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Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by vish_al, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. I too was thinking of booking Active, but then realized it would make more sense to go with Dynamic as it is coming with real excellent feature for just difference of 60-70k.. (rear wiper, abs, fog lamps front/rear, 4 power windows, big digital meter which specifically warns with the name of door if any of the 4 doors is not properly closed, dual layered internal dash board color, body coloured door handles and ORVM, Electronically adjustable ORVM, Back seat 60:40 split up allowing you to extend the boot space when required, i think the head rest is also there for back seats which we don't have in Active ... and wot else... i might be missing few, but above all are excellent additional features we are getting in Dynamic !!
  2. Go for dynamic if you can...It is a real VFM feature packed car..
  3. As said by Arnab dynamic variant is really a VFM car. I own one and would recommend others too.

    Besides all the features, ABS is one you need in today's Indian roads.
  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Definitely 'Dynamic' is the choice. ABS is a life saving feature and glad that Fiat provides this in the mid variant itself unlike Marutis and Hyundais!

    PS: When I made up decision about Punto in June 2012, it started with Dynamic variant but ended up buying Emotion :lol:
  5. hbaruas


    Active for me...

    Even I am facing the same dilemma...
    The most important differentiator is the availability of ABS in the Dynamic version.
    But here in Delhi there is a difference of a whopping 1 lakhs INR in the Active and Dynamic variants.

    I have also researched a lot, since I am planning to book a Punto this Diwali ( hoping for some decent offers like last year .. ;) )
    Desmodronic Key, Front Fog lamps, Body colored mirrors/door handles,Driver Seat Height Adjustment , Rear wiper/ defogger with Timer, Rear Power windows, Remote Keyless Entry, Height Adjustible seat belts, Real-Time Mileage indicator, Non-Split Rear seats, Door Arm rests are a few things I can live without.

    I am planning to get Height Adjustment for the driver seat, read on some post on this forum that it would cost 1500-3000 Rupees.

    ABS is something which is pretty important, but I do not have it on my Accent, and have managed pretty well all these years.

    Would probably spend 15k of the 1lakh saved on upgrading to 15" rims and tyres.

    BY the way , any news of some mout watering Diwali offers?
  6. Dynamic is a true VFM money car,its loaded with features at a minimal cost...And moreover the diff between Dynamic and Active should be max 70K...So when you say its 1 lac,then you are saying it without the discounts...

    If budget is an issue then active it is...Already they rolled out this absolute edition last month,maybe this festive season they will give this pack for free(no more paying 50% insurance)..Dont expect some heavy deals,you might get disappointed..

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