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poor service provided by shiv shankar motors no support from fiat for last 3 months

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by vikash ranjan, Aug 18, 2012.

    My vehicle no. is HR 72 -4898. Flamingo red Dec 2009 Model. My vehicle is under your extended warranty. I gave my vehicle for repairs to SHIV SHANKAR MOTORS on 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Jun 12 for 17000km servicing/ defect rectification.
    1) Engine jerking defect.
    2) AC not working.
    3) Clutch operation defective.
    I was given date of 7[SUP]th[/SUP] Jun for delivery of vehicle. However I was told to come later as defect was not rectified. After few days I was told that oxygen sensor is defective so it needs to be repaired. I was also told to take delivery of the vehicle with O2 sensor disconnected, as O2 sensor had to be brought from Pune and would take 14 days time for delivery . After studying from internet I realized the advice would be detrimental to the car engine so I refused to take the delivery. BY 21 jun 12 I was told that my vehicle is ready and all the defective components have been replaced.
    I went for delivery of the vehicle and realized the following(1[SUP]st[/SUP] delivery):-
    1. There was an abnormal noise from the silencer exhaust: Mr Bhaskar(superviser),Mr Trinath(Technician) told me that this noise is normal and would subside.
    2. AC was unsatisfactory: The service center never took initiative to show me whether AC was working satisfactorily or no. I had to believe them that they had worked on the cooling coils, since it was evening it was no point to check the cooling as well.
    I was unsatisfied however Mr Bhaskar made me realize that he has himself taken interest and all defects have been rectified. I filled the customer satisfaction form showing him in very good light and above average remarks(since I believed him). However I wrote that AC defect rectification is not satisfactory. After the days work in office I took a small test drive and took the delivery after paying Rs 10,432/-.
    While reaching home I realized:-
    1. Check Engine lamp was glowing.
    2. Abnormal noise of exhaust (wobbling).
    Immediately I called Mr Pawan and told him that I would return the vehicle next day.

    I returned the vehicle the next day.

    After few days I was told by Mr Pawan that the defect needs replacement of the gasget of the cylinder head and it would take 15 more days. I left my car at the service center. I was in direct contact with Mr Pawan and Mr Annamalai (Customer Relation Manager). They used to give me feedback that fiat people came and have checked my car and have told to replace the gaskets. I believed them. They called me on 26 Jul 12 for delivery of vehicle.

    This time I realized that few more defects had come into the system (2[SUP]nd[/SUP] delivery):-
    1. Abnormal noise in the engine: Abnormal noise the service center attributed it to the replaced gaskets. Mr Pawan(shop work manager) told me that this noise is due to replacement of the engine cylinder gasket, as the gasket is new the noise will go after running for 5000kms.
    2. Check engine lamp could be seen every other time.
    3. Brake fluid low indication was visible any other time, giving indication not to go ahead.
    4. AC defective. One of the service center supervisors told me that AC is not effective.
    5. There was an evident increase in vibration of the engine: this could be easily be observed sitting inside the car.
    6. There was light jerking motion still there in the engine: I was told by the service center that since the components are new once I run vehicle for some 5000kms the jerk will go, the carbon deposit in the engine would reduce the jerk.
    I brought the car back from garage after paying Rs 13,000/- Mr Pawan sent me an e-bill which showed 26,687/-. Which clearly does not states what I paid to the service center.

    While comong back home I car stopped at a place aand refused to start. I called back Mr Pawan and he told he would send a support team. However after some time car started after 15 starts.

    The next day while going on the road suddenly the lower body cover of the car broke off. The car body started touching the road. I called Mr Pawan and Mr Annamalia and told him the bad state of work manship shown by them. They sent a breakdown personnel who drove my car back to the garage.

    I was given (3[SUP]rd[/SUP] delivery) *of my car.

    On 11[SUP]th[/SUP] Aug 12 I called Mr Annmalai to send team to repair my car at my place as constant repair of the car since 4 Jun 12 had not helped more so on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] delivery I had realized they had made a dent on right forward part of the car. I showed it to Pawan and he repaired it after 4 working days. Later I realized the work shop had broken my back left light and the silver strip . The silver strip was stuck with glue but I could not recognize that light has also been broken.
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  2. mindgrinder

    mindgrinder Novizio

    did you write a mail at to service@fiapl.com id? I generally get response from them in a day or 2, if nothing happens i would suggest send fiat pune and dealer a notice asap.
  3. Where are you located from.Please give the details of the dealer.It is mentioned that you had bought HR registered vehicle.
  4. i am owner of 2009 Dec modal fiat linea emotion pack and for last one year my vehicle is in GarageSRMT, Vizag. For that matter Its TATA's and they are shutting down now. FIAT has not been able to repair my car. I have a court case running and the sheer thich skinned attitude of FIAT is putting me to despair.
    It started off with enfine jerking issue and repairs at Shiv sankar motors in Jun 2012 and the problem could be repaired only by Oct 12.
    There was man handling of my vehicle by Mr Trinath at Shivsankar motors and i had to pay for the broken lights. All incompetent fellows who worked there Mr Pawan, Mr Annamalai took 6 months only to lea201ve me with engine oil leaking car.
    Mar 2013 i landed my car at SRMT vizag under Mr Venugopal, i am in regular touch with Miss Manisha, Mr Ramesh Ganty but till date that is 02 Oct 2013 that makes it 1 yr 3 months my vehicle has not seen day light. I hav spent Rs 70,000/- and man hours, mental agony and people seem to be waiting for courts decision.
  5. PaddleShifter

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    Grande Punto 1.3
    @vikash- Its disheartening to see such treatment given to your car. Have you highlighted your problem to FIAT India by sending them an email at service.india @ fiat. com (without spaces).
  6. i am located in visakhapatnam...bought vehicle from chennai...

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