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Problem with Blue and Me

Discussion in 'Blue and Me' started by samyakmodi, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3

    One more method in addition to what patchy boy said, is to remove the battery and get it bench charged and refit in your car and start. This is possible only when you are at home. I don't think after/in the middle of a long drive battery refuses to crank at least it will show some signs of giving up before you start your journey.
  2. As you wrote that you have observed flickering lights on all systems, as per me it can be due to loose connection. I don't know much about car wiring but i am sure, do get it check in co-rodination with service centre.

    Good luck.
  3. samyakmodi

    samyakmodi Novizio

    wish that was the case :(

    got it fixed today - and although the thing seems to be working fine - there is only one flaw!! the voice is now in espanol/italian!!
    the display is all in english but the voice over commands are all in some "firangi" language!!

    was wondering about the new system for the sole purpose - if i need to update it - what version should i be checking up?
    the service centre guys say that the box says it's a sept 2012 manufactured system - so i am assuming it should be the same one which comes with new punto (with the newer version which also supports more apple devices AND can be upgraded!!)

    when did i say the lights are flickering brother?? the odomoter is what was blinking..
    check the video :D

    let's see - i will try and update the blue & me myself today - and if it still fails to talk to me in english - "firangi" classes it is!!
  4. samyakmodi

    samyakmodi Novizio


    so finally sorted it all. in the process did corrupt the system a couple of times to be honest... but still managed it :D

    the blue & me system that came this time around is the new generation one - which has all new features which i would post later on.
    quiet different from the older one - but upgradable to 6.0

    haven't tried whether it will work with the iphone5 or not - will report on that too latest by tomo.

    sadly - the eco drive doesn't work here - no clue why if it has been working on the fiat linea and this is in reality the same thingamajing!!

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