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Proud new owner of an Italian Beauty!!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by manudon, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Dear Friends,
    A happy new year 2012 to all! I am the owner of a month old Punto 1.3 MJD Active, and would like to share my experience with others.

    The Decision:
    With marriage around the corner, I had to invest in the first car of my own. I love traveling, and have a trustworthy Bullet 350 which has served me admirably over a few lakh km, and will continue to do so in the future.
    For a car I started by looking out for the most VFM option, and immediately zeroed in on Wagon R. Spacious, economical, low maintenance and a decent resale value. All in all, it hit all the check marks for a first car which can be used for 2-3 years, and then sold off or kept as a second car.
    BUT the heart wasn't in it - for all it's pros, the biggest con of Wagon R is that it is not meant for somebody who loves driving. Second reason was that with the rising costs of petrol, more research into Diesel cars was certainly warranted.
    After looking through many forums, speaking with friends, looking through reports predicting future fuel prices for diesel & petrol - in short getting thoroughly confused, decided to shortlist a diesel car and then decide.
    Shortlisted candidates (based on price) were Beat Diesel, Figo and Vista. Went to test drive each one by one. Beat was discarded after test ride due to cramped interiors and a relatively unproven engine with lesser power. Vista didn't have great reviews, so had almost decided on a Figo due to spacious interiors and absolute VFM image. However, wasn't entirely convinced due to its low suspension, brittle mudflaps and varying reviews regarding build quality.
    Decided to test ride a Vista at my elder brother's insistence (he is a big Tata fan), and then just for the heck of it test drove a Punto. While I liked the experience, the long clutch did take some getting used to. Asked the price, and was stunned to find out that after the running discounts, the basic model came a whisker over my budget!! And not only that, it had the two things I was really looking for - AC and front power windows. For ICE, I always prefer aftermarket as I am yet to hear a manufacturer fitted system which has blown my mind :D
    Immediately went home and started more research about Punto. And as I went through different ownership threads, it became increasingly clear that this car was after all what the heart had been yearning for. It took me all of two days to decide on the Punto for the following reasons:
    1. Solid build quality - going by family history, it's a safe bet to say that the car will be with me for at least 5-7 years.
    2. Manufacturer warranty - With an extended warranty of up to 140,000 kms / 50 months, it shows that the manufacturer has absolute faith in their product.
    3. Fiat chassis, engine and gearbox - for the ultimate driving experience! :D
    4. And the best part -with around 1500 kms of monthly running, the actual out of pocket expense (EMI + fuel cost) is almost comparable to a Wagon R!

    So, all in all, Punto it was to be for me and so be it.

    The buying experience:
    Spent another couple of weeks meeting all dealers in Bangalore and negotiating for the best deal. Finally decided on Prerana because, well, they were the only dealers who had the color I wanted (medium gray) ready for delivery. In addition to the standard fittings (3M coat, floor mats, sunscreen, idol, mud flaps), wrangled a central locking for 7.5K more. The overall experience was quite good, with a courteous and helpful staff. The best part was that they have been receptive regarding a couple of issues I faced even after the sale had been completed, so full marks to them. Don't recall a single sour note during the entire experience. They even arranged for a vehicle to take me to their stockyard 40 kms away as I wanted to have a look at the vehicle before finalizing the purchase!

    The driving experience so far (2400 kms):
    The brand new vehicle was inaugarated with a 10 day, 1500 km to Goa and coastal Karnataka. The car ran smoothly, handled beautifully and best of all returned an average of 20.8 kmpl (Dashboard reading). The underside did get scraped on a couple of occassions, though it was more of my adventurous spirit in taking it on roads less travelled rather than the car's fault. A slight mishap with an unfortunate canine on the way back though left me with a dented front bumper and missing lower grill. Another issue faced was that the right back pillar plastic panel on which the rear speaker tray came off!! Left me a little bit disappointed, but it turned out it was due to a missing support. There were a couple of other niggles such as tight rear window winders, tight seat sliding mechanism etc so decided to give it for repairs and checkup on returning.

    The service experience:

    The service station I chose for these initial repairs was Prerana Motors Kudlu gate branch. The overall experience there was ok, though the waiting time for giving the car was a bit high due to only one service advisor handling some 10 customers who had been called for delivery. The following were the issues and outcomes:
    1. Dented front bumper - Repaired and repainted, with lower front grill replaced (Rs. 291). Not a great job (the outer edges have become slightly wavy :|), but passable. Total damage to the pocket - Rs. 2497.
    2. Detached back pillar plastic support for speaker tray - Repaired FOC
    3. Tight rear window winders - All winders replaced under warranty (why?), but they more or less feel the same. To be taken up during 5k service.
    4. Front door locks tight - Repaired satisfactorily
    5. Slight wobble in wiper at lower end of windscreen - Repaired by adjusting wiper arm
    6. Small leak in the right front door (realized it thanks to unseasonal Bangalore showers) - Seems to be still there based on last car wash. To be confirmed and taken up during 5k service.
    Overall service experience - Courteous staff, but felt the repair quality could be improved (for a car of this quality).

    The 'Help wanted' section:

    The showroom driver took the car today for permanent registration. After returning the car, I immediately realized that the engine was feeling different. Turned the AC on, only for the car to start vibrating! Kept my cool, informed the dealer sales mgr of the same, and did some trouble shooting of my own. Following are the symptoms:
    a. At 1000 rpm, there is a slight vibration. It's like when one cylinder does not fire in a petrol car (though a 100 times milder)
    b. On turning the AC on, the vibrations increase significantly and can be felt through the steering.
    c. No vibrations at 1300 rpm and higher.

    I am planning to get this checked at the 5k service - any reason for concern? What could be the probably cause? Till yest, the car was super smooth.

    For checking out the vibrations, I had stepped out of the car with the engine running (for the first time) to check for leaks. One thing which I noticed was that there is a strange hissing sound which is audible near the rear tyres (like air leaking). It was much louder on the drivers side than the passenger side. Is such a hissing sound normal or does it need to be investigated?

    Look forward to hearing from you guys and sharing more of my experiences with the doe eyed beauty!!

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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard Manudon and congrats.

    Did the dealer give you any reason as to why there is any sort of vibration coming? Do check the body and underbody thoroughly for any signs of impact. These showroom drivers do tend to drive as if they are Michael Schumacher.
  3. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Thanks Gurjinder!

    Yup, planning to get it checked now. I took the car for a long spin yesterday hoping the vibrations would smoothen out - once the engine was hot and running, the vibrations without AC died down but were still there with the AC on. Will again check for vibrations in cold engine today and update on what the service people say.

  4. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Vibrations have now smoothened out and the car is back to behaving normally - looks like the Punto is self healing!! :D

    Next few things to be done:
    1. Put in a boot light - I can see the space for installing it is there. How do I check if they have given the wiring and the sensor? If anyone has tried this in their Active, pointers would be most helpful.
    2. Loved the floor lights in the DIY section - one more thing to try out when I get the time!

  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    You can go the simple and rustic way and put in a light with a switch, which you can manually turn on and off. :p
  6. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Hi Manudon, Congrates and welcome to the FIAT club.

    Nice and crisp write-up. Enjoy the beauty !
  7. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Thanks Toruk_Macto.

    For the boot light, wanted to know if someone has tried this with their Active:

    Boot Light Installation - The FIAT Forum

    The active has a similar space for the boot light.
  8. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Completed 30K km and 3rd free service recently - maintenance cost to date is .57 Rs / Km (Details here). Yet to face any major failure / issues. The low GC is one pet peeve - need to figure out if the GC kit is worth it (around 15k including labor according to SA).

    The car has mostly been used on the highway. The engine has become butter smooth after the third service - people find it hard to believe that it is a diesel engine ::T(except other fiat owners :p).

    A few stats:
    KMs covered - 30,000 (50% highway)
    Max speed touched - 170 kmph (according to the speedo)
    Overall average till date - 16.6 kmpl

    To do:
    - Full car detailing
    - New GC kit for increased clearance
    - Any other suggestions?
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  9. manudon

    manudon Timido

    Upgraded the stock JK tyres to Yoko A drives (185/70) recently. Immediate feedback:
    1. Much better drive quality, bumps are handled much more confidently
    2. Quite silent up to 60 Kmph..slight increase in noise post that. Much lower than stock though!
    3. Much truer - I finally feel that my car has the alignment right!

    Verdict: Worth the investment.

    Also upgraded the stock headlight to Philips Xtreme Vision. Don't feel much difference from the stock though...might be slightly better but no significant impact.

    Verdict: Not really sure if it is worth the 1K spent.

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