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Punto 1.3 Multi-Jet Dynamic

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by mohanrav, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. rushtovicky

    rushtovicky Timido


    Congrats, Mohan ! Sorry that I couldn't be there by 10:30. I was working late night and was completly unwell. Despite that I took the delivery of the vehicle in the afternoon :). I will post some pics of the Red beauty soon today.
  2. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

    Oh Okay Vignesh.. :) No Probs.. Please post the pics soon..

    Baby's First Shower few mins back.. :)
    IMG_0856 2.jpg
  3. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

    Hi All,

    Hope everyone doing good… :)

    Its been very busy driving my Punto for the past one month.. Done 2600 Km's in one month.. I have done 2 long trips so far, first one to Udupi in Ghat sections and second one to my native Srirangam from Bangalore..
    First trip was with friends, second trip with my wife..

    Udupi Trip:- To worship Lord Krishna
    We Started from Bangalore at 4:30 AM. In that entire trip I did not get a chance to drive, as my friends loved driving it.. I was just a passenger in that trip... I must say, only road till Hassan is good and from sakleshpur to 50 KMs before Mangalore, they were no roads at all. Punto just hovered on that (so called) Ghat section very smoothly.. So much of appreciations and I was just smiling with Proud :) . We returned on the same day and it was very good experience..

    Srirangam Trip: To celebrate Diwali..

    This was much awaited one and my wife totally loved it, smooth roads till my home and I was the only one driving the entire up and down trip.. Took lot of pics on the way and it was an awesome experience.. Me driving Punto on highways was " WOW" ..

    To narrate, Every time I take my car out, it brings smiles on everyone's face :)

    Pics to follow.. :)

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    Pic1 :) IMG_0889.jpg
  4. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

    more pics.. :) IMG_0879.jpg IMG_0887.jpg
  5. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

    5800 Km's Ownership Report

    Hi everyone,

    Hope all of you are fine.

    It's been a very long time posted anything on TFI. Busy with new job.. :)

    Here, it goes..

    First Accident Experience:

    Evening 4 PM:
    First we had been to my native Trichy and from there we were travelling to Palani.. After crossing the Vaiyambatty toll booth just 2 kms away, suddenly a dog crossed the road from median. Its a 4 lane road, my brother was driving the car. we were in the extreme right and the dog crossed from our right to left. I noticed the dog, I tried to tell him " hey, dog crossing… " But my bro already hit it!!". Lucky dog, it got hit and I see it is sweeping on road in slow motion but it quickly jumped and ran away!

    Stopped the vehicle immediately to see the damage happened!!
    Bumper was broken, Coolant started Leaking!! First i did not know it was a coolant, then I realised the coolant box was empty. I don't want to take the risk of driving it, hence stopped it at the same place. Called Fiat RSA and they arranged for a toll vehicle but I had to pay from my side as it is an accident. I'm fine with it.

    Then called our Friend (introduced via TFI) Vignesh to check if there are any FIAT authorised service centres near by. He was in Bangalore that time and picked up my call and helped me with one Service Center in Trichy. It is called SSB FIAT which is newly opened… I was happy to know this , as it was just opened 2 months back. Thanks a lot Vignesh!! :)

    Immediately called our insurance provider Future Genrali and registered for claim! This is where the shock is!!! I'll explain it in short while!!

    I have requested for flat bed as i was not comfortable in towing the vehicle. For 69 Km's I had to pay 4,000 for flat bed. Flat bed reached at around 5 PM . In the meanwhile, I called SSB motors service manager and explained him the situation. Though they are closing at 6:00 PM, he has made technicians to wait till my vehicle reaches the Service station. Technicians called me to check where I was and guided me to the place. Technicians were very supportive and I felt thankful!

    I reached SSB fiat, Trichy at 07:00 PM, technicians brought the vehicle down. as the next day was sunday, inspection can be done only on Monday morning.

    On Monday, Insurance provider sent a guy who will inspect the vehicle to see how much damage happened!! He was very rude. I did not have RC copy at that time as it was delayed by RTO. I just had the chalan.. He said, he can't process the insurance without RC book and I had to pay from my own pocket and get it re-imbursed. I need to go back to bangalore to meet RTO, hence decided to pay from my pocket. the bill was Whopping 40,000 Rs.

    Now, damage details!!
    Major parts damaged are Bumper,Electro FAN, AC Condenser, Radiator!!

    Front bumper - 6472
    Coolant change - 385
    AC GAS charging - 1444
    Coolant for Air conditioning - 253
    Radiatior removing and re-fitting - 482
    Radiatior cooling FAN - 304
    coolant outlet sleeve from Radiator - 118
    heater radiator R +R - 472
    AC Condenser R R - 472
    Radiator Grille - 814
    Front bumper - 2059
    heat exchanger - 4410
    flex sleeve - 738
    AC condenser 5326
    electro fan - 11227
    premix coolant paraflu 1195
    ac gas 900
    compressor oil 378
    Radiator 3040

    Total Bill with TAX : 40,000

    Vehicle was repaired on Tuesday. I had been offered Test drive before paying the money and everything was fine. They showed me all the parts which were removed.. Overall experience at SSB FIAT was good. I recommend this SSB FIAT to everyone based on my fruitful experience!

    Insurance Problem!

    I have asked for Bumper to bumper policy while taking the delivery of the car. Sales Advisor Girish confirmed that it is a bumper to bumper policy. I looked at the insurance while taking delivery it was mentioned as Comprehensive Policy. I went with the dictionary meaning which indicates comprehensive means extensive. I again asked him is it a bumper to bumper policy and he said YES!!

    Only while registering for claim, i came to know it was just a normal policy and not everything is covered!! I was in total shock!! When I called SA Girish from AAdya motors, he does not have any clue and he has become unresponsive. He said he will check and call me back, till date No Calls1!! All SA's are same, they will Grin only till you take the car, after that you are on your own!! The worst part, because of his personal reasons, I adjusted my date of delivery!! But what I have got it from back is simple " Let me check" . I felt irritating. I have sent a mail to fiat.india service email ID but no response till date. I had to accept that it is my mistake.

    It is all mentioned in our PDI checklist, but still i missed it !! :( request everyone to call the insurance provider immediately once you have the policy in hand and confirm if that's a "bumper to Bumper" cover!! Out of 40,000 Rs, I have got only 15,000 back.

    Felt bad but life moved on!! Its just an accident and money lost! Luckily my bro did not try to turn right and it would have been a major accident!! Thank God!! Everybody inside vehicle are safe..

    First Service Experience!!

    I had been to Aadya motors Service station for first service and attended by Mr.Raghu. He is a knowledgable person.. He inspected the vehicle, I've explained the parts replaced by accident. I have an issue of vehicle pulling to left. After I took it out from Service station, the issue was not there for around 20 Km's but it started again!! Vehicle was cleaned properly, oils were topped up, wheels were rotated!

    Can I go to any wheel alignment centre and try to fix the issue" vehicle pulling to left" ? Is that appropriate?

    Thanks for reading this complete thread, I wanted to explain our TFI members everything happened, hence a long post!!

    Still stands, " Driving Punto is amazing and we simply love travelling to our native every time taking Punto on Highway!" My wife loves these trips the most!! :) "

    Any TFI members in JP Nagar 4th Phase, Dollars colony?

    Mohan R

  6. drvivekmd

    drvivekmd Timido

    hi mohan!
    i had a similar accident on the same high way,near madurai,my odo was about 5500km,i hit the dog right in the middle,at about 80-90 kmph,the toll gate was 200metres away,and luckily i was slowing down for it(i saw the dog,i tried braking and swerving to the extreme left,i don't know,maybe it was the dogs bad day,or he desperately wanted to commit suicide,i couldnt help it and crushed him completly!!).the bumper was completly broken,the right fog lamp was hanging and the lower plastic grill was nowhere to be seen(i tried searching on the road!).i stopped immediately,and made sure there were no leaks,and the ac was cooling well.i drove to the nearest service station,,only then i noted thick black smoke from the exhaust,the guys at the service station told there must be an air leak somewhere in the intercooler turbo..the radiator and ac condenser were bent(not punctured).i called the insurance guy from future generali,and i was informed they cover only 50% for plastic and rubber parts,like the bumper and rubber tubes connecting intercooler turbo and no coverage for labour charges,painting charges,oils,coolants and stuff..i got a bill of about 15,000.i think its the same as you,considering u had more extensive damage.they had replaced my radiator,intercooler,ac condenser..and filled in new gas as well.
  7. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Hey Mohan, glad that all ended well and no one was injured.

    Happy Riding!!
  8. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    I had a very similar accident with my earlier swift 7 years back and even at that time it cost me Rs.30000.
  10. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

    Hi All,
    Hope everyone are doing well.
    Just waiting for the second service to be done before writing the review. It was completed yesterday and please see my review so far with the vehicle.
    Now I've driven 16700 Km's so far and yet to complete one year. (22 days short :) ) There were no issues (touching wood) identified so far in the vehicle and it never failed to bring smiles on face whenever we take it on highway. My city usage is reduced 90% and been driven only between KA to TN once in every month, sometimes twice in a month. On an average, during every trip I manage to get 18 KMPL.
    Though its a second free service, It costed me 5800 Rs due to fluid top ups, engine oil change, rear brakes cleaning and other essential checkups from Aadya. I reported the left pulling issue and this is where they have taken many hours to diagnose the issue.
    I was there when this was done. First using the computerised wheel alignment available in house at service center, they found the deviation and rotated the tyres and adjusted. They have taken it for test drive. Still there was a pulling . Service engineer again checked it and still there was a minor pulling noticed by them. Again they aligned it and taken for a test drive. Still there was a pulling. Again they have taken it to the near by Aadya Tata Service Center and checked it there.. They aligned it again. They came back to this service centre and checked it and it was proper again. Finaly i did a test drive and i could not identify the pulling on a straight road. I'm still monitoring it and they requested me to report if I still notice the issue.
    I was impressed by the way these engineers have done their work at Aadya instead of doing it for the name sake. Though my house is at JP Nagar ,I went to Aadya at Hebbal for servicing since i liked their behavior and customer centric approach. They did not disappoint me this time as well. Hope they continue their best to all our customers.
    I also renewed my insurance and this time i got it from Royal Sundaram bumper to bumper cover for 17500 Rs.

    The stock yard is also the same as service center and could see many new Punto EVO's lined up. Gliterrati Gold is really Glittering!!! Red is awesome!!
    With this, I'm ending up my review and happy owning the Punto!! Thank you for your time!

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