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Pune - Sunday Morning Drives

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Heartlin Sunderji, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hello TFIans,

    It's been a while I have been to this forum, days have passed by but the spirit and my Fiat is still young and getting younger and peppier day by day.

    It has been 2.5 years Fiat Pimped my Ride.

    Fiat Pimped My Ride

    Last Sunday early in the morning, around 6:15 AM, I took my Punto for a drive till Lonavla in the Old Highway and felt really good doing that.

    And I am hoping if anybody interested to do join me, can do so.

    I am planning for every Sunday early morning drive, anywhere within [100 kms] to and fro.

    I prefer early morning drives as it is just serene and divine :D

    I am not hoping everybody out there join me , but even 1 or 2 person who are interested can do.

    My number is 7709011224, whatsapp me if you are in for a drive with your FIAT this Sunday.
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