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Punto 1.2 a beautiful car with one major issue!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by arun_chak, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. arun_chak


    Yes there is high possibility that you need the AC retro kit. You can call your dealer-service and check. They usually get the list of chassis numbers from Fiat which need a retro kit.
  2. mchezy


    a/c condenser water container. it seems that the condenser capacity has been increased up. Can any one explain me what the change of a/c retro kit does?
  3. neel1982


    I was rattled 2 face da same problem in my fiat linea.... 1.4 emotion pack... I ws hoping dt its a minor issues which da service guys mite b able 2 take care of...bt da experiences of sum ppl here makes me think deres more 2 it...it sounds like an inherent problem... n wt can i say bout ppl who r attributing dis 2 driving style... dudes GDI and MPFI systems came in2 existence so dat a person cud let a call roll without using da accelerator jus by half releasing da clutch... is such case dere ud b umpteen times when da RPM mite end up being lower dan idling... it is a perfectly correct way of driving ... dt beside, point is its a fault n FIAT needs 2 do sumthin bout it...I hv driven 100s of models across various countries without experiencing da same... I m gonna make a trip 2 service stn n c wt dey hv 2 say... bt I m nt liking dis thing... I knew wat 2 do 2 avoid it frm da very first time I experienced it, bt it irks me...
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Arun thanks for the reply. Today I got a call from Pandit Auto as my car is in Pandit Auto for wheel alignment & front grill change. He informed me that you car need retro kit & its free of cost fromFIAT. :)
  5. kalis


    Hi all.. Thanks sashank for offering a ride in ur vehicle, as many of us have complained about the Brake Problem.. Yes it is there.. My ONLY QUESTION IS HOW CAN WE CHANGE OUR DRIVING HABITS WHERE I HAVE BEING DRIVING SINCE 15 YEARS (IN INDIA/ IN US) just for the mistake made by FIAT; also if some others drives my vehicle who has the typical Half clucth driving habit what would happen to them & my car:

    Guys, Below is the final thing happened with me:

    I Finally Went to Tejaswi last week around 10.30 AM, where Mr. Sambaiah arranged for a team of 2 (Sanjeev & Ramesh) of which 1 was from the Fiat Plant & other was from the Fiat R &D department. There have investigated my Car FIAT 1.2 & finally conculded that there was a problem which they will get it rectified and asked me to come around 4 PM. I went there drove my vehicle, i was still able to find the Brake Pedal becoming Hard during Low speed, however the team was with me for almost 4 hours and finally told that I have to press Full CLUTCH and Half clutch driving with not work for this vehicle. Though theoritically that is possibel but pratically its not possible especially while going on a reverse gear or some one sudden passes your way and applying brake @ this time is a real problem. Though i was not HAPPY, had not other option but had to take back my car. I even offered them that i would like to upgrade to 1.3 or 1.4 where i will pay the difference amount ex show room price (though I can't afford), but they that they would take back my car as a second hand car which I said NO, as I wanted to upgrade as there IS a PROBLEM with 1.2. Finally my whole day went Waste but there was no solution that was provided. Hope you guys would never purchase punto. I have placed this messgae in the Punto Face book and trying to put in all the networking sites. Thanks to sambaiah for working on the problem but the PROBLEM IS STILL REMAINING AS A PROBLEM.

    By the Way I'm palnning to sell out this vehicle (5 months old, ran around 3700 KM), if any one interested to buy this plz. let me know.
  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    I fully sympathise with your predicament, having bought a nice car after nerve wracking thought process. Buying judiciously and selling in anger doesnt benefit anyone,least of all for you.
    We have been discussing this braking issue for a long time and all who have complained have come out successfully by understanding the way it works. No two cars of similar specs of different brands are ever alike to use. Each car is a set of engineering work to suit a platform and it is always a compromise or a trade off of functions to achieve a balance of cost and performance.
    Any car would take sometime to get used to under normal circumstances, and I guess the problem could be that you have got your mind stuck about the non resolving of the issue even after repeated complaints. So it gets at you even more. I have created the same braking issue even in my mjd Punto.So it not anything new to the 1.2 specifically.Itis just that it is a smaller engine which does not have a vaccum generator like the mjd.

    My simple suggestion to you is , cool down and think that this is not an issue and if others have managed to conquer it, why not me ? A good driver thinks and drives around the problem and makes it a non issue.
    Please see the rev counter and ensure it doesnt drop below 1000 rpm.If it does then press the clutch or drop a gear.After a while you can drive blindly just with the feel. Please pull your seat a bit closer (if you are sitting too back ) so that declutching is not a big task because of the long clutch travel. If you are finding it difficult to reverse because of this issue, I suugest that you release the clutch half or full , feed the car the motion and declutch and repeat similarly.
    All the best. You dont have to sell the beauty for this reason.I am sure there arfe a lot more suggestions given and all of them are that which works. :) :)
  7. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I will suggest two points.

    Check your brake booster as follows

    1) Run the engine at idle for 1 min.
    2) Pump the paddle for 7-8 times continiously
    3) When paddle becomes hard,hold it.
    4) After holding it observe wheather paddle goes little bit down or not

    If yes,then brake booster is alright. OR

    Change complete brake oil & bleed it. then connect ECU Scanner. Check for error namely " Clutch-Brake feasibility Error"

    Then check brakes. Some time customer is able to sense the problem but TATA guys unable to observe problem. At that time,customer has to take decision about dignosis & remeady on his own cost. I mean you have to do additional paid job.

    I too faced brake problem. Even FIAT recommends the change of brake fluid after 24 month,but I changed my brake fluid twice in 39000 km use. Problem solved

    I am also going through this phase. I am not getting drivability. Dealer compared all ECU readings of my car with brand new stock-yard car.

    We found that ECU reading of my GP are little bit better than new car. ::pP
    Still I am getting bad drivability,low torque . :A

    Follow above 2 steps & update. Don't blame to car.
    We both might have got bad piece. :hit :A
  8. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP

    Maruti Alto (800 CC) ,Zen (1000 & 1100 CC) & other petrol cars also have small engines & does not have vaccum pump. Then how their brakes are alright ?

    I think something is wrong in Kalis's car.
    But TATA people are not able to dignose the problem.

    They deserve it. They can't solve criticle problems. Because they only know to repair Transport vehicles. ::V
  9. arun687


    Mate, in cars like 800 and ZEN, the engine just stalls when the engine goes under idle rpm. I've learnt driving in ZEN and been driving ZEN since 2002-2010, hence I've developed this driving style automatically when I learned driving. Cars back then didn't have these anti stall mechanisms we see in the newer cars.

    After buying the Punto on 2010, I've been amazed at how less frequently the engine stalls if you let it go under idle rpm. The engine doesn't stall doesn't mean that you're supposed to be driving like that and let the engine go less than idle rpm.


    You can certainly use half clutch driving in B2B traffic to move the car without touching the accelerator. It's just that, if you want to stop, press the clutch completely along with pressing the brakes. Just try this once and let us know if there's a problem. This particular style, as I said, comes naturally to me as in my old Zen if I didn't press the clutch the engine would stall.

    I'm yet to experience any such issue in Punto as I've never tried running the engine under idle rpm while braking at the same time without using clutch.

    Guys who have learned driving in older cars like ZEN and 800 and had been driving them for quite a few years as their first car, please tell me if you've ever experienced such an issue with Punto without you being explicitly told about it? Or is it just me?
  10. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Please do not give this type of strange suggestion.
    Problem is about brakes. Not about engine stall.

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