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Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Manilruben, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. royj

    royj Esperto

    I had recently completed the second service (15K) for my Punto.
    My expenses so far are:
    1st Service - Rs.0.00/-
    2nd Service - Rs.4620.00/-
    I would expect the third (30K) service to be between 4K & 6K So you can do the math and see :wink:
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I guess Polo did not give USB and Steering controls for this very reason in Highline.
    No steering controls so that people find it easy and to upgrade a stock HU that does not have a USB port, which in turn makes it mandatory too.
    Does VW allow to have an after market HU? I had read in one ownership thread that VW dealer said that if he got after market ICE, his warranty would be void and that VW is very particular about this thing. This makes me believe that VW has found a method of extracting money. Do not provide USB and steering controls on stock HU though USB is available on HUs bought from VW accessories store.

    Changing the HU with after market HU is not good with those who like to have integrated HU that gives better looks. Changing the Polo HU takes away that good looks Polo lovers talk about.

    Like I said, you love Swift but you think Punto has crappy interiors. Do you really think that Swift has better interiors than Punto?

    What I want to say here is that yes, i20, Polo and Fabia have used a very good quality plastic that makes a good impression but what exactly makes Punto interiors crappy?
    The way Punto interiors are called as being "crappy" is saying that Punto is the only car that does not have good interiors. Punto does not have good interiors when compared to i20, Polo or Fabia but they are not anyway less than 99% hatches running on Indian roads.

    I want to say that Fiat enthusiasts do not go and start criticizing other cars. They are peacefully talking good about their own cars when someone starts bashing Fiats. It is at this point that still, we defend ourselves rather than being offensive.

    Bad legroom and headroom in Punto? Are you 6'5"?
  3. Paliofan

    Paliofan Timido

    Rear seat legroom? Maintenance? :hit
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3

    1. Jazz dash- Ok, may be subjective and it's just me who does not like it. I find it not be too convenient.

    2. Regarding Point 2 and 6: If VW decided to cut cost by removing features, Fiat decided to cut cost by average plastic and panel gaps. Fewer Panel gaps are important for you just like features are important to me.

    3.Agreed. Went off topic just to express that people bash Fiat and show their love for every car in the segment except Fiat.

    4. I've not used it. In fact, there is a keypad on the dash that looks cool when one punches a phone number from that keypad. But, I doubt if the car can read SMS, has voice commands for music & phone, discuss ICE and Blue&Me settings etc.

    5. Justified if you are audiophile. Components do well with Punto/Linea's stock HU. In fact I had some discussion with "deralte" from team-bhp in this regard, before selecting the variant.

    6. discussed with 2

    7. i20 has more gizmos. I would surely post a new thread "i20 vs Punto" just for enumerating the features that Punto does not have but i20 has and vice versa.

    8. It looks to be. At least the headroom part, Polo & Punto have similar ground clearance but Polo is 50mm shorter. I don't expect better headroom even on paper unless Polo has very low set seats.
    I'm 182cm tall(183.5cm= 6 feet), I'll come up with a video review of space in Punto shortly.

    9. Yes, agreed. But people install ICE nyways. 70% Punto in Chandigarh is MJD Active variant. Many such Punto has after market ICE(I know at least two). But, the Polo thread suggested otherwise.

    10. MASS. I've a decade old M800 with my brother. It had water seepage issue that came to our notice when the car was 2 months old. MASS did not try properly nor did they have any solution. Even today, we drive it without carpets during rains or avoid it. Anshuman's Swift had same problem. At the time of delivery, the car had a minor crack in the glass in front of speedo IP. They promised to replace it after a few days and insisted us to take delivery. MASS refused to change it later saying that it would need opening up the whole dash near the steering column.

    Alo, Manikjeet got a faulty Punto with pulling problem. Fiat intervened and he got refund. I know a M800 having same problem, sold almost the same time as ours. A 2lac car in the year2000 was a huge investment(one could buy a house in the periphery of Chandigarh for same price). He stopped trying after some visits to MASS. Only real advantage of MASS is that you'll find one t the most remote place in India. You may run out of Air Tel network but MASS is always there.

    Yes, Let's finish the topic here finally. You get what you want in Swift and Polo. I found it elsewhere. :cool
    And you turned out to be a racing enthusiast after I saw your pics in your new thread. So obvious choice for you is Swift or Polo 1.6. I'm a sedate type of driver who does not like to drive beyond 60kmph(city) or 80kmph(highway). My average city speed till now 19-21kmph.
  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Ha ha ha... :lol Look who's getting "insecure"? I don't know why you guys have to resort to such adjectives in a discussion which was going alright till you start passing personal judgment on others with such adjectives. I suggest you refrain from such adjectives.
    Again, lol... There is no turbo charged engine on this planet that doesn't have turbo lag, if lag is such a pain either you don't know how to drive a TCd engine or you are better off with a NA engine. Like I was mentioning elsewhere, if the engine lacks ooommpphh in one band of the rev range, it will make up for the loss elsewhere. A Cruze manages a 0-100 in 9.xx secs which is OHC Vtec territory. Once again, I am talking about the sheer acceleration that car is capable off giving justice to that 150PS claimed motor. [/quote:atg225oj]
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Those statements were meant to prove how something can be said in 2 twisted manners. You can keep on going ga ga over it. And someone else may say even after all these, its still a 3 pot engine in Polo. Period. And being a 3 pot engine, It has to give the benefits/ advantages over 4 cylinder engine which its not giving.
    Why doesn't the Polo give more FE? The answer is simple actually. Tuning. That car with 22ps less is as fast as the Punto 90HP. Need I say more? Obviously, VW could have tuned the car to give 3-4kmpl more and make it significantly slower ala Fiat. But they made their 3-pot diddly piddly as fast as the raved after Fiat 90HP *sports* engine which an enthu is supposed to lust after. [/quote:atg225oj]
    Aha. Now we are talking. So, a Rs. 5-6 Lacs car having 3 pot engine does not offer any price advantage over a 4 cylinder engine, does not give any higher FE, barely able to catch up with acceleration figures quoted by a mag, where is the obvious advantage why 3 pot engine is offered? Where is the cost saving gone? At that cost why should one settle for a 3 pot engine without any real advantages derived?
    That going green story why VW offers a 3 pot engine seems a crap. Do you actually believe that India's pollution levels are at the heart of VW when deciding on this engine? Are you suggesting that all manufacturers offering 4 cylinder BS IV engines are increasing India's Pollution? May be then Govt. should make 3 pot engine as a norm instead of BS IV... :mrgreen: These MNC's are purely here for business nothing else. And hence offering 3 pot engine to be able to compete at price levels else they can get wiped off due to pricing like it happened to a few cars.

    Lol, I can't understand why you are getting so insecure over this. All I said was a Polo with 195 section tyres would handle as good as a Punto. Maruti sells the Swift D with crappy 165 tyres, so if I say it will handle & brake better with 195 tyres I don't see a reason why anyone should get worked up over it, unless you are blindly just trying to defend a manufacturer you love. [/quote:atg225oj]
    :lol: There is no point in covering a car's shortfall by taking resort to mods. Compare OEM to OEM because thats what manufacturer has offered at a given price. After you buy it, you can do any mods & convert any car into a vastly different car altogether. But thats not the point. Is it?

    Secondly, nobody is getting worked up here. People are just trying to take you back to the ground & pointing out the twists in the statements/ phrases.

    The fact is - Polo does not handle as good as Punto. And let VW first give 195 section tyres if it really wants to match Punto's handling & then we'll revisit the comparison. But till then, Jai Ho. and lets not twist the stories :mrgreen:
    Rs. 0.00
    1st service is a ZERO-cost visit :)

    Check that post. Its Rs. 34K for 4 years (8.5K per year) or Rs. 20K for 3 years. 4th year service seems costly affair as some expensive parts are to be changed. Hence, Anyone buying maintenance plan won't usually buy 3 years plan but would buy 4 year plan to be safe. Higher spare parts cost & only 40-odd service station spanning over-25 states in India hardly gives any comfort.
    Thats a nice initiative by FIAT. But I am not new to this. I know of a lot of friends who got their clutch replaced by Maruti for free after it started slipping under 10k kms inspite of it being a driving error. I myself have got a few parts changed after all the abuse my car took on tracks. And there were no questions asked. Also clutch assembly is not covered under warranty and does not come cheap (anywhere between 4-8k). I have seen several other instances with other manufacturers too, but I guess the rest don't get kicks out of having your car company replace something that wasn't in warranty and cost under 1-2k. I would like to see them replace expensive parts free of cost.[/quote:atg225oj]
    There are stories on the net how Maruti refuses to honor rightful warranty claims - one of them I remember was for Clutch Assembly & the other was for some important engine part in a brand new DZire. When it comes to honoring Warranties Maruti & Honda are the worst.

    I don't know where you live, but in Bangalore a lot of people do change OE stereos to better ones the minute they buy their car.[/quote:atg225oj]
    Out of every 100 customers buying car, how many goes straight to aftermarket to change tyres & swap the OEM ICE? How Many? 5000 customers may still be lot of guys in your language but 5000 out of 1 lac is only 5%. Getting the drift?
    Lol, why don't you do an analysis to compare the # of people who would go in for ICE upgrade vis-a-vis LPG/CNG.[/quote:atg225oj]
    You're yet to revert on How many customers out of every 100 customers, go for Tyre change & OEM ICE change immediately. Note that this is what you mentioned - lot of people go for tyre change & ICE change. My statement was a response.
    HOW MANY (out of every 100 customers)? :mrgreen:

    Actually, you can upgrade ICE in Active, Dynamic & even Emotion variant.
    On the other hand, the fact is, even if you want Steering Mounted Controls in Polo higher variant, you still won't get it as VW does not believe in giving it as an option :mrgreen:
    Why are you getting jittery? Who says anybody is getting offended by shortcomings of any car. Heck, I do not own a Punto but there are Punto owners here who themselves have mentioned things they do not like & wants Fiat to improve. But then when someone is trying to twist things phrasing it differently, its only proper to do a reality check. If you term it as offended, insecure etc, then it could be your habit believing it that way.
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    You've a 16 GB/ 8 GB USB stick storing 1000's of songs & 100's of Folders. You just say "Folders", the car system chooses the Folder/ song for you instead of shuffling thro' CD's or manually choosing on USB by up/ down arrow (How many times will you do it to choose a song in a large capacity USB stick). I think an Audiofile would love this. :mrgreen:
  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Agree. That last line was added as an after-thought in lighter-vein and hence the grinning smiley. :)
  8. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Source http://www.bsmotoring.com/news/fiat-punto-90hp-power-up/2368/2
    What about this now 0-100 for 90 HP Punto is 15.5 seconds.
    Autocar report is a First Drive and not a Full Fledged Road Test.

    Do a drag of Punto and Polo and see for yourself who wins and by how much margin. 0-100 timing differs because of the crook who is driving the car.
    Punto 90 with a one more cylinder, more power, faster than Polo, heavier than Polo gives more or same FE as Polo.

    Regarding Plastic Quality. Only time will tell how much better is Polo Plastic Quality. (Everything that shines is not gold)

    Regarding Niggling Issues in Punto. Polo also have it's own niggling issue and a major one in it's turbo charging system. (In team-bhp one member have this problem and it will take more than 1-2 weeks time for TC to come because it is imported. If the same would have happened to Punto or Linea I am sure everybody would have been bashing FIAT for not storing the said part and bla bla bla and what not. If spares are not availabe for Polo it's because spares are improrted and it takes time to reach India but in case of FIAT it becomes their service is very bad and they don't stock parts. (In FIAT if any major part is required it is sent in urgency out of their parts which they have for production of new models)
    Atleast with FIAT you don't have to wait for 5-6 months before getting delivery of your new car.

    Regarding ASS. It's not bad it's above average. At least I don't have to wait hours for changing a Set of Wipers in my car as I have to do in case of MASS. TASS have charged me for extra for alignment which was free but still it's better than others that charge you for putting extra additives like engine oil additive, coolant additive and gear oil additive and what not. They don't charge for topping-up of fluids which MASS do every time religiously.
    "A Known devil is better than unknown angel" Devil = FIAT , Angel = VW

    Polo 1.6 don't have complete safety features. It doesn't have Anti Lock Braking System + Electronic Brakeforce Distribtuion (ABS+EBD). Polo only have ABS (Anti Lock Braking System). While Punto have Anti Lock Braking System + Electronic Brakeforce Distribution And I am sure even a Sx4 would eat Polo 1.6 for lunch, dinner and breakfast. (Based on driving experience of Petrol Jetta)

    I would post a Full HD video of refinement of 90 BHP MJD Engine of my Linea that too on a Cold Start(First Start of Engine). If anyone can produce such a video of Polo 3 pot engine idling with bonnet open. It would be great.

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  9. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    Why to even discuss this?
    With 1.6 Polo you would drive with a speed of 30 kms/hr in Pune and 20 kms/hr in Bangalore.
    With 1.4 Punto you would drive with a speed of 30 kms/hr in Pune and 20 kms/hr in Bangalore.
    With 1.2 Swift you would drive with a speed of 30 kms/hr in Pune and 20 kms/hr in Bangalore.
  10. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    As soon as they come up with a bicycle that can carry 4 people. Believe me, I shudder to take my car out even for a few kilometers of ride. Here in Pune, it is a war zone at all times with bicycles, autos, two wheelers, buses, trucks and tempos trying to kiss your vehicle. I am surprised how people want to purchase BMWs and Audis on roads which are narrowed down by cars parked on both sides and half of the road being dug up leaving just a single lane open. Today I saw a beautiful BMW parked in front of a shop I had gone for purchasing and the first thought in my mind was, how can they drive such a big car without having a single scratch on the car?
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