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Punto 1.3MJD Emotion Pk 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by Cuty Red, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hi Friends ,
    Thanks a lot for being patient and giving the much needed support and advice.

    Since lot of threads getting updated frequently this thread didnt came in first few pages of unread threads.I never saw this thread and hence missed few posts.

    2 weeks back I went ahead and gave my car to salvage people for 2 lakh Rs .
    had to pay 5000 rs @ TAFE Reach for doing that stupid repair estimate. I will come across on this topic soon ..

    Next day I went ahead and signed the agreement with Future Generali for final settlement of 2.2 lakhs as cash loss option . I received the cheque last week.

    So in total I received 4.2 lakhs for my 8 month old car.

    Now my reasons for suffering this loss rather than fighting with Future Generali.

    1. Even after almost all the FIAT higher officials interacted with FG officials , they were not ready to go back on their stand.

    2. Even though FG officials initially agreed for Total Loss and even they sent few salvage people to see my car, I didnt received any mail from them mentioning that my car is total loss. This gave them a chance to come back later saying that my car can be "repaired easily " . I was not able to find any reason for this sudden change.

    3. I am not sure how long I will be in this part of country. So I was not ready to run behind these people and court for years. Afterall I recalled that I have to hear the same law which fined the lorry 500 Rs for causing this accident.

    4. I was never ready to do this major repair on my car because of the well known service centers. I was not ready to spend another 1.5 lakhs on this repair from my pocket and then "hope" that my family will be safe in this car.

    Talking about legal notice to these insurance people is like a 2 year kid threatening to cause physical harm to a local gunda.

    The repair estimate was prepared by Mr Christopher from TAFE Reach. He took more than 2 weeks to prepare this hopeless repair estimate. When he put complete engine as replacement as "one part" and then adding individual engine parts separately in the repair estimate I fail to understand what he should have smoked while preparing this estimate. When I questioned him on this I heard the famous answer " Mistake Saar".

    His estimate of 9+ lakhs excluding tax came down to 3.2 lakhs insurance liability for FG including all tax .

    I cancelled the linea booking and had to run behind them for a month to get the booking amount.

    I am not blaming anyone for all these . It is just my bad time. Thanking GOD that my family is safe. I really pray that no one should face this issue in their life.

    Considering the tension given by these FG people for last few months the accident days were so normal for me.

    So currently my companion is my little old zen. Will wait for a year or so to invest in my new car. Hopefully FIAT will launch a model that I require at that point of time ..

    The FIAT officials has given me wonderful support during this period and I realize that my faith in FIAT car has grown more .
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  2. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Why didn't you complain with the ombudsman and the consumer forum (on the over estimate by the SC)? The consumer forum would have solved your total issue within 3 months. And the lesson learnt is that whatever the insurance communication, it should be written (by email), even with other insurance companies.
  3. Srida ,
    I have talked to the Reg Mgr of FG and mentioned about what we can do through forums . Even one of my good friend shoot a good mail to FG higher officials , FIAT officials . Even threatened them that we will loby with FIAT official and ask them to reconsider their relationship with FG . And the answer from them is " FG is around 4500 Cr company and in India their business is not that vast. And if FIAT is rethinking about venture with FG with JUST MY CASE , then it will be a mistake from FIAT group."

    And believe me , I have talked to Mr Mangesh on this issue few times and he even set offical mail to FG . Even FG officials agreed that they got official communication from FIAT group regarding my case . And now they have taken this as a prestige issue for them .

    So I thought that it would be good if I will take the loss on my side rather than putting my car in service center unrepaired and fight for the case for years.

    I know that most of the people will beat me for doing this. But I was not in a mood to drag this for more. Already in last 4 months I had to consult Dr twice for hypertension.
  4. shams

    shams Esperto

    Hi Ajit, it has been a bad experience for you but i am sure you will take this in your stride and move ahead. take it as a learning and nothing else. you will buy many more cars and earn lots of money in the years to come :) sometimes we don't have any control in certain situations and this one was one of those.

    Do let us know what support u received from Fiat officials in this. This is answered in your previous post so skip it.
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  5. No Sundu , I am not hurt by your comments. What you said is 100% true.

    I was thinking to call you this weekend . But came to know that you were in the factory visit. So thought to give you call later.

    And I never went alone to insurance office alone . The first time was when we went together.

    Yes , my mistake was that I believed the Future generali insurace team Mr Thiruvambalam who is the Mgr of Claims and his subbordinates.

    When I asked them the reason to send salvage team to my home to see my car , they ended up mentioning that they never sent anyone and even asked me to go ahead and prove that . Now why in the world should the salvage people support me when their full business is run by the insurance people ?

    The maximum I can do is spread how these guys can cheat their customers and ask my friends and family to stay away from them.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Senthil ,
    The initial estimate was done by a surveyor who works independently. He "mentioned" that car has to be declared total loss and said that he has suggested the same to FG . Now I dont see any reason to disbelieve him .
    The same surveyor did the estimate again after 2 months of these issueus and found out that the car is repairable. This guy is not a FG employee.

    Now regarding why I didnt complain with ombudsman .. Honestly I lost faith in Indian judiciary the moment the tipper lorry was fined 500 for ramming into my car and let free. I even checked with few of my friends who are lawyers and they mentioned that there is no point in filing a new case and if FGF want they can drag this case for years. Now after all these I thought that I have got enuf head ache from FG and accepted to take the loss rather than going to court for years and "expecting" that this case will end in my favour.
  6. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    What I learnt from my past experiences, communicate with any financial institutions by email and write in such a way that they will give tip off information. So I do it with any financial institutions (Banks, Insurance cos, mortgage bankers, etc). You know, the law is changing. The only thing is you need to trust and fight. My friend's father died in accident and the claim was settled in 1.5 years. The only bad part is that the lawyer asked % on claim and there was no other choice and he given; then also the amount was huge to get. You have the FIR with you means you can fight the judiciary. If we start to believe this judiciary is pathetic, we cannot change it. It is the thing that how clever we are fighting than taking mental tortures.

    But it is good as you said that your family is safe and the car isn't coming in <80% normal condition. Otherwise the trauma you and your family will get whenever you take the car out will be very huge. You will be driving with fear. Instead you now can feel little relieved. I pray that you will get out of the pressure and hypertension you are undergoing and bounce back to get all wealth.
  7. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    I just read through the entire thread and i am feeling totally disgusted by FG's act..
    Going through the accident is itself a sad phase and insurance issues a nightmare.. The fact i cant digest is that in Ajit's case the accident was not caused by his mistake. 100% fault of trucker and ajit has to let go of more than 2-3 lkhs.. I strongly agree on banning FG for Insuring our vehicles. I think we all should try to bring this up on all online forums known and let FG know what we can do in this age of FB, Twitter etc. Also Ajit you should try some online reputation consultants and I am sure FG will take note.
  8. donzerus

    donzerus Timido

    Sad to read about your accident.

    I have one suggestion. Since all the Fiat top guys are aware about your issue and are supportive too, why don't you ask them for a goodwill discount for the next Fiat that you are planning to book. I'm sure Fiat would respond well.

    Where in Chennai did this accident happen?
  9. Rachit Bhatnagar

    Rachit Bhatnagar Amatore

    I just completed reading all threads here. Its so heartbreaking to see how a common man can suffer in India for no fault of him. Its totally illogical that truck operator was allowed to let go with no fine or punishment & the one whose car is damaged & is escaped from a brutal accident just because of his good luck have to go through all this mental trauma & financial burden.
    Our law should be amended & be more logical. It doesn't mean if someone is not getting injured or there are no fatalities in an accident means its a minor case of rash driving. One has to see the impact of damage & circumstances in which accident was happen. By seeing the damage to car, we can see it could be a life threatening accident & the truck driver was so irresponsible to even bother to see if occupants of the cars are in what condition & he escape from the seen. That shows his intentions were not good so he should be put behind bars & the truck company should be forced to pay for the balance of the amount that Ajit has to pay for getting a new car.
    How insensitive & unethical are the officials of Future Generally that for saving mere few lakh rupees they are putting a life at risk by certifying a badly damage car to run on highways.
    I am definitely not going to renew my insurance with FG as a solidarity to a fellow TFIan & more because this s**t companie's attitude towards its customers & unprofessionalism.
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  10. Rachit,

    You may want to tell them actual reason for not continuing with FG even though they did not call you for renewal.

    I just did shot off an email to them,how about opening facebook page called "Future generali sucks"

    Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 1:32 PM
    To: 'group.quotes@futuregenerali.in'; 'care@futuregenerali.in'; 'fgcare@futuregenerali.in'
    Subject: Insurence with Future Generali

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was planning to renew my car’s insurance with Future Generali, But after seeing the treatment to my friend Ajit, I have decided to not go with you people at all.
    Why I am writing this email?
    This to let your management know cheating customers will not get them business for long in India, When my brother brought Punto we got FG insurance with it but even that also will not be renewed.
    Thanks a lot for your business ethics, I am not prepared to be victim of that.
    I have voted yes to this poll

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