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Pulsar 220 DTS FI

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by amolmane, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. amolmane

    amolmane Guest


    I own Pulsar 220 DTS FI (Fuel Injection). It has clocked only 3200 KM within 3 years.

    From 2nd Serivice Iam facing following problems

    1) engine stalls at idling and at any speed.
    2) Rough Acceleration.
    3) Hard & Vague Gearshifting
    4) Sometime Gearbox gets hanged.

    My fuel tank is rusted.
    Some people says,stalling is due to faulty ECU . Is it true ?

    I changed Air filter & Spark plug also.
    Fuel pump replaced under warantee. But still problem is not solved

    Is there any one who experinced this problem (Engine Stalling) :anyone
  2. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    My doubt came true.

    Faulty Crank Angle Sensor & faulty Throttle Body

    I dignosed faulty Crank Angle sensor of my Pulsar 220 Dts FI without connecting ECU Examiner :dancing
  3. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Oh no ! Big amount of maintanance. Bill may be go upto 10 K

    1) Fuel Tank & Fuel Pump were rusted.( engine stalling)
    2) Replaced Clutch & Pressure Plate ( Difficulty in gear change
    3) Replaced Throttle Body ( Rich Mixture was there)
    4) Replaced Crank Angle Sensor ( Rough Acceleration & surging)
    5) Rear Gas-Shock aborber changed ( Were Hard & too much Return Tension)

    Bike use is Only 3500 KM.

    Bike was unused for about 1.5 years. So due to rain water fuel tank & Fuel pump rusted.
  4. oh man !! Looks like you have some really bad luck with automobiles.
  5. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    I think FIAT cars are bad luck for me.

    I owned Maruti 800 & Alto for long time without any serious issue ::V
  6. lovesazu


    Hi Buddy, did you got your problem solved ??
    i have a same issue, i solve the rusty tank but the problem is still there

    if you have solved the issue, can you tell me what did you had to replaced & what had to service, and what was the billing amount ? kindly please update me its very urgent
  7. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hi !

    Problem of engine stalling uptp 99 %. Now engine does not stall frequently.

    Problem was faulty Voltage Regulator. As you know Pulsar FI has fuel pump installed
    inside of the fuel tank. Part no. is DK 20 100 01

    Check the battery charging voltege with the help of electronic Multi-meter.

    Start the engine. On idle (All light off) voltege reading should be 14.4 V to 14.6 V

    Then check voltege by putting headlight ON
    When you put on headlight voltege will drop.
    But it should be go again uptoto 14.4 V as soon as you start to rise the throttle.

    Upto this date I have used 3 pulsars (150 classic , 180 c.c Dts-i UG-II & now 220 FI) So now I have complete knowledge about Pulsar breed.

    I have complete spare part catlogue of 220 FI. & I have Service manual of 180 c.c. UG III also. So don't worry tell the problems of your FI baby. I will give solutions.

    List of parts that I changed

    DK 111029 Stator Assly. (Coil assly.inside of magnet. It includes Crank Angle sensor) Rs.698/-
    DK 171001 Rear both shocks Rs.1444/-
    DK 121021 Throttle body Assly. Rs.1383/-
    DK 710x3 Petrol tank (Black K3)
    DK 141009 Fuel Pump Rs.2692/-
    DK 201047 Roll Over sensor Rs. 165/-
    DK 201065 (Petrol Guage K3) Rs.187/-
    DH 101432 Gear Balancer Idler Rs.427/-
    DK 151059 Rear brake caliper Rs.1207/-
    All Clutch Plates Rs.1006/- + miscell. items.
    + Labour charges Rs.1200/-
    Final bill was Rs.16583/-

    Bike use is only 3900 Km from its purchase date. All poblems started after the 2nd service.
    But I could not get all works in warrantee because in warrantee period I had been transferred 235 km away from my native place. So I could not use bike for 1.5 years after its purchase. Bike was lying only

    My fuel tank was rusted. But it was rusted from the upper side. So there was no necessity to change.
    But Pro-bike guy changed it only because of my demand. I came to know it after the replacement.

    New problem has been started. When I rev the engine upto the red line, Engine light is there.
    I think it is due to improper advance of ignition timing.
    Because when I rev engine,after 3500 RPM there is strain on engine.

    Pro- biking guy failed to identify problem of faulty voltege regualtor.

    1 % problem remained of engine stalling may be because of faulty injector.

    Main problem is that in my city there is no pro-biking service centre. PB service centre is 110 km away. & because of busy schedule I hardly goes to that Pro-bike service centre. That's why I am unable to solve problems of my bike in one stroke.
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  8. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Fuel pump of Pulsar 220 Fi ruined due to too much low level of Fuel ?

    In my city, good quality fuel is rare. So I never fill fuel more than 5 ltrs in my Pulsar 220 Fi.

    When I get bad petrol mixed with naptha or kerosene I remove fuel.
    As having fuel injection it doesn't have fuel cock. So I can't remove fuel completely.

    So to remove old bad fuel completely , I keep bike running bike at idle rpm till the last usable fuel level.

    At that time I can hear noise of unstable priming of fuel due to too much low fuel level.

    At 2500 km I had got fuel pump replaced in warrantee claim.

    But now at 4500 km fuel pump of my P220 Fi is not supplying fuel as per rise in engine temp. Engine is not getting proper fuel supply even I fill 10 ltrs.fuel. There is lag in throttle response.
    All Signs are of weak fuel pump.

    Is it due to my abuse i.e. running of engine on too much low fuel level?
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  9. abhifusion


    @bhai : Hey, I have 220 FI... It was running good before its wiring harness was cut by some jack*** in my society. I rejoined all the cables n all but now the malfunction indicator is always on. Bike used to shut off when malfunction indicator flashed but now local mech has blocked the small pipe coming from throttle body; bike don't shut off now. But malfunction indicator is still on! Any clue about what the problem could be ?
  10. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP

    Pipe from throttle body is for giving signal to MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressor ) sensor located inside of ECU.
    Your local mechanic blocked MAP. So ECU is getting bad signal from MAP. That's why Engine light is there.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2013

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