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Preventive Maintenance. Please advise.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by AsylumKing, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. AsylumKing

    AsylumKing Timido

    Hey guys!

    I own a Linea Emotion 1.3 MJD. Bought it on 4th October 2011, so nearly 3 years old now and it's done about 40k kms.
    Drove it hard from day 1 and after having done 1k kms I used a tuning chip to boost power. The chip remains to this day. A few days back I upgraded to 205/60/r15 Michelin XM2s and the car feels much smoother and grippier though with a negligible fall in initial acceleration.
    Now the problem is, post the 2nd free service I stopped going to the authorized service centre at TAFE in Coimbatore, because I wasn't sure they were doing a thorough job. Have got the car fully serviced thrice after that though at my local garage each time changing all the required oils and filters. The last service was 5000 kms back and I felt the great shifts were much smoother. Enquired with my mechanic and he said they had cleaned the entire clutch and gear assembly. Also my brake pads have been changed 3 times till now.
    Lack of taking it to the authorized service center I assume has definitely voided my warranty, I know it might be a bit late for regrets but I want to make sure I don't have any problems.
    Would like to know from the seniors what parts I should have checked during my next service? Have decided to request for an Intercooler/MAF cleaning, recheck of the entire clutch plate assembly and the suspension. Could you guys please give me the specifics of these components that need to be checked/replaced and any others that might need looking into. I have driven over quite a few bad roads too but get any kind of rattle usually in the cabin sorted out immediately. Only problem I noticed once that couldn't be sorted out was a strained grinding sound coming at lower rpms. Thought this might be the front wheels but it wasn't. Was told it might be from the engine timing belt but couldn't confirm. Went away on it's own about 3k kms back.

    If this thread is in the wrong place, i'd request the mods to please transfer it to the right one.

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