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Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by metal_heart, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    I have been riding 2-wheeler since school days, though I enjoy driving a car more, but until married never really felt the need for a car. Though the car purchase thought has been on the back of my mind for over a year, but never gave a serious thought except for following new car launches, reading ownership reports, occasionally checking used car prices. Neither I was sure, should I buy a new car or used, nor which car to buy, though had a few preferences.

    Fast forward, mid 2015. We (me & wife) had started building our small little home, and need for car was evident now. Had been following the news of ‘Figo’ & ‘Baleno’ for a while, they had been in my radar. Along with these, I also shortlisted Vento/Rapid, i20, Punto, Honda City,Zest, Swift, Liva to name a few. One fine evening (mid-august), thought to actively look for used car for few months, and if not would by a new one during December (when the discounts rain). We are long time keeper(s), so year of mfg, resale really didn’t bother me much. (Car at home town is 13 yrs old, my bike is 10 yrs and Kinetic Honda (still used occasionally) 17 yrs old). Shared the thought with wife, prompt came the reply “Lambi Gaadi”. So all the hatchback(s) were ruled out. I personally don’t like sub 4 meter cars (except the new Aspire), but for wife all “dikki wali gaadi” were same, until I enlightened her with Pseudo-Sedan & Sedan and how ‘Dzire’, ‘City’ & ‘Corolla’ are in different league. While enlightening her, I went a bit over-board and explained existence of various trim(s) in a particular car as well. So she sets, condition no 2. “Top model Only” :wideyed:(as she wanted all the bells & whistles and no odd looking after-market fitment like ICE and no dummy buttons). So the below were shortlisted comprising of her (W) & mine (M) preference/requirement for search of a used car

    - Sedan (W)

    - Top Model (W)

    - Diesel or fuel efficient & competent petrol (M)

    - ABS, Airbag (W,M)

    - High Speed Handling (M)

    - Low Maintenance & Reliable (M)

    - NO extra money to be spend (M) (except for the service) at least during initial 1 yr. (Read changing tires, seat cover, touchup(s), accessories)

    Other shortlisting criteria for Car

    - Max Age 5 yrs, Max ODO 75k

    - Budget 0.5 million INR

    - Single Owner & Direct Deals – no agent

    - Color – Light Shade (M) , Black (W)

    - Full NCB should be visible (i.e. Non Accidental)

    - Full Service history (either in receipt or validated at Service center)

    - Stock Condition – no cosmetic or mechanical changes for looks or performance

    - No Dent / Re-paint / Major Scratch

    Few cars were shortlisted, and I took my wife to car showroom of each of these car. I got to test drive each car and understand and compare each of them with competitor objectively and she was able to add/reject them on basis of feature and feel from inside. So final big list came to Rapid/Vento(D), City(P), Sunny(D), Fluidic Verna(D) .And under condition, “1 hatchback, for every 3 sedan we see”, I (read we), agreed to add Liva (D), Punto(D), Swift(P/D) & i20(D) to the list. ‘Aspire’ & ‘Baleno’ were additionally kept in list of new car purchase. Not each & every car met all are criteria, but its not a perfect world either.

    Next step was to bifurcate each of them across age & ODO, along with used car price, to at least shortlist / reject car by listing and/or max a phone call. Strategized to shortlist the car over the week (and talk to owner and gather all info up to satisfaction over phone, before visiting) and check them in person over the weekend. Almost all the website, listing used car were scanned. The worst experience were, those who claimed to be owner in listing (incorrect listing as individual) and later turned out to be agent/dealer. Few were even shameless, not to admit even after being repeated enquiry). Incorrect/Incomplete, especially listing mis-guiding the facts were biggest turnoff, I did lose my cool a few times L

    Weekend 1:

    Car 1: Honda City 2009, Single owner, 35k ODO, Price 4.5 lac

    Scrutiny – Turned out to be agent (He admitted once I proved him wrong for his claims). Other reason – Accident suspected (Both front fender & bonnet repainted), No Service history available, All tires of different mfg date with spare tire missing, Insurance expired month back and shabby interiors (Was really pissed off, as most the reason for which I rejected, were asked over phone and were not honestly answered). Didn’t wanted to drive but for sake of it, drove 100 meter & returned. Told him its accidental (I really don’t know if it was or not, but thought of having some fun. If it indeed was, he’ll kept wondering how I came to know. If not, big deal. I didn’t wanted to buy it anyways):joyful:

    Result: REJECTED

    Car 2: Honda City 2010, 3 Owners, 50K ODO Price 4.8 lac. Immaculate inside out.

    Scrutiny – though owner claimed various owner only on paper (family transfer), but could not defend my cross – questions. Ad listing mentioned as single owner. Service history (for last 2 services only) available, Tires bald though OEM. Pricey as per the attributes

    Result: REJECTED

    Car 3: Swift 2014 ZDi, Single owner, 35k ODO, Price 5 lac

    Scrutiny – After talking to him, over phone, I suspected him an agent (though he claimed himself as individual/owner). Mid way, I called him from different phone (as a different person), and asked if he has any other car as well. He replied in positive, stating 5-7 more cars available. Went back mid-way.:arghh:

    Result: REJECTED

    ---Numerous calls, to various owner during weekday

    Weekend 2:

    Car 1: Fiat Punto (D) Emotion 2010, 70K ODO, Single Owner (claimed lady driven), Price 3.2 lac

    Scrutiny – When I reached, Car just returned from a wash. (Alarm 1). Service history lost (Alarm 2, claimed all records available over phone).

    Rusting problem at multiple places, Very Loud Engine noise, Tire bald to extreme (though OEM by mfg date), Strong left pull. NCB only 25% (Alarm 3). Checked with FASS (next weekend), and Accident claim mentioned in 2012. Didn’t dig further.

    Result: REJECTED

    Car 2: Toyota LIVA(GD) 2013 (DEC) 35K ODO, Single Owner (IT professional, moving onsite) Price 5.5

    Scrutiny – All paper intact, All service record available but It was on company lease (Owner didn’t mention this earlier, also had stated car as 2014)

    Would have rejected earlier, had I known this. And for the above fact, I felt price as high. Proposed 4.5, he claimed to have a 4.8 offer in hand.

    Mutually rejected/closed.

    Result: REJECTED

    Car 3: Toyota LIVA 2012(GD), Single owner, Price 3.2 lac

    Scrutiny – Car was covered in dust (I guess for more than a month). Had a flat tire, when I reached.

    Got pissed off and walked away. (This house is on my way to office, after 3 months, the car still stands there in same condition). I wonder, why the owner has even posted an adv.

    Result: REJECTED

    ---Numerous calls, to various owner during weekday

    Weekend 3:

    Car 1: 2012 Hyundai Verna(D), 50K, Single Owner, Price 5.5 lac

    Scrutiny: Pathetic exterior & Interior (Broken fog lights, Cracked bumper, taped tail light, multiple scratches, torn seat cover, missing rubber mats and floor full of dust ). No PUC or Insurance doc available (claimed lost). Walked out without even driving, as all these were validated over phone and owner conveyed opposite and condition stated as ‘Immaculate’.

    Result: REJECTED

    Car 2: 2012 i20(D), 40K, Single Owner, Price 4.5 lac

    Scrutiny: Called thrice from different no as different person (as I suspected him agent), though he response were almost consistent but ODO reading and price kept varying. The final call stated 47K, Price 4.2 lac. On each call, he mentioned a different place to have a look (though In first call he gave home address) later were market and that too very far from his place. Fixed time anyhow, and just 10 min before scheduled time, he calls and claim to be out of home. (While I was almost at his gate, 25km far from my place after confirming over call before starting an hour back)

    Result : REJECTED

    I really don’t understand, why people hide & mis-quote information and waste their as well other person’s time.

    Car 3: 2010 Linea MJD (Emotion) 53k (57k in actual) ODO, Price 4.25 – 4.5 (multiple website had different prices).

    Scrutiny: Had put my mobile no. to get contact details of owner and within a minute got a call from him. (While picking up phone, I thought he must be agent for that quick call back). The call lasted 25-30 min and he answered all my queries and answers were to my satisfaction that car meets my expectation. On the other side, was a Fiat Enthusiast (an Ex-Army) who shared all positives about FIAT. Linea was never in my list, but still thought to check it out. Fixed time, but couldn’t connect to him for confirmation. Later in evening, got call back, asking if I want to come now. As I was just in vicinity, went over

    First Impression. A white shining (clean inside out) car comes out of complex as we wait at the gate. My wife wispers in my ear “wow”, as she sees the true “lambi gaadi”. A very courteous drive was offered. As I stepped inside, the same cleanliness welcomed me along with a very mild sweet diesel humming noise. It was first time I was driving Linea and the in-famous ‘lethargic/turbo-lag’ in low range was evident. I was offered a drive till my satisfaction (Never he suggested to take shorter route or go back). During the drive, explained everything about car (just like a sales rep) and the various service(s)/accessories etc carried on the car, including GC kit, Timing Chain replacement under recall , New Tires, new seat covers, upgraded Speaker etc. All his claim(s) were well supported by receipts. I could feel from his talk, he pampered his car and took utmost care at appropriate times. I returned back impressed and satisfied and everything to my satisfaction (except service records).

    As it was dark, I requested him that I want to check out the car again in day time (next day) and also want to validate all the service records. He supportively, gave RSA no and said, I can call and go over and check all records to my satisfaction. In my meantime, I read various Linea’s ownership blogs to understand the car better.

    Next day visited FASS and validated the service records as per owner’s claim. The representative was courteous, though he didn’t gave any hardcopy or showed them on computer, but almost dictated all records starting from first service and until last visit for AC gas top-up. The owner, service guy and receipt all were in sync. Next pit stop at owners place again. Checked the vehicle again and re-validated all the paper again. Had a meeting for over an hour, discussing about car and price negotiation. Also I requested owner, that I need to get the car evaluated by a mechanic (FNG). Initially hesitant, later agreed for same

    So here it was


    - Immaculate condition inside out (except for 2-3 small scratches and lots of small nick(s) on rear bumper. I believe owner used to park in reverse by the bushes)

    - GC Installed @20k, Timing Chain Replaced @32K, New Tires @50K, Seat Cover & Speaker @45K, Left Shocker replaced @20K

    - Major Service @32K, Last Service @45K

    - All electrical working including Blue & Me

    Car was evaluated and following observation were shared.

    - Brake Pad Replacement Required (estimate 3.5 K INR)

    - EGR cleaning (In another 10K) (estimate – 5.5K INR)

    - Wheel Alignment & Balancing Required

    - Slight Rust at 2-3 places. Nothing major can be fixed (no action required immediately)

    - Suspension OK

    - AC & Other Electrical OK

    - Tires OK

    - Engine Condition OK

    - Service (@ 60K ODO) (estimate -12K INR)

    - Small touchup & Bumper repainting (if required)

    Overall, he was satisfied with the condition of car. Though he said, he can’t commit on price (suggested to check online portals), but said don’t negotiate for 10-15k, car is in good condition. Went back and told owner, I’m ready to close the deal at mutually agreed price. This conversation happened on Tuesday and Wednesday first thing in morning, I read an SMS (from him) with offering price as per my expectation. Made 90% of payment and next day (Thursday) took the delivery of car in the evening.

    First thing after delivery, took the car to temple (around 9PM) and back home. Didn’t get chance to drive her much. Next morning, got up early and went for a long drive. Our happiness was beyond words, neither of us could hold back or smile during drive. Before going office, left her for an exterior and interior detailing. (Not satisfied by the job, but that’s another story)

    After climbing approx. 4K on ODO (almost 3k highway to plains & hills) below are our likes & dislike


    - Stylish & Good looking

    - Handling & Stability on high speeds

    - Best steering feedback

    - All bells & Whistles (Ok. Almost)

    - Great Power, along with Great Mileage

    - Beige & Black combo interior

    - Superb braking. Stops in line with no drama


    - Audio Quality. Though speaker are upgraded, but still they are OK

    - Mud flaps, could have been better designed

    - Big turning radius

    - AC effectiveness. Peak Summers are gone, but I feel it would not be adequate

    - Stance. Car should have been raised an inch or so from front. (looks like nose diving) Or the rear is raised a bit too much


    - No Bottle holder in entire car (Oh Come On Fiat !!)

    - Lethargic in 1&2 gear

    - Poor low beam. Headlight upgrade is must for highways

    - Space inside the car (compared to how huge it’s on exterior)

    - Wind Noise at high speeds (Very irritating). Very poor noise insulation

    Since Delivery, I did a few outstation drives to Jaipur, Himachal and couple to my hometown. The car has been consistent in giving mileage ~19kmpl on highway and ~16-17 KMPL in city. I haven’t ripped her on highway, just a consistent 100-120 KMPH with an occasional 20-30% increase in speed just to see the dynamics on a lonely stretch for few secs. Impressed with her capabilities as a mile muncher.

    Total KM – 4000 +, Max Avg – 20.13, Min-17.72 (till date)

    Issues (Nothing major, to document)

    - Blue & Me. It just doesn’t understand my accent. Tried various face expression and tones, but it just doesn’t understand. Took lot of effort to turn the shuffle on. Still haven’t been able to turn shuffle on for CD

    - Whenever, I press windows button on steering, it says ‘No message found’. Sometimes it accepts the command but mostly it doesn’t. I have to double press (Does it work this way????)

    - How to Drop a call? Couldn’t figure out. Can I find Blue & Me manual anywhere.

    - Water sprayer, doesn’t spray the complete windshield. It just sprays on bottom portion

    - Low beam doesn’t have a consistent spread. Left side has a more throw and right one, and a dark shadow is created towards right

    - Trunk closing takes lot of effort (Sometimes, need to push it hard more than once/twice)

    Though I have crossed 60K, but still haven’t got the service done. Planning to get that done in next 10-15 days. Still evaluating the car and finding what else to be taken care of. During evaluation by FNG, they recommended EGR cleaning. How do I find, if its really required or not. Also they estimated 5.5K. Are the estimate correct??

    Also, he mentioned about replacement of brake pad. Though I face no issue in braking, something steering shudders under hard braking. Alignment problem?? Any recommendation(s) before/during service.

    I used ABRO Fuel Injector Cleaner for 2 tankful (alternate), though didn’t find any difference in performance. Read it later, that FIAT doesn’t recommend any additives to be used.

    I’m loving the car for what its capable of and very much satisfied with the purchase. Hope she keeps pleasing me for miles to come.[

    Pic for on the very first day


    IMG_2797 (6).JPG

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  2. csr1969

    csr1969 Amatore

    KA 38, bidar, AP 10 secunderabad
    Linea 1.3
    Hearty congrats @metal_heart. Enjoy your italian mate thoroughly. You need not need to worry about its reliability. My linea has done 1,10,000kms since 2009 and fiats are built to last. Please post some more pics too.

    Thanks and regards
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  3. Raaz

    Raaz Regolare

    Andhra Pradesh, India
    Avventura Abarth
    Hearty Congrats @metal_heart and wish you to have a wonderful ownership experience with it. Keep Rocking.
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  4. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations @metal_heart & welcome to TFI! A worthy choice indeed.

    Happy Riding!
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  5. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Effective use of the weekend. Got the LINEA, its 60K due service.
    - All Filter & Oil Changed
    - Brake Pad & Disc Changed
    - Rear Brake Drums Cleaned
    - Wheel alignment & Balancing

    Attached is the invoice.Please share your comments/suggestion/observation (especially about the engine oil).
    EGR cleaning is still pending, may be would get it done next month





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  6. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Trivandrum / Bangalore
    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations.. Liked your report on the scrutiny of the cars and Linea came out winner. With a FIAT, it is more of a heart's connection!!!

    How did you get the shuffle on? I am still searching for this.

    Long press the Call Accept button.

    Get the sprayers cleaned.

    Its designed that way.
    The below pic is for an LHD vehicle.
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  7. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    SHUFFLE ON/ SHUFFLE OFF (whatever accent you car understands)
    Goto Page 42
    For me, its just the opposite. The left has a much longer throw than the right one, and the shadow is created towards right. So, seems right for RHD.

    Strange, should be opposite (shouldn't it be)

    Basic question
    If i'm in the recent post section, and want to go to last post of any thread. How do i go. I dont see the blue icon, once i visit the post. If i want to go again to last post, how??
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  8. Sujit508

    Sujit508 Regolare

    Bangalore , Karnataka
    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Congratulations metal_heart.

    The Car looks awesome. great buy. with good maintainence, the car will last long , really long.

    By the way. looking at your bill . looks like you got service at a FNG. Just make sure the parts you get ( brake pads, disks, filter ) and what not. are original. and not the local ones. The Original ones may be slightly expensive but, the quality is much better.
  9. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Did you not use Selenia WR 5W-40 engine oil? Either stick to Selenia or Mobil 1 Delvac.
  10. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    I got the car serviced at FNG and the stated oil was suggested by FNG. He claimed it to be better than Delvac (my initial recommendation). Having read many people recommending this place (WOS, Noida), I took his words and tried that oil.

    Not sure about it, hence requesting views

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