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Pride fiat, Rajkot : Pathetic fass ever

Discussion in 'Dealership Reviews' started by vtlreja2, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. vtlreja2

    vtlreja2 Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hello folks.
    The intention of this thread is to reveal the Pride fiat folks arrogant and careless behavior towards the fiat's loyal customer. i had 'n' numbers of issues with them so finally decided to come up with the proper thread. i purchased car from them only on jan 2014 punto mjd. their behavior was good until i booked my car, after then every thing was on downhill here goes the list.

    1) Adding anything and charging for them without informing you :

    The day itself when i got the car, the right side license plate light was not working. i was unaware regarding the error so couldn't do anything. my dad showed me that the light is not working when i parked car at home at night. after a week when i went to fit the mud flaps (which was not available at the time of delivery and i have to take the delivery without them itself) i shown the light which is supposed to work, the gm present there immediately got the new light itself and asked them to change without even asking me. i thought it would be covered in warranty but they billed me 372/- odd bucks. ok i admit my mistake i have to be carefull on the day i took the delivery. the funny part here when i that light unit there was a bulb that was kaput and i damn sure its easily replace able. so next time if any of u have license plate light gone, try to change inner bulb first then replacing the whole unit

    2) Unable to solve left pulling issue :

    i had the left pulling issue from day one. i informed them that i had this issue they said will sort out on first service. i waited and during the first service they had trial runs few times. they simply were not ready to believe that car is dragging towards left side. i was totally surprised to see their behavior. they were keep saying its due to road surface. i then said take the wrong side , then the car was still dragging left side, i pointed that out. if the road surface is made in order to water fade away then why the car is keep going in left.
    then they finally have to admit and does alignment but didn't worked.
    they then does tyre rotation and then problem was solved (but not permanent)
    the left pulling again started after 800 kms. i was now angry enough, all the horror stories against fiat was kept coming in my mind.
    ( to be continued on next issue....)

    3) Accidented my car while they were on trial run :

    i then again booked the appointment with them due to left pull and the odo was 5.8k kms iirc
    it was 10 o'clock in the morning, sa took the driver seat,without even opening the job card, he was talking on phone while reversing my car and BANG ! my six months old car was banged that also without my mistake. the sa was actually trying to make a u turn to get a exit while he missed a new toyota etios parked inside the workshop present there for body work yes they do repair other cars to. don't know if fiat itself is aware about it or not.
    the sa at that time kept saying its not major ! its not major ! i saw my cars boot door has heavy dent and the rear bumper has torned off from rear fog light area. etios has misaligned bumper and it came down from one side. i said it has to be repaired and m not claiming insurance or anything from my pocket as you were driving and talking on phone, that also without opening an job card. he said ok your car will be done as it was just give me two days. i was ok with it as mistake could happen with anyone. with heavy heart i left the service center
    after an hour i got the call from gm (which was changed and recruited recently) punit agarwal, he said your car was dented earlier and we will not going to repair your car at our cost. i was like WTF. heated words were exchanged, i was angry like anything. i mean this is literally a cheating. there were n no. of peoples who saw the accident, it was like a daylight robbery.
    that gm was not even trying to understand any thing. i first tried to explain him but he straight away refused. i was literally pissed of at that time
    luckily i have few pics taken of my car on a day before the incidence happen, which showed to them and to fca
    i called that bloody sa who does this and said i am coming with my man force, answer them. he then understood the situation has became worsen and said sir please dont come here i am explaining my gm and your car will be done in 2 days. i then took a sign of releif.
    but i was still afraid regrading the incidence and deiced to let fiat officials do let know the incidence. mailed the FCA and Mangesh kodalkar regarding the issue. he immediately looked over the matter. after two days the car was ready.they repainted the bumper and boot, there were the signs of paint on rear door too and they kept the front windows open which let the interior became dusty.
    now the key issue which was left pulling was still unsolved. this gm punit agarwal didn't deny the fact that its not pulling, but he said its due to your mistake, you may have driven your car from heavy pothole, otherwise after 700-800 kms this issue cant persist again. that make me angry again, i said i live in the city which has finest roads, i care my car like baby, its merely six months old, and this is god sake a hatchback not and suv that i will take it for ofraoding and which would let it led to this
    again had to keep the fca guys in loop, they finally called the jk authorized person and do make some tweaks in the alignment and the problem was solved once again( still not for long time) again after approx 1k kms the problem still persisted, i then thought it would be better if i live with it. i then explored other options as well like tyre rotation, alignment done from outside than fass. but still problem persisted, till the tyres lasted ~ 34k kms. there was uneven wear and tear on the outer and inner edges of the tyres, so decided to change them as a trip to punjab was on cards.
    i have changed to 185/70/r14 falkens, tyrex mulund.
    did4k kms post tyre change and no signs of left pulling (and shoulder pain after highway run)
    car moves straight


    4) Insurance scam :

    while i got the car, i got the copy of the future generalli insurance stating 21k as a premium. it wasn't original policy but a copy, being a first time new owner, i wasn't aware that i should ask for a original one.
    now after 10-11 months of ownership, a fellow friend of mine called me and ask for copy of mine as a friend i forwarded it on wa ( he owns black punto same year as mine but 1 month more older then mine ) he shed the light that i was being mugged as the in fg policy the table C is not equal to table A + B, i was not an expert in insurance department. my friend informed me that pride fiat folks had done scam in providing fake policy of insurance. i asked fg for my policy and they said mine premiums was merely 12k. the pride fiat folks has provided a tampered copy to me and many of my fiat friends, i do cross checked many guys and informed them regarding this scam, i even raised a complain in fg. after few months, i got the call from pride fiat stating we have charged more to you please come and collect your remaining 9k. it was refunded by a cheque.

    5) Charging for the item which covers in warranty :

    I don't understand why these fass guys do avoid to serve warranty claims.
    after 12 months of ownership right side suspension was making some thak thak noise.
    service was due, left my car with them and pointed out this issue. the mech ajit (only technical mech and well behaved person i met there) immediately recognize it as a elastic pad needs replavement, i asked the sa whether its come under warranty, he said rubber/plastic parts don't. i was still ok and said replace it. i has no option at that time.
    they charged 1565/-.
    while taking delivery from service, mech ajit said sir left side will be due soon, but it looks 50% of life left. i was shocked as in 30k kms i have to replace suspension components that also in a car which run only few thousands kms in cities, my other runs were usually on good highways, say nh 8 is like my second home
    i mailed the mangesh and fca asking me the clarification, they said your car is under warranty and will ask pride fiat to refund your money. got an call and mail from the pride fiat (say gm tejas sonpal, changed again), that come and collect the cheque, i at that time recently shifted to mumbai, said i will collect it within a month (as i did at the time of insurance refund collection) my mistake.
    (to be continued on next issue...)

    6) Tantrums when it comes to refund amout :

    Now, after two months, i returned rajkot, met the gm and reminded him that i am here to collect the cheque. he first said he has no information regarding this. he checked his computer and reverted back that there is no such refund is to be paid, i was shocked. i then showed him the mail from his side stating that they are liable to pay the refund and will collect it within a month, now the tricky task, they have no reason to deny the fact that have to refund. he said ok, i am making the cheque of something 1300/- and that cheque will be delivered at your home (ie at my rajkot's residence,)
    i was looking like a fool, in my own eyes.

    firstly,i asked him why 1300/-, he replied tax has been deduced and it has gone to the government account, you will be refunded only part's amount.
    i was not agree with them at all and angry enough
    keeping the first issue aside, i asked them why you will send cheque at my home, i am here just make and give me here straight forward, i am here in my city to do some work, who will sit at my home just to collect a simple stupid cheque, they said sir we have to follow the procedure, i said then why the hell you guys were waiting for almost 2 months if you have to follow the procedure only, and why u invited me here to collect the cheque, i felt insulted at that time for fighting over 1565/- bucks. but then i was sure i won't allow them to cheat any of us like this.
    came back empty handed, mailed the fca again, regarding amount and i will not be able to receive the cheque, as i am not sure how many days i will in rajkot. i also cleared that i will not going back to collect it again, enough is enough now.

    few days mails were exchanged, without any result, finally pride fiat agreed to pay full amount of 1565/-, now the matter was how, they agreed that they will deposit the cheque by them into my account, i only gave them account no. then.
    finally, after lots of hiccups got the refund of full amount

    7) Not following service intervals properly :

    When i gave my car 30k kms service, its basically major service, where they manual has written to change all fluids (say power steering oil, gear oil, brake oil,coolant) at 30k/2 years.
    they didn't changed these fluids in mine, on upon asking them they said you can streach it to 45k kms , no need to hurry. now my cars odo stands on 37.8k kms, and if anything happens to my car who will be responsible. ?

    Note : every time while i gave my car in service they said your car not need balancing.
    while i get it done on outside
    they also said tyre rotation has been done which i cross checked outside found not done

    8) Absence of technical staff :

    about a month back (feb) i got the call from pride fiat asking me about my feedback on last service , i said them i am not happy with your servicing, why you guys skipped changing all fluids, i need valid explaination, the madam herself was not sure at what interval it has to be change, she was kept saying it has to be changed at 60k kms or 2 years. on digging up more she disconnected the phone

    9) Usage of diesel for washing cars :
    they use diesel on whole car and under the hood, on asking them they said it will make car shines lot better, i from next service strictly advise them not to use diesel at all
    i guess by using diesel their work of removing stains/dirt became lot more easier

    10) Every time new staff :

    now the only expert mech ajit has also left 3 months ago,
    well every time i visit they have new faces, talking about service gms, first there was one bald uncle (remember who changed my cars license plate light without informing) second was punit agarwal and third current one is tejas sonpal,
    talking about head sa, first there was a guy known dk, then came bhavesh, then sanjay, presently pintu patel ( this guy will treat you like he is recovery agent, and you have loan to be paid remaining
    the sa in sales left the job within 5 months
    ( less idea sales team as i had no reason to meet them )
    regarding , mechs and receptionist (lower level sa), better if i less talk about them. i am yet to find any of them again

    11) present issue :
    will update this later

    The reason behind opening this thread is to alert my fiat brother regarding this dealer.
    I feel its only single dealer in whole Saurastra itself, so why should it impact negatively to fiat.
    but i think now it the time.

    Pointer and questions are welcomed

    Thanks and regards

  2. gpunto75

    gpunto75 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    its sad to read all this, and Mate its hard to click on the "like" button under such posts.
    The first issue of rear license plate light is a known factory QC issue. They might just have removed the bulb, cleaned and again put it.
    The new staff in FASS is seen after every 2 - 3 months at least in tier 2 cities, and they are all on apprenticeship, whatever problem one has, has to find a solution on Google, and tell the new folks.
    What I get from your post is
    1. Stay away from FASS, unless it has good reviews.
    2. They were not ready to sell us the car, Its us who insisted to buy one.
    3. Fiat owners are(shall be henceforth) self sustaining creatures.
    Hope you sort out your latest issue, but keep Mangesh in loop in every incident.
  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    It goes behind any logic as to how Fiat chooses such dealership and workshop in the first place, do they smoke heavily when they do the selection process or they just look at the financial part irrespective of the dealer's reputation or experience. I would live with no dealer than have such a dealer who is so deep rooted in scam.

    @gpunto75 Involving Mangesh is no longer a solution. The Fiat Management has to do deep dive to understand the root cause of all such problems.
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  4. Nishant A Indulkar

    Nishant A Indulkar Timido

    Vadodara, Gujarat
    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    What the hell, do not loose take up with fiat need to drag those guys......
  5. vtlreja2

    vtlreja2 Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes @gpunto75
    staying away from such fass is only option left. i would strongly recommend to go ahmedabad Bhaskara for servicing.
    yes fiat owners are indeed self sustaining creatures, to sum up the result, i have decided to do minor service by myself only and major should be done by FNG or competant fass ( hunt has began for that )

    that clearly shows how fiat operates and how much they care for their loyal customers.
    sad thing is fiat officials was informed most of the times, but no concrete action against them

    @Nishant A Indulkar
    dragged them many a times, still they are in bussiness in mugging up the customers.
    sad to see that.
  6. vtlreja2

    vtlreja2 Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    11) Left side elastic pad (current issue) :

    @ 30k kms only, the mech at pride told me (post service) you will need to change left side elastic pad too in short time. i said ok will revert back once i will hear similiar kinda noise as from right side. At approx. 32k itself noise started popping up. Even few of my TFIans friends noted the noise

    I then was in Mumbai in the mean time, where I showed my car to liftime mobility, thane fass,which has done developed the noise on
    left side,vinod pandey, (SA there) agreed that there is noise, and he will need time to sort out the thing,but I being in hurry said I will visit afterwards as I am in hurry now.
    Moreover, they will first lubricate the pad and then check. Charges of lubrication was 650/- & i am pretty much sure lubricating isn't the permanent solution.

    @36.5k kms, I came to rajkot, and decided to get the noise issue sorted from pride fiat (my biggest mistake) booked appointment, and I reached on time there.

    scene 1 - I explained the issue to the service advisor,(pintu patel) and suspected it to the elastic pad replacement is due, he
    took the TD but said its not that much ,it would be good if u live with with it.

    scene 2- I said I can't bear the noise and it has to sorted out anyways, he asked his manager (Tejas sonpal) who was not in the office
    of pride fiat,and was on visit to hospital for his personal matter, pintu patel came back and said "sir, it can't come in warranty , u
    have to pay for it" I said not possible,I have changed left side in warranty and u can't charge me for left side now, especially mine car is in warranty till Jan 2017 and clocked 36.5k kms , I said if it doesn't com in warranty
    give me in written, he then said "sir, please wait our manager is on the way to our office" I waited there for almost 1hr for him

    scene 3 - almost after an hour Mr Tejas sonpal came and said the car doesn't makes any noise and you are not eligible for replacement under warranty , I said u didn't TD the car how can u say, then they took TD ,on upon my many requests he wasn't ready to believe that there is noise from left side,
    he was claiming its due to body movement etc bla bla bla .

    I was literally hearing the noise and tried to pointed out endless no.
    of time to Mr tejas this noise this noise but he wasn't ready to
    accept the fact.

    Frusted enough, i came back.
    Again as usual shooted mail to FCA & Mangesh.
    They took atleast 3 days to call back ( i was surprised due the their late call back)
    i explained them the whole issue and told them clearly that i need proper resolution to my matter now.
    but they are now have became way too slow to respond.
    i am back to mumbai now and all fiat say is go to ltm which i am suppose to do if time will permit me. i cant spare time for repairs here in mumbai. Fiat itself closed the complaint stating me to co-ordinate with ltm guys. Ltm guys doesnt have spare vehicle if in case i need to come back to my home, going to them easily takes my half day thanks to mumbai traffic.

    Now coming to the point of this issue, fiat's A dealer is saying there is noise, and they will need to time to rectify it, whereas dealer B is saying there is no noise. What message Fiat and their dealers want to pass to general public ? will i recommend anyone fiat, hell NO !

    As of now i am stuck nowhere.

  7. vista7155

    vista7155 Regolare

    Please find the FNG as early as possible.
    FASS are bunch of jokers and they are not fit to clean the car leave servicing aside.
    I had same issue here when my car met with accident one service centre replaced the front left strut assembly and closed the FASS within 1 month and now the magic happens after 20 days where I heard screeching and rubbing noise from same side.
    Visited other FASS so called SA inspected and told strut to be replaced and it will cost 6k.
    Surprised!! now told him it is replaced about 40 days ago and can produce the bill,immediately drama started and told it can be repaired.
    See how the versions changes as you remained them that you are under warranty.
    FASS has all the horror story to be told and coming to select as FASS fiat is least bothered about the reputation and 80% of FASS are the guys who were rejected by other good stables either kicked out.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016
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  8. Racing_2012

    Racing_2012 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @vtlreja2 I know how much it hurts you, due to all these problems. It was recap for me when reading your post like left pulling issue, accident during service and FASS rejecting that, Ignoring the service interval, returning vehicle with 80% work completed and many many petty issues. Every time I hate to go to FASS, but left out with no options, but one thing that keeps me cool is my red beauty.
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  9. vtlreja2

    vtlreja2 Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Fng is the only option left as of now.
    U termed it right, Fass folks are indeed jokers, that guy sa pintu Patel, more or less looks like a recovery agent, running here n there without keeping his shirt in.

    Agreed with u 100% on your red beuty's comment
    Its their car only which outshines & keeps us happy after getting behind the wheel.:happy:

    Said it ealiar n repeating myself again here,

    Fiat's products, good enough
    Fiat's servicing & management, sucks big time !!!!
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