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Pre Delivery Inspection Checklist

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by amogh, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    PDI Checklist

    Copyright: TeamFIAT India

    This is a Fiat specific PDI checklist. It has been developed based on the contents/features/accessories of Punto. For Linea, a Linea owner can add some more Linea specific points though I do not expect any differences in the checklist.

    Please note that this PDI checklist was prepared in early October 2010 and some changes might occur with due course of time. e.g. Cigar lighter is no longer offered in FIAT cars as a standard feature. RSA Manual is not given now though the car might have RSA package included as per the offer.

    NOTE SOME LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO- TeamFIAT and its members are/shall not be responsible for any dispute arising as a consequence of the use of this checklist. It is just a routinely followed checklist and you are advised to follow your own heart and the rules followed in your city. e.g. A new unregistered, uninsured car should not be taken for a drive as per law. But, dealerships do provide test drive of cars at their own risk in front of the showroom/dealership. You are responsible on your own for any such action and have to deal with all situations yourself. Team Fiat does not promote or encourage such activity.

    Here is a mini checklist for PDI. I found out that the PDI list on some forums is so long that it can take one full day for a single person.

    Here is how to proceed.


    - Body and Paint
    - Engine Compartment
    - Boot
    - Interiors
    - Others

    II) ROAD TEST(Important)

    Note- It is important to start your car and take a test drive before buying it. Reason- It's because the dealership gets you to sign a declaration that you are satisfied with the car at the time of delivery. I guess (I am not sure) that my dealership had also mentioned in the form that I have taken test drive and is satisfied with the car thoroughly.

    Dealership may not be willing for a test drive on the other hand in practice, as the car is not registered and does not have an insurance at the time of PDI as per my understanding. He does not want to end up with a banged up car. Be responsible in driving such a car and ask your friend if you are still not confident enough to take an unregistered/uninsured car on the tarmac. Remember, its not your property yet. Dealerships stick the TC registration plate to make it a test drive car temporarily and offer test drive before delivery.

    First check the VIN number and decode the month and year of manufacture. The latest, the better. VIN decoding of FIAT cars is explained below.

    Where does VIN matter? When you are buying a car, say in 2013 February and you are paying a full amount. You should get a 2013 manufactured car as RC mentions the month and year of manufacture. If you end up buying a December 2012 car at full amount of a 2013 car, you suffer extra depreciation on the car, if and when you sell it later at any point of its life.

    For more details on VIN, check this thread - VIN Decoding for Fiat India Cars

    A. ODOMETER READING- It should be less than 100Km and ideally less than 50km. In case of our FIAT cars, they come from factory with a "H" being displayed near the Odo(pic attached separately- Pic1). This "H" might be visible or not. Your car should read "H 100km" or less or simply "100km" or less without the "H" logo. It should not be more than "H 100Km" ideally except at places where cars are driven from factory to the dealership directly (e.g. Pune).

    About the H symbol

    The H symbol is displayed on the odo for the initial 200Km of temporary odometer after which "H" disappears automatically and the odometer reading becomes permanent and can not be reset.

    The programming of the H symbol is as follows:

    - It will stay on until the initial 200km's only and will disappear afterwards. In this case, after the disappearance of the H symbol, the odometer will read the actual km's the car has travelled.

    -The H symbol will also disappear if the odometer is reset before the completion of 200Km of temporary odometer. In this case, the odometer reading will be reset to zero for one final time without the H symbol displaying anymore.



    First of all, this matters only if you are buying a variant whose test drive car is not available with the dealer. e.g. Suppose you are planning to buy a Punto 1.4 Petrol but the dealership does not have a dedicated TD car of Punto 1.4 petrol.
    Most of the sales of Punto and Linea comes from 1.3MJD as per stats available on this forum. And almost every dealer has a dedicated test drive car of Punto 1.3 and Linea 1.3MJD anyways so ending up with a test drive car is extremely rare.

    Notice the tyres of a new car. Their surface has rubbery spikes as shown in the pic below. If spikes are present on the tyres, they haven't been used much. If they are absent, then there is quite a possibility that the car has been driven for at least 100Km (NOTE- My car was driven for just H 26km at the time of delivery and it didnt have any rubber spikes on the tyres). In Pune however, I guess cars are driven from the FIAT factory at Ranjangaon to the dealership stockyard so this point holds no importance. In the below pic, I hace attached an old pic of the spare tyre of my car when it was unused. The rubber spikes are clearly seen as encircled in red. Now, I used this tyre for sometime after one of my tyre got damaged and the spikes are no longer there.


    1. Body and paint- Check the front, sides and rear of the car part by part in broad daylight and look for:: dimples, dents, scratches. Look for any uneven panel gaps and door lines. Check all lights and indicator glasses.
    2. Glass. Check all windows and glasses. Now check rear view mirrors(ORVMs)
    3. Wheelcovers/Alloys- for any scratches.
    3a. Check all four tyres for make/brand, any damage, wear or tear.
    4. All 4 doors, boot lid, fuel lid and bonnet- for proper functioning- open/close, lock/unlock, bonnet, fuel lid and boot release levers, those hydraulic arms for supporting the boot. Check all locks by using the key.
    5. Now check that the remote foldable key(if provided) is working fine{lock/unlock/boot release(Linea)} and is folding/unfolding well.

    C. ENGINE COMPARTMENT- Check general condition. Plastic covers etc, wires, harness. Everything should be in proper order.
    Check all fluid levels- engine oil, coolant, brake oil, power steering oilwindscreen washer fluid level. Note any fluid leakage. Any spill from the battery.

    D. BOOT- Check the carpet. Then spare tyre for any wear, make/brand. Leave tool kit etc for later.
    Now, get all the door windows, front and rear windshield cleaned. No dirt as you will be testing the wipers soon.

    E. INTERIORS- Check interiors in general. Now sit inside the car.
    - Check glove box- open/close.
    - Check all power windows/manual windows for proper functioning. Open/close. Operate all window switches.
    - Check both mirrors- power/electric mirrors or internally adjustable mirrors for function.

    - Wipers- Both front and rear(if provided). For controls, operation. Wiper stalk is on the right hand side. Rotate to operate the wipers. Push stalk up for instantaneous wash sos. Push away from you to operate rear washer. Pull towards you to operate front washer.

    - Check all carpets. Then check seats and their fabric for some damage.
    - Check all five seatbelts.
    - Now check that all head restraints are present.
    - Check all accessories- Cigar lighter(if applicable)
    - Check front seats controls- forward/backward. Recline and driver seat height(if available).
    - Check tilt lever of steering.
    - Now check other controls- AC, ICE, Red warning triangle, steering controls, roof lights, Menu buttons.
    - Check dashboard. No missing plastic panel etc. Check all doors, door handles.

    Now, check tyre pressure in all four tyres as a successful road test depends upon a equal and optimum tyre pressure. If you are not sure of tyre pressure check facility at dealership, have some arrangement if possible. Otherwise leave this step.

    Remember, that any fault you noticed above can be rectified. Fiat will provide you all assistance for anything missed above but detected later. Your car comes with a 3 year warranty. But, do start your car and test drive it carefully.

    Insert key, rotate it one step clockwise to take it to "On(Mar)" position. Do not start the car yet.
    Now check all lights- headlights, tail lights, indicators, brake lights, fog lamps, high beem, low beem. Front fog lamp works only if parking lights are on. rear fog lamp works only if headlights are on.

    Now start engine after making sure car is in neutral and hand brakes are engaged, notice any unusual NVH, vibrations, rattles. Check speedo and tachometer.
    Now drive and note, rattles, steering response, horn, suspension. A mild thud heard from the rear suspension over potholes is normally heard when no one is sitting at the back seat. Do not worry about that.

    NOW COMES A VERY IMPORTANT PART, check for alignment and any pulling problem.
    Select a good smooth road with less traffic(avoid rush hour time for your PDI. Check your local traffic pattern) the most level surface. Attain a speed close to 30-40kmph, stablize the car in a straight line and let go of the steering. The car should continue moving straight or starts to deviate to one side slowly. If it starts doing this significantly after leaving the steering, beware. Get alignment and balancing checked. Have an opinion of your friend if you have doubt.

    If All is well, come back and its time for paper work.

    III) PAPERWORK- Check that VIN, chassis number, engine number, Form 21, Delivery Challan/Invoice, Form-22 are correct. Check that make of the car is "Fiat", not "TATA".
    My RTO agent was about to submit my documents for registration of TATA Grande Punto. Make sure that all the data is complete and correct.

    Now, check that you get the following with the car:
    - Owners manual (Service coupons are in ownership manual only since 2013)
    - Insurance copy
    - Extended warranty card (if applicable). Since late 2010, extended warranty card is not being given separately IMO (unconfirmed)
    - Roadside Assistance manual (if applicable). Usually, RSA Manual is not given since late 2010.
    - Battery warranty card
    - Electronic security code card for key (if applicable)
    - Security code card for stereo (if applicable)
    - Stereo user manual that you will never understand
    - 1 spare key
    - Tool kit (has a total of 5 items. See below)
    - First aid kit
    - Warning triangle
    - 1 set of spare headlamp bulbs (has 2 bulbs in a small box)
    - Accessories promised by the dealer- Car cover, floor mats, mudflaps etc.
    - Documents (delivery challan, RC, invoice, Form 21, Form 22 etc.)

    - For temporary registration following documents should be provided to the customer while buying the car
    -- Form 21
    -- Form 22
    -- 2 copies of invoice (1 original for the RTO and a duplicate for our own self)

    Tool Kit contents:
    - Jack
    - Spanner
    - Screwdriver
    - Tow hook
    - That L-shaped tool meant for loosening/tighten the wheel nuts when we change tires.

    CONGRATS, Now you can drive. Remember to click some pics. For you and for us as well icon_e_smile.gif
    Also remember, that you may be over enthsiastic in doing a PDI but all your apprehensions/worries are gone when you see the car in front of you. Even if you find some imperfection, you will ignore it. Small things, if any, like any hard door handle etc should be brought to the notice of your sales manager. You can get these things rectified later on.
    What is more important is to have a test drive of your car for any mechanical issues before it is registered in your name.
  2. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Trivandrum / Bangalore
    Linea 1.3
    VIN decoding is mentioned, but not explained.
    I can't find it by search too. Could anyone update this?
    There used to be an xls/pdf of the PDI checklist. I can't find that too.

  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  4. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sharing the PDI checklist file that I had compiled from various sources like TFI , *Bhp, MFW etc.

    I have the MS word document of this, but since doc files cannot be uploaded here, sharing the PDF file. If there are any additions to be made do let me know and I can do the needful.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Saurabh Gharat

    Saurabh Gharat Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Any changes for the 2014 version
  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    PDI list should be same even for 2014 and beyond vehicles.
  7. Saurabh Gharat

    Saurabh Gharat Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    I will be taking the delivery of the New Fiat Linea this week. Therefore looking for updates if any.
  8. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Finally booked Old Linea Jan 2014 Emotion Diesel. Got a huge discount :). Will write a detailed thread later. I did the PDI today and found the vehicle to be fine expect for the hugely rusted disc brake. Posting the pic here. Is this normal. The sales guy says its fine but I am not satisfied. The rust is through out the disc. 20141217_165445.jpg
  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    That is pretty much expected of a car that has been standing in the stockyard for a few months. Not a big deal. You could insist on getting the discs cleaned. Have read of several cases of folks who've faced no issues with their brake discs despite the visual appearance to the contrary. Your call, but I would not be too troubled by this: it looks lousy but very probably: is not.
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  10. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Thanks prabhjot.
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