa at Nandanam for this. Even though the price is bit more, you will have piece of mind and they do neat and professional job.
  2. Thanks Boss .. Also can you share the vector file for www.team.fiat.co.in that you created :)
  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Installing the reverse camera won't void the warrenty.

    Stickers? I don't have any vector file for it. Got it done from a sticker shop near to my home. He has saved the same and we can get it done anytime. I can get one for you :).
  4. Plz PM m your number . Will call you once i get my car .. Will advertise our family address from day one :)
  5. congrats cuty red.... red looks cooool.............
  6. Welcome to the Club CutyRed. Enjoy the ride. Share more fotos after adding all the accessories.
  7. Thanks Matthew ... :) Hope tomorrow I will get it on hand ...

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    Thanks Srida .. Hope that i can have few foto session this week end ..
  8. 12.11.2011

    Da day arrived that I was dreaming for last 24 days .

    I finally got hold of MY car ..

    I was supposed to get the vehicle by 2pm .

    I reached the showroom by 1.45 . Saw the car that they claim to be cleaned.. Yes it was cleaned .

    But I bet that if it was sold by a FIAT own showroom it would have got cleaned 100 times better .

    This was the first time my wife was seeing the red beauty and she was surprised .She said that the car is too beautiful .

    Specially the head lights and looks from front .. She was admiring it all the time .

    Funny thing was that the small rubber stud that was on the driver side door was missing.But i saw that when i was doing the PDI2 days before .

    So looks like we need to do the PDI even on the day of delivery .

    Another joke .. The mud flaps are not in stoke for last 1 week as per them .Looks like all these days they were making promises

    of these getting fitted during delivery was a gimmic that we can see with the door to door sales person .

    Another promise of giving that by wednesday ... I wonder how and why they expect me to believe them after all these .

    There was a pleasent surprise for me . I met our srini there . It was pure accidental meeting .He came over there to wash his car .

    His BNW angel was getting a wash and saw some turmeric marks on her .

    Also a scratch on the door .Felt bad when he said that it was done by some small boy purposefully .

    2 hrs later , by 4 pm i got the keys .

    Got my 2nd angel in my family !!!!!!!!!!

    I was in the same mood ~ 5 yrs before standing outside of operation theatre holding my daughter.

    Accessories added during delivery :

    1. Floor Mats ( Usual black punto one) I liked this .

    3. Door Sil Plate.

    4. Door Visors.

    5.Chrome Exhaust Tip -paid 1990 extra.

    Total Vitamin M loss for accessories - 2 K ( 3rd and 4th Items i got instead of sun film )

    I was in a little tension for the initial time. But I decided that I will take the longest route to my home of approx 25 kms.That road was havng less traffic.

    The very first driving experience

    I was not able to see the bonnet of the car from drivers seat . So I kept a safe distance from the vehicles @ front.So I take it as a safe feature for the car :)

    The clutch was butter smooth . and Gear shift was very small move when I compare with my zen . So initially i was doubting whther the gear has moved to the slot .

    Break was very very impressive.

    Pick up was very very slow.But I know that this is the initial case with diesel engine .

    Super cool suspension .I intentionally drove my car over few good pot holes that I avoid in normal drive and it was a pleasent surprise .

    My family was enjoying the royal drive .And my wife was counting the people who was looking the car and admiring .

    and I was feeling like ..These are expected and I didnt reacted even though I was smiling at my heart .

    Now the features :

    The time I entered the car and closed the heavy door I was feeling safe and confident.Remembered The fiat saying "Built like a tank "

    AC is too good . My wife and daughter was saying the same.

    Called parents using Blue and Me and the voice was very clear .

    Didnt heard the engine noise inside the cabin.Just a humming sound.I was expecting a little noise this being the diesel engine.


    Did a pooja @ near by temple and headed back to home . thankfully he didnt tried his drawing skills on my car.

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    Got up at 6 30 am . Took the car to Petrol pump . Filled it with Diesel .Felt happy when the 45 ltr tank got filled for around 1900 rs

    because a month before i was filling my zen 35 ltr tank for around 2300 rs .

    Went to velachery ascentas at afternoon to take lunch .Now we know what all stupid reasons we will find to drive our car ..

    I am slowly getting used to the beauty .

    Hearing a small sound near the steering rack while driving.Something similar to if we keep a steel glass (with a blade inside ) on top of some thing that vibrates ..Need to analyse more.

    Never crossed above 60 kms / 2000 rpms. Planning to continue in the same way till my first service.

    Liked :

    1.Looks .. Looks .... Looks

    2.195/60/R15 tires. (one of the main reason that i opted this car for my spirited drive )

    3.ABS / EBD (Another one of the main reason that i opted this car for my spirited drive )

    4.60:40 foldable rear seat

    5.Suspension is too good .

    6.Blue and me

    7.Comfort specially at drivers seat.

    8.Built quality. specailly heavy doors and bonnet.

    Not able to put anything as of now which I didnt liked .

    But they should not have changed the white dial of ODO . It was classic.

    They should have given leather seats for the top end .

    Didnt find any issue with plastic quality.But panel gaps and mis alignments of interior fittings can be improved.

    As of now enjoying the drive ...


    Thoght to leave the seat with out seat covers as of now.Not able to digest those people stitching mersilesly over stock seats .

    So planning to put good car seat towels over seat for time being or slip ons.

    Today went to Shell outlet and brogut following :
    ( I was planning to visit Privilege Moto Mall .But Srini mentioned about
    Shell Out let and I was happy to give it a try since I have got one out let just 2km from my house )

    1.Sonax Car Shampoo , Clear Glass Lotion and concentrate for washer unit

    2 Sonax Micro Fiber Cloth ( 40 X 40 ) and Unger micro fiber cloth - one for glass and one for body.

    3 Unger Rostereier stahl( as writen on that :) ) Simply said wiper.

    Total dent : 2500 rs.

    To Do's

    1. Suns Film - Got hold of a person through Srini who does 3M work @ home

    2.Jopashu Duster and if possible somethingcalled sonax multi sponge.

    3.Wind Shields sun cover (silver one inside car) .

    4.Need to upgrade the headlihgts. Myreturn from office is at night .Andeven with the bright option the visibility is not good. Please help with some good suggestions .

    Also should I change both the small and big bulbs ? Or changing the bright one alone will do ?

    Yet to get the free mud flaps , a rubber stud at front door . Now it is our requirement and have to call the sales people daily .

    I would like to give my sincere thanks to Srini for the help and support given by him . A simple person with a great knowledge and "help at any time " attitiude . Thanks Srini .
  9. Congrats on the car.From which dealer did u get the car?where in chennai do u stay CutyRed sir?
  10. Thanks Vignesh, i got it from concorde , Velachery. I stay @ Pallavaram .

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