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Poor Pickup/Low Mileage

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by nikhilsikka, May 15, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    I own a Fiat Punto Emotion Pack Diesel and have clocked 73k kms in 3 years of ownership. Earlier I used to get around 15km/l but now a days it has dropped to 12-12.5 km/l. Also there is significant loss in the pickup. It feels way too sluggish specially with AC on. Things look very bad when its carrying 4 adults with AC. The car pulls very slowly.

    I want to ask the experts what could be the reason for it?

    Should I get it checked right now or wait till the car hits 75k kms and get due for service?
  2. The above problem is when I am using the AC. Without AC the pickup is fine as it was earlier.
  3. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Clean inlet manifold, intercooler, EGR valve, MAF & MAP sensor.
  4. I too have the same problem shooting up recently in my car. when AC is ON vehicle is very sluggish and i need to rev up hard to gain enough rpm to shift higher gear. But without AC the car is like unleashed beast.
  5. AshithK

    AshithK Novizio

    Bhai, is it something DIY or do we need to go to service center to do this. My car is a victim as well.. I sometimes feel that there may be a turbo leak, I use a HKS airfilter.. but again there isnt any turbo leak when I examined the hoses. Dunno why my car is under performing, My top speed is just about 130mph on the top gear.. The RPM just doesnt go beyond 3000rpm in the 5th geat.. Please help me as I am a passionate performance driven driver, it pains when I am not able to overdrive a swift or a etios in a highway.. I know the problem is my car specific, please let me now a solution.
  6. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Check for incorrect Air/Fuel Ratio

    While cleaning EGR clean it throughly. I mean cleaning of EGR cooler is also essential.
    Check all hoses for leak & cuts. Tiny cuts do not seen until you don't check by turning it.

    One more important thing -
    Check any exhaust smell in engine compartment for leak of turbo boost & leak of EGR gases.
    In my case I was getting exhaust smell in engine compartment at cold start morning.
    Exhaust smell in engine compartment means your intake pressure or EGR gases are leaking.
    Due to this leak you get incorrect Air/Fuel ratio. In most cases error of incorrect A/F ratio is not shown by ECU error.

    I replaced EGR cooler/Heat Exchanger in warrantee. After replacing there is no exhaust smell in engine compartment.
    Problem of heavyness and poor low end torque solved.
    But problem of poor low end torque at low RPM again.

    But it may be due to extremely bad fuel. Now I have bad fuel still car is running without any heavyness issue.
    Only poor throttle response at low RPM is there due to suspectible fuel quality.
    I called WM. He told me to visit.
    I am replacing all hoses of intercooler and checking any leak in intercooler.

    If you have even any minor leak in hose or intercooler car struggle in hilly area.

    Because IMHO FIAT has kept too many margin in parameters of sensors.

    In fact I have checked it on my Maruti former 75 HP Dzire DDiS. I removed turbo pipe going to inlet manifold.
    Peformance dropped but no Check Engine Light. Then reved it upto 4000 RPM.Still no check engine light.
    Then pipe refitted. & visited Maruti ASS. Checked ECM by examiner named Tech-II. There was no ECU error even I drove car without hose of intercooler.:eek:

    MJD is advanced but also complicated engine.
    If no ecu error then we have to find fault by using conventional method by assuming that we have conventional carburetted engine (Without ECU & sensors):D

    So check all & good luck
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