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Punto 1.3 decided. But which version?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by basis, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore


    First decide the following:-
    Petrol or Diesel :- If you run under 25 km per day then go for petrol else diesel.
    After you have decided if it's petrol or diesel then decide your budget.
    From your post I see that 6 lakhs would be quite ok for you and 6.5 lakhs is also within your reach. So till 6.5 lakhs we have:-
    For Petrol :- Figo(Top model), Punto1.2(Dynamic), Swift, i20 and Polo.
    For Diesel : - Punto(Active), Polo, Swift, Figo(2nd top model), Dezire.

    Taking safety into consideration some cars gets knocked off. Now we have :-

    For Petrol :- Figo(Top Model).It has airbag & ABS+EBD
    For Diesel :- Nothing

    So for your budget you can have Ford Figo Titanium which has airbags, ABS+EBD, and a quite a long list of features that follow. Figo is a little better than Punto in terms of space overall but a little short of Punto in terms of handling and control. On road for Figo Titanium would be around 5.80 lakhs in Bangalore. But apart from the airbag and ABS+EBD thing, there's everything else and even more in a 1.2 Punto Dynamic.

    Maruti Suzuki Dezire :- I don't know how you have this car in your list when your consider safety. I am sure that I can make a 3 inch deep dent anywhere around a Dezire(Liva and Etios as well) with just one punch. :hit

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  2. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    I think there is no linear measure exist between chasis weight and safety. But given features(safety) are same the car with heavier chassis is more safe than a lighter one.
    About the refinement, Fiat fire engines are comparable to Ivtec. But the perception of general public is if petrol go for Honda. The success of honda marketing, reliability and brand value. Actually variable valve technology was a brain child of Fiat but honda made good contributions for it's advancement.

    The punto scores in Riding comfort, Heavy Chasis, High speed Dynamics, low maintenance where Jazz scores in reliability(slightly more than fiat as of now), brand value, space, ASS. Both the engines are refined, rev friendly

    But if you have an option for a diesel, go for it and i dont think modern diesel engines need minimum running hrs.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Give the Punto 1.3 Multijet Active a serious thought. Doesn't matter if you'll drive it on weekends or just a monthly long drive. Trust me, those weekend trips will keep becoming longer and longer once you have the price advantage of diesel + Multijet's fuel efficiency. Even if the prices of diesel and petrol even out tomorrow, the Multijet will always be one step ahead in efficiency and driving pleasure (to me) stakes.

    As for the lack of ABS, i don't think it's much of an issue. Just give the Active some better shoes. The best driving aid is sensible driving (God forbid extreme situations). Nothing beats that! If that's missing, then no electronic vehicle aids can do anything.

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  4. sungoa2010


    Honda's precision is one thing need to be accepted. This is one area where all my respect for Honda goes. Otherwise I don't have much fascination for that brand.
  5. something which i like in a moderator.

    i second the opinion that basis should go for a 1.3 mjd instead of a 1.2 petrol, or even a jazz. my monthly mileage, with a zen petrol as of now stands between 600-800km. still i am buying a 1.3 mjd, cuz i know, with a new car, definitely i'll start driving it around more. and once i get better FE figures, the increase in mileage will be sustained. even if you dont hit the cut off mileage that justifies a diesel over a petrol, you won't get the heartbreaks when you leave a fuel station. i would rather pay it all beforehand rather than paying for it each and every day. it gives u a calm mind when u drive that you spend 45 bucks on fuel which returns like 20 km. meanwhile, after saving a lakh by buying a petrol, you start thinking i pay 70 bucks and get to drive 13-14 km. you'll start thinking at least once in a while, how to reduce your driving.

    if you'd like to enjoy your drive, probably, go for a diesel.
  6. basis

    basis Amatore

    Honda Jazz (Base version) or Fiat Punto 2012 1.2 Dynamic?

    Hello gurjinder,

    thanks for your great insight. Very rightly said. Thounf I want 2012 Dynamic but cannot get it as 1 L price gap.

    Yes, it is still in my mind.

    Update >> Close In >>

    Today we visited two Honda Showroom and finally got to see the Jazz (no TD as TD car not available, and this car is a brand new!) We reached to the car (Jazz ) which was in the backyard of Hosur Road, Bangalore showroom by a Brio.

    And....... got VERY MUCH upset.

    A small (hatchback) 1.2 L petrol car with onroad price tag of 700800.00 in Bangalore ????? NOT worth AT ALL. A collective decision on me and my Home Minister : Full stoip to Jazz. That's all.

    So only two options left for me.

    1> Punto 1.4 (if get 1 L discount in dec,2012)
    2> Punto 1.3 Active (If price not increased after March as a result of GOI Tax policy)

    If both failed then Live petrol /Vesta Qjet. (Not planning on these right now)
  7. sungoa2010


    Power to weight ration of Brio is very impressive. I have seen one in road. One can tolerate its ugly back it is a better pick than Jazz.
  8. basis

    basis Amatore

    Honda Jazz (Base version) or Fiat Punto 2012 1.2 Dynamic?

    No more Honda Plzz...

    Brio = very poor riding on bad roads+No boot+In/Out very bad(rare doors doesnot open fully.
  9. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    for whatever extra you pay for diesel today, it will give you all that back when you use the car and even more when you sell it. driving a car which costs you 5-6rs a km will make you feel guilty and you will always calculate before taking your car out for a drive. whereas with diesel you will be able to enjoy the car. buying a car and not using it to the fullest is the worst feeling to have. again when you will put your car for sale you will very easily find a buyer if its a diesel.
    JUST GO FOR A DIESEL. petrol in case you want to go for alternative fuel.
  10. sungoa2010


    Very true karan.
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