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Project Linea T-Jet Sport : Cruise Control now active!

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by PatchyBoy, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. SunnyBoi

    SunnyBoi Amatore

    Fantastic effort Rajan! It takes a lot to pen down what one was thinking when he came up with the idea, appreciate it!

    simble. al you need is a 3V lithium cell, a LED, two wires. wire everything up, disconnect one point, fix the two wire ends to two needles. Go trace em routes! :D
  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Part 2 - The Quest ... Contd...

    The Polish forum made for a very interesting read (God, I hate Google translate :A :A). But after reading all the 11 pages, I was still very confused. For starters, the Engine bay looked different. To make matters worse, one of the Mods had a very explicit avatar, unfit for browsing at work. That meant spending time sitting in front of the laptop after I got home and trying to understand Google's version of English. The captions in the photos were not translated, which made it painful.

    Meanwhile, my wife wanted to know if I am trying to learn Polish, and if so, what in the world for. :D

    However, by now I was convinced that this is doable on the Jet. It should work, unless the ECU is coded specifically for India. While that does not make any commercial / business sense, it can surely be expected as the cars here are in a different state of tune. I also remembered seeing a picture of an ECU clearly marked for India, in our own forum. What would that mean, I wondered. Only one way to find out. So, I tried to get as good a picture of my ECU as possible, given the way it is mounted and ended up with this:


    I was delighted to see it had no marking "India". But how do I make sure? I had no idea. So, I decided to stop my research at that point and consolidate my findings thus far:

    1. There were many Puntos in the Italian forum that had successful CC installs
    2. There were many Lineas in the Polish forum that had successful CC installs
    3. There were many Stilos in the Fiat Forum that had successful CC installs
    4. There was a documented procedure for installing in a Bravo
    5. All the aforementioned cars were from FIAT and so was mine

    OK. So, let me consolidate all this information and derive all the common factors and the differences, I thought. So, I spent the next 10 days or so doing just that. My boss would have been delighted with the analysis, had it been for a prospective project :D. As expected, all this work paid off. During the course of collecting and consolidating this information, I found a post with a link to this gold mine :dancing

    Only, it was in Russian this time and was just 50+ pages long :D. I never knew that Linea was popular in Russia. Wow. That thread was started in June 2011. In page 10, I found a rudimentary, but functional install. FUNCTIONAL!!!!

    But as usual, Google translate was playing spoilsport. I came across posts such as - "We have a separate pen!" and "kaiowass , it fundamentally? How much does a pen?". I hated myself for what I was doing :D

    Finally I found something quite interesting on page 35. A guy had posted a video of some complex electronics and a typical DIY looking box. My interested was aroused, though I could not understand head or tail of what he was doing and what that contraption was. Then on page 47 I came across "You're falling behind Maks , falling behind))))))". Now this was getting personal. I had no idea who Maks was, but somehow that post sounded as if it were addressed to me :) And to rub it in, Maks posted multiple pictures of his install on page 51 :A

    Finally on page 56, there was post with a link. I clicked on that link with a quiver in my hand. I somehow got a gut feeling that my search is about to end. And end it did with a bang. The last post on that thread (only 4 pages, thankfully) gave me 3 pdf documents. Here is the link

    This gentleman had devised a contraption, that would convert your steering mounted controls to CC controls, with the flick of a switch. Awesome.

    Thus ended the thought process. The next post onwards, will be about the actual install.


    Prasanna Godugu of our own TFI - for putting this thought into my head
    MWAS (Our own Mr.Maciej Wasilewski) of Linea club Poland, for assuring that it can be done
    kaiowass of Fiat Linea Club Russia, for the genius he is
    TFI - for all the support and encouragement
    My Wife - For putting up with me
    Finally - Google Translate. Now matter how pathetic, without you, I would not have got this far. Thanks.

    Thanks for reading. Watch this space for a detailed "How to". I hope to make mwas and kaiowass proud. Thanks guys. You rock.


    PS: @Parantap - I know you are going to download the 3 PDF files in that link, and I know you are going to jump up and down with joy. I also know you are going to use Google Translate and are going to curse me :D
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  3. Rajan,

    I am sure i will have the CC thing even in my dreams now, i don't want clatter your flow, so limiting ...
  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Finally - The HOW TO


    Sorry to be repetitive, but this is required.
    1. If you try this and render your car inoperable / burnt to ashes / worthless piece of junk - you are responsible, I am not
    2. If your car is in warranty and you do not want to lose it, stop reading and go back to Activity Stream
    3. This post is exclusively for Linea Owners. Punto owners, sorry, you have to wait.
    4. I have only tested this on the Old T-Jet (2010 model). I have no idea if it works in other models

    What you will need

    1. 24-26 AWG automotive grade wire - 2 meters each of 5 different colours. If you do not get different colours, you can use the same colour, but mark each end with a different coloured insulation tape after cutting to size
    2. 2 mts corrugated tubes
    3. Alfa 147 cruise control stalk - I used this. Other possibilities exist.
    4. Set of 10 (10 male & 10 female) - Round pin type solder-less wire crimp terminals
    5. 5 sets of two way connectors
    6. 4 numbers TE MQS connectors - Part number 968220-1
    7. Licensed copy of FIATECUScan / MultiECUScan software - I have version 3.4.2 of FES and it works great.
    8. ELM327 USB ECU OBDII scanner
    9. Basic tools - wire stripper, crimping tool, pliers, screwdriver set, etc.
    1. Rs. 8 per meter. I could find only 3 colours
    2. Rs. 20 per meter
    3. Rs. 2500 approx, including shipping from UK. Since this was an experiment with unconfirmed outcome, I bought from a car breaker
    4. Rs. 15 for the lot
    5. Rs. 60 for the lot
    6. Minimum order quantity was 50. So, ordered the same from here. Rs. 385 shipped. (yet to arrive. Ordered on 10th July)
    7. Euro 50 for a single user license - I am not going to count this in the total cost, as I already had this
    8. Rs. 1599 from ebay
    Total cost - Rs. 5679.00


    Cut off the connector that is attached to the CC stalk of the Alfa. Now crimp, connect and heat shrink, the wires into one side of the two way connector. You will have 2 clips with 2 wires each and one with just 1 wire. I also soldered the crimp, to be doubly sure, as I did not have the correct crimping tool.What you received would look like this and after this step, will look like this

    CC modified.jpg

    Now cut the wires to correct length and crimp, connect and heat shrink to the other half of the clip (marked in a yellow box)


    Since all the clips look same, you might want to mark each pair, so it becomes easy to disconnect and reconnect. Also, since these connectors pair only one way, the chances of mistakes will be virtually nil.Now, open your bonnet and look at the extreme left corner (when you are standing facing the car), where the bonnet meets the body. You should see a rubber grommet, through which the bonnet lock release cable will be routed.

    Also, there must be a Philips head screw in that corner, affixing the plastic shield to the body. Undo that screw and you will see another grommet through which the lock release cable enters the car. Make holes in both grommets with a screw driver. It should not be necessary to remove the grommet, but if you do, make sure you replace correctly.

    Now pass a GI wire through the holes in the grommets, till you are able to see the other end inside the car. It will come out behind the fuse box and will require some help in coming out all the way. Now take the wires you have crimped (the two connectors that have two wires each), strip off the insulation for about an inch. Twist all of them together and bind to the GI wire, by making a loop in the GI wire. Now tape up this connection fully covering any ends or the wire. Now pull the GI wire back all the way, till your 4 wires come in to the engine bay. Cut off the connection to the GI wire.You will still be left with one clip, that has just one wire. This needs to be connected to a power source, with a 5A fuse. I connected it to the subwoofer fuse in my car.

    Run the wires in the engine bay and between the two grommets in corrugated tubes. This is important, as the corrugated tubes protect the wires from the extremes in the engine bay as well as prevent the wires from rubbing against sharp edges and fraying.The Alfa stalk has 5 wires.

    This is how it needs to be connected. I am also showing for 1.3 MJD, but I cannot vouch for it's correctness.

    CC Connectors.jpg

    For the T-Jet

    Yellow - +12 V
    Orange - Pin 85
    Red - Pin 84
    Blue - Pin 86
    Green - Pin 61

    For the 1.3 MJD

    Yellow - +12 V
    Orange - Pin 20
    Red - Pin 21
    Blue - Pin 19
    Green - Pin 22

    This is how far I got. I did connect the wires to the ECU and do a small road test of 20 kms, of which I was able to use the CC for about 15 kms. The stalk works fine. CC cuts off on application of Brakes / clutch and resumes with the "RES" button. For the record, I got an average speed of 42 kmph and a mileage of 15.5 kmpl for this run. I set the CC at 70 kmph. The CC stalk was sitting in my lap :D. Do not even ask me how I connected to the ECU without the MQS connectors. I am not going to reveal that and I will not recommend anyone else trying that.

    I will post details on configuring in my next post.

    TO DO

    1. Mount the CC Stalk to the steering column.
    2. Tidy up and route the wiring neatly
    3. Crimp the MQS connectors and connect to the ECU
    4. Do a proper road test
    5. Shoot pictures and videos and upload here.

    Thanks for reading.

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  5. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Congrats Rajan sir. Inspiring DIY.
  6. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Correct me if my understanding is wrong.

    This is regarding the TE MQS connectors.

    So im thinking the stock connectors have dummies in place of the pins required for the CC. To replace the dummies with PINS, you ordered the connectors.

    Does the new connector completely replace the existing Stock connectors which means you will remove crimping (for existing wires) from the old connector and crimp them back into the new connector ensuring the right wire is crimped into the right pin, is it?

    What kind of crimping does the Connector require, any special crimping tool for it?

    PS: I never fiddled with the ECU connectors and don't know how they are connected to the ECU, so just imagining it is the way it is.
  7. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Oh no. The pins that are not connected have yellow blanks, like this:


    The connectors look like this:

    MQS Connector.jpg

    You just remove the blanks, crimp the wire and insert. If it entailed removing existing connections, I wouldn't dare do it brother. I am brave, but understand the difference between Brave and Bravado :D

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  8. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Aah, My bad. i didn't realize these Pins have such a long name "TE MQS connectors".

    I did a quick google image search and there were several results and saw this as one of the results and immediately assumed this must be it. Im dumb :hit . I did wonder for a second how you managed to buy 50 of the below connectors for INR385. hehe :confused:


    One more question:

    Where did you use the Set of 10 (10 male & 10 female) - Round pin type solder-less wire crimp terminals ? Did these go into the 2 way connectors or something?

    Anyway, im going to pop the hood tomorrow morning and take a close look at the ECU connectors. Never even bothered to check those out so far.

    I did think for a bit that you were really brave to remove all the pins and move them over to the new Connector. 1 wrong connection and BOOM!!!. You never know what might happen.
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  9. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    That is just the short form. They are Tyco Electronics Micro Quadlock System Connectors :evilsmile
    I bought them from here. Check by part number 968220-1.

    Correct guess. As a matter of fact, you need only a set of 5, if you get it correct the first time :D

    Good luck buddy. Remember to disconnect the battery first and wait for 10 minutes.

    Last edited: Jul 20, 2013
  10. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Sorry to bother you. I'll need an image of how Round pin type solder-less wire crimp terminals look. They must be something similar to the TE connectors is my quess.

    You mentioned left corner but in a pic a few days ago, i believe you routed the wires from the right side of the engine bay. realized the left side was easier later?

    Thanks for the inspiration, i might try this but need to make some investment on Equipment/Software to get started. Im sure Prasanna has similar plans so we'll probably plan to gether.

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