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Punto 1.2 a beautiful car with one major issue!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by arun_chak, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. arun687


    ^ I don't think you read my entire post clearly.
  2. sriniakhil


    Fiat Punto 1.2 AC retrofit - issue

    I own a Fiat Punto 1.2 emotion, 2010 April model. I was called by Concorde Motors chennai for a AC retrofit on 12th Feb 2011. Received the car after retrofit on 13th Feb 2011. AC performance has improved but getting compressor/fan noise now after the upgrade. Noise or sound is not within the limits. I raised this issue with Fiat and Tata motors and they have not acted on this yet. Wanted to know if anyone has faced the same problem. Is there is a noise while AC is ON after the retrofit?
  3. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hey Guys!!

    Like in my post on this thread I mentioned that I am not facing a problem with the Brakes in My Car, I would Like to add that Today I drove another 1.2 Petrol Active which Belonged to one of Our Team members Sai Shetty and I did not face the Problem in his car either.

    Probably I drive in a different way and from my conversation with Sai niether does he face this Issue. This is Really Wierd!!
  4. arun_chak


    Re: Fiat Punto 1.2 AC retrofit - issue

    I will check it. Concorde service sucks. During delivery they scratched my car (left rear door). I ask them to repaint it. Then yesterday my power window wont work for that door. Looks like they goofed up something while doing body work. And also my car's pickup is tad low. Even a cycle rider can chase my car when there are 4 ppl inside and I am starting from idle? Punto 1.2 is definitely an underpowered machine. I want to love this car but somehow the series of things happening is not allowing me to do that :confused
  5. arun_chak


    Yes you are correct (Ambattur), I will ask my friends never to get Fiat from Concorde (or don't have a Fiat itself when TATA is servicing). Last time they scratched the bumper but this time it was very tough for me to overlook the door scratch. But they will always insist on giving 10/10 during feedback calls... why?? BTW I am a little afraid on giving -ive remark thinking that they can avenge it on my poor car later. What do you feel...? Do I have any alternative.
  6. I still repeat the same thing - write a mail to Mangesh Kodalkar detailing all the issues you had with Concorde, Ambattur.

    The next time you visit the TASS, they will definetely treat your car with some dignity. They will always have the fear that you might escalate things to FIAT. Period.

    If they dont fear the Big Daddy FIAT, why do they beg to you for a good rating ?

    It has worked well for me all these days, so it will work for you as well.
  7. kalis


    Thanks for your suggestion Jumu, Bhai.. Infact today also i faced this problem.. I wanted to sell out my car not in angar but to relax myself from this mental tension.. I have to drive about 60KM daily to & fro to office and having many office tensions.. i want to have a cool n happy drive as i used to have my old santro.. whtevr u say i'm really fedup with this car...nfortunately i'm neither a politician nor a rich n popular guy to make fiat to act on this.. as a normal customer has to live with it.. i'm really really un happy and i feel instead of driving this car using my old car or using public transport gives me lot of relief.. but i purchased this car with lot of hope N interest and all that has be destroyed by FIAT PUNTO.. hopeless car.. it is remaining pain and not else..

    FIAT SUCKS and mangesh etc etc etc ect are definetly of NO USE.. Trust me instead of wasting my time going through blogs, this site i feel not using punto will make me happy.. Lets see how things go.. i have a very hectic time @ office and unable to approach consumer forum very. however will take a vacation and work on this issue..
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    kalis, your frustration is right, but do you know other cars can also have some bigger issues.
    You were so happy with Santro, same Hyundai gives permanent rattling steering, hopeless AC, and mind you no fix from their side. You can't even reach to top level. I hope those owners are also not politician or rich guys.

    Yes, if this issue exist, Fiat must rectify, but this has simple alternative, changing your driving style a little.
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Totally agreed to Ravi.

    Yes the solution for this problem is to change the driving style that what I learnt/understoom from this thread. Let me inform you that even I have 1.2 Emotion & I never faced a single issue with this car. Be calm think again before taking any decision thats what I say. :)

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