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Punto 1.3 mjd Back Compression

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by navneetahel@yahoo.co.in, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. navneetahel@yahoo.co.in

    navneetahel@yahoo.co.in Timido

    Hi Experts,

    Details of my car: Punto 1.3 Emotion pack, 2009 model, 85000 kms.

    1) Lot of smoke with no pick up/turbo pull.
    2) After removing the dip stick there is a back compression.
    3) Heavy engine noise.
    4) Hard Clutch
    5) Decreased Mileage

    I have received estimate from Authorized Fiat workshop - Rs.1.25 laks (Half aengine block replacement, Turbo, Timing chain etc) to resolve this problem, but i am not in a mood to spend this much amount nor i am having that much of surplus funds at this point of time.

    Can you suggest me an alternate to resolve this problem (Replacement of Ring, Pistons, sleve etc) Your experience will be of great help for me. It would be great if you can provide me your no or call me at 9582947485.


    Navneet Tyagi
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Has the car been serviced at proper intervals at authorised service centres since 2009? I assume you are outside extended warranty now as the FASS has given you an estimate. Is this the case?

    Truth be told, i'm not sure what exactly has happened to the engine. Ask them what exactly is the matter with the engine. An explanation is the least they can do. I assume it is blowing excessive blow-by past the rings. 85,000 km is peanuts for this engine, so something has gone wrong at some point of time. Do let us know about your service schedules - if you were getting it done at outside garages . At what intervals and what oil was used.

    If the repair has to be carried out outside the Extended warranty, then it doesn't make much sense to go to FASS. An outside mechanic can refresh the engine at less than half the cost. The Delhi region should have an experienced mechanic to handle the Multijet engine. If not, then Chandigarh surely has one who can fix the engine up.

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  3. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare

    85k kms is nothing but dust for mjd. Am sure there is some other problem during the service i guess.
  4. greatmana2000

    greatmana2000 Novizio

    I guess it is just the head and the valves . I do not think the sleeves or the pistons need to be replaced . Probably a new set of rings would do good .
  5. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Prroblem of Blow-by-gas.New Rings & piston is necessary. Possibiity of new engine block also.
  6. AshithK

    AshithK Novizio

    Can u please update? What happened to your engine. Was it the oil rings, turbo leak or a clogged catalytic converter. People come here to share their issue with fiats.. but once they get the car ready.. they do not bother to tell the story behind it. This is the forum to share and help your fellow enthusiast's just incase they come across the same problem.

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