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Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Manilruben, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. HammerHead

    HammerHead Novizio

    A Goan In Pune
    Grande Punto 1.4
    That shows one should not go just by brand name, at least not if the product is for 'developing country' like us and if they say its a 'VFM' proposition from their side i.e. the cheapest car they can offer. One need to cut corners to achieve low/competitive selling price, in some cases its visible, some cases its not!!
  2. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Polo has 180 NM torque @ 2000 RPM
    GP has 197 NM @ 1750 RPM.

    Multijet has 4 cylinder mill.

    Polo has 3 cylinder mill. 3 Cylinder mill always has more NVH.
    In Refinement section GP wins the hand.
  3. Never expected this bad quality from VW. Polo is not that VFM anyways should have given better quality plastics & rubber.
  4. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    I remember VW was attributing severe rejection of parts from vendors as the reason for the delay and slow production in the beginning of Polo manufacturing. How did these kind of parts slip through?. I think the vendors got around for the better by making cosmetic presentation of a cost conscious component with high quality expectation . The component got through the QC but showed up over time. I am referring to the cracked roof beading. I ve never seen it all my life even in a mediocre car.:confused1

    It shows the Indian consumer cannot be taken for granted and if issues are from a bigger brand, the negative impact is more

    I hope Fiat is observing

  5. i am a newbie to this forum though i was leeching it for a couple of daysi have a small doubt. I want a car so that i can use it in the city traffic. I have zeroed in onto the poo or the punto. when i test drove the punto i felt like the foot well being cramped for my 13 no. Shoes. That was the only problem with the punto i had.. Polo did not have any such problem. Pleaseadvice me whih car to go for.
  6. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Srikarat. Welcome to TFI. ::T
    Well my shoe size is 8 so it isn't a problem.
    Yes the footwell is cramped because of the odd design of the clutch foot rest (aka dead pedal). Sometimes, when I drive other cars now, I invariably press the brake paddle instead of the accelerator.
    Because now I am used to closely placed paddles and they aren't a problem. Its very easy to adapt to a few things like footwell, long clutch travel, European style headlight and wiper stalk.

    But for a shoe size of no. 13, you might have found it very odd for sure.

    @TFIans- I always wanted to ask this just for knowledge because of this topic of cramped foot well been discussed before in another forum by someone. There is a screw like thing in the clutch foot rest somewhere around the arrow in the pic below. Can't we remove the foot rest?
    [attachment=0:1i4ich1l]FIAT Grande Punto Footwell.jpg[/attachment:1i4ich1l]

    FIAT Grande Punto Footwell.jpg
  7. thanks for the quick reply. Will buying any other set of pedals for the car be better for my shoes. Like the sports pedals which are there on the accesories list? Will they help me reduced the cramped feeling i get?
  8. please tell me if the dead pedal can be removed. Waiting eagerly for the reply. Thats the only problem for me with the car. If i can get it removed i am the happiest fiat customer ever!!!
  9. vinz


    PUNTO is always better for indian road condition. i am driving it past year without a day on bad roads with loads of potholes . the ride is excellent even on roads with pot holes suspension is very good. and climate control ac is freezing at lvl 1 with temp outside is always above 30 in my city. Handling is very good it responses very fast to my driving and staring control . Braking is also excellent .Even at 160kms on highway its stable without any vibration and very good road grip.only problem for me is to sit inside and get out of the seat its too low for my height.PUNTO is best in its class no doubt about it.
  10. @above. Sry for not calling you by u r id. I am using a phone which does not have a back option on it.
    The only problem with the punto for me is the cramped footwell. I liked the car a lot. I want to know if the dead pedal can be removed. I inquired in the showroom but the sales person did not know it.
    Thanks for replying fast for my queries.
    I almost decided to buy it but the dead pedal is the only thing stopping me. When ever i press the clutch pedal, the dead one was there halfway.
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