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power window stuck in lowered position

Discussion in 'Technical' started by harryaviator, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. harryaviator

    harryaviator Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    i have always believed that, if the going is too good to be true, then there is something that is not going right.. call it murphy or any other character you want, it just finds the right moment to strike.
    what happened?
    1. post a nice shopping expedition at a swanky mall in kochi around 8:30 pm , lowered the window to pay parking fees at the exit, never to come up again. tried a whole lot of stuff the common man does.. switch off and see, tried pulling it up. nothing worked.
    Actions Taken
    1. took it to a nearby accessory shop and they tried their best to no avail.
    2. got back home disheartened and put the car away in garage.
    3. took it to Hyson service centre kochi. they changed the window regulator/roller on extended warranty. voila.. it started working again. took the delivery of car, started rolling out .. and it gets stuck again. they later found out that, the control unit(under the glovebox is faulty).. getting it replaced under extended warranty.
    4. additional issues detected...
    timing chain making some weird sound - getting extended warranty on that
    clutch worn out - replacement in extended warranty
    battery replacement - going for sf sonic maintenance free battery 12V60AH

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