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Problem facing in pickup in 2nd and 3rd gear in my Fiat linea MJD

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by singhamit, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. singhamit


    HI Friends

    Thankyou for the suggestion, I got the vehicle inspected at TASS and they found no error in ECU, also while doing a test drive the advisor and I also found that car engine sound is not smooth when quick acceleration is done in 2nd and 3rd gear and also at high rpm in 4th gear. The engine sound seems like jarring and also breaking and missing. what Advisor is suggesting that there is some loose part in bonet which is vibrating when acceleration is done. I am sending my vehicle for complete checkup when I am free so that it can be checked for that. But I really had a bad feeling that he will not be able to diagnose. The ECU was reset and alignment was again done but I found no improvement.
  2. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    You and me sailing in same boat. It's same feeling like Retarded Injection timing.

    As per DICOR engine service mannual if there is no any ECU error car is suffering from poor accleration then problem is in High Pressure fuel pump & injectors.

    Still bad TATA people refuses to opne injectors. They says DICOR & Multijet are differant technology.

    In my case I am handing over my car on Monday. Dealer will check the car & send the report to FIAT.
    Now FIAT engineer will visit to trace out the actual problem in my MJD.

    Dear Gurujinder I had 100% guarantee that there will be no any ECU error in singhamit car. I never make any speculation.

    I observed that many MJD engines becomes dull after using some thousands kms.
    I had seen one Quadrajet also. That Quadrajet was also acting like this.

    It was same case like me, & like singhamit.

    God knows in future how many MJD owners will suffer from following problem
    " Poor acceleration but no ECU error ": :A
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  3. have ur intercooler tube checked and see if any leak is there, i had the same problem and found a leak in the pipe and the TASS said that turbo was damaged and since it was in warranty I would get a replacement, anyway check for one more symptom, when flooring the accelerator do you find heavy black smoke coming out of the exhaust.
  4. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Intercooler Tube ?

    Do you mean fins of intercooler OR hose of pipe intercooler ? Please explain.
  5. hose of pipe intercooler
  6. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    What is the status of this issue now? Has it been solved?
  7. Mine.. no, since they have ordered for the turbocharger and it comes under warranty or if it had been after warranty around 50K would have to be shelved from my pocket.... ;)

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