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Proposal to Fiat:- restructuring FIAT India.

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by BoseSuman, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. First of all FIAT should make their Brand Image strong in India. I can't see any adds on channels or in News papers regularly as the other companies do. The price levels are good compared to other competitors but the Resale value structs. So My kind suggestion is that if FIAT makes their brand Image strong, Automatically the sales and Resale value will Increase. Instead of that, If they introduce new models with the existing Image, the sales graph will remain moderate as of now.
  2. i guess fiat is happy selling a couple of lakh of diesel engine and a few hundrerd cars under their banner..a close friend of mine working in fiat has confirmed no new models till 2014..no panda, no palio..no 500x , 500 l...no nothin.i just hope atleast they plonk the 1.6 multijet in the linea asap..people are scared of the fiat badge..evryone respects the product but no one wants to buy it..atleast something like the chevy promise program shld help fiat to build trust with the customer.
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  3. vickku2527

    vickku2527 Timido

    Why all we are giving suggestion to FIAT management? Are they KID or a fresher in this field.

    They are finished....they have lost many Die hard FIAT fans and followers and the story remains the same...........
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