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Please suggest the Right Fiat for me

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by vinvk, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. vinvk

    vinvk Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Much appreciated.

    Again, what I learnt from binge watching automobile reviews, is that certain cars have better Diesel engines than their petrol models.
    For example 1.5L figo diesel is better than it's petrol variant. I'm yet to take test drives, but if I find that a diesel car is giving me better performance than a petrol car of same brand or other and there is not a premium price difference, can I opt for diesel, for performance sake?

    I'm totally convinced with the above. Thanks.

    I'm going to test drive 1.4 punto evo. Also it is relatively cheaper than a T-jet/Diesel. I'm considering it now.
    But one thing is for sure, All the reviews without a single exception have claimed that 1.4 FIRE petrol is sluggish. Of course it has to do with the car's weight. Powerdrift has ridiculed 1.4 avventura. Overdrive said 1.4 FIRE Linea had difficulty in overtaking peoplemovers on highway. It is my first car. I dont need much pickup. 1.4 Evo is very well in the list.

    I wonder why there is no 1.4 Petrol Avventura with airbags (Emotion variant). That would have sealed the deal for me.

    I see that top end MJD punto evo is in similar price bracket of Linea T-jet Active. The way I saw it, it is the same as hatchback with additional boot space. Also I liked the fact that T-jet Linea comes four disc brakes on T-Jet Linea.

    This car does pull some strings in my heart. Only a test drive will decide the course of action but I thought it has as many creature comforts as that in a Punto evo. Isn't it?
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  2. manjunathkl

    manjunathkl Amatore

    Linea 1.4
    I agree in that case, you may opt diesel for performance sake. But this decision is after you zero in on the car's make and model. At that time you can take the call. E.g. if it is Duster, I would recommend diesel only.

    All reviewers are also following herd mentality. If one reputed reviewer calls it sluggish, everyone will call sluggish. I can challenge overdrive, 1.4 Linea is not any difficult to overtake, it is a breeze to overtake, I have overtaken cars doing 100 kmph in 5th gear. You need to be in the right gear and right speed. We are buying a fuel efficient road car, not formula one race car. It is all about how you drive.

    Linea is a fantastic car for sure, I advised to buy a hatch instead is because, Linea is very lengthy and tough to find parking spots compared to hatches. So, if you don't need that big a boot, go for a hatch with same class and features. If you are OK with parking space, then please go for linea it is better value for money compared to Punto variant vs variant.

    Features missing in Duster that Punto has:

    Automatic AC
    Follow me headlamps.
    Integrated bluetooth telephony and music from mobile with steering controls and voice activation: Blue&Me. Duster has steering controls but it is more of a joke. They are mounted behind the steering and is practically unusable.
    Speed sensing door lock
    Foldable keys
    One Touch power windows for all 4 windows

    If you compare with Linea there are lot more - like rain sensing wipers, auto headlights, driver arm rest etc...
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  3. vinvk

    vinvk Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Hello Everyone

    I took test drives of few cars in the last three days. Wanted to share the experiance with you all

    I'm new to driving. So the test drive didn't cross 30-40kmph / 3rd gear.
    The idea was to get a feel of the car rather than testing every aspect of it.
    I also took the ride in the rear seat asking the SC to drive the car.

    Ford Figo:
    Roomy inside. Both rear seat and driver seat. I'm 5'10" and din't feel any inconvenience in the driving position.
    1.5L Diesel performance had good reviews
    Car is packed to the brim with features.
    Topend varint with ABS and 6airbags comes to around 8.5L onroad.

    none. Other than the fact that it is a hatchback.

    Ford Ecosport:

    Good looks
    Powerful engine options
    Safety features
    Fun to drive. Can do fast manoeuvres.

    Too cramped inside. Both the front and rear passenger seats. I'm 5'10" and my knees were hitting the dash board.
    SC said I need to adjust the drivng position and/or I'll get used to it. But for the price I'm paying, it didn't make sense to go for such a cramped vehicle. Petrol Titanium comes to just over 11Lakhs. I would rather go for Figo if I want a Ford.

    Renault Duster:

    I always liked the looks of this car. The impression didn't change after the test drive.

    First I tried the petrol variant. It was so easy to drive this car. I just pushed the driver seat little back and voila. Good driving position with excellent visibility. Even the rear passengers get good visibilt of the road. Something hatchbacks can't match.
    The steering wheel is slightly on the bigger side but that should be OK. Steering also provides good feedback.
    And the ride quality, felt as if I'm on the living room couche.

    None that I could think of other than the ergonomic issues which I'm ready to overlook.


    I like this car and want to make the move. I need your help here.

    A colleague told me that he took his friend's car for a long trip. He noticed rattling issues and felt his Swift was much better for long trips.

    secondly, should I go for petrol/ diesel ? My usage would be 7000 KM per year at MAX.

    Dealer has one 2015 RXE petrol variant with ABS but no Airbags. I can add alloys/music system/rear power windows. It will come to 10.6L onroad.

    Limited edition Explorer Diesel variant is also available. It has driver air bag but no ABS. It has additional styling features and looks good. It comes to 12L on road.

    I liked driving Petrol. Diesel cllutch is little hard. Gearboxis notchy. And NVH comparitively high.

    FIAT Avventura 1.3 MJD:
    I first made an enquiry at KHT whitefield around 10 days back for Punto Evo. But the sales guy couldn't arrange any test drive till now.
    I called Aadya motors (hebbal) on sunday and today they brough Avvy MJDfor test drive to my office. Their Avvy Abarth is in service today. So I asked them to bring the Diesel.

    I didn't find the clutch hard but it is Odd. First, it is placed so close to the dead peadal that while pressing the clutch down, dead pedal will obstruct the foot movement. (Depending on how wide your shoe is)
    Secondly, the clutchis way too long. Even in it's resting position, clutch is way higher than the break pedal.

    I like the looks of the car, cabin, ride, etc..but at the end of the test drive I felt it is a good hatch and I realized how much I loved the feel of duster compared to hatches.

    Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Sujit508

    Sujit508 Regolare

    Bangalore , Karnataka
    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Duster has good Ride dynamics. The solid suspension and the Big Tyres help it a lot.

    but beware : Swift is a Rattle Can,I am surprised your colleague finds his swift to be better :)

    If you are sold on Duster, Get the diesel one. A general rule is the higher the weight of the car, Diesel performs better. and performance will not deteriorate at full loads.

    The Clutch Pedal feeling Odd in a Fiat, is only a getting used to thing. I too felt the same initially, but have got used it now. Not once does the dead pedal come in the way, Even with my 10 size Woodland Shoes . And Long drives is where I feel "kuch to bath hain" there is science with this pedal layout. My legs don't ache at all.

    on the contrary, Whenever I drive the Swift, I feel the pedals are ODD :)
  5. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    With limited usage (approx 7000KM/year) diesel does not make sense. Having said that; i'll also quote that few vehicle does not make sense in Petrol. Duster is know for its ride quality, space & ease to drive; making it a mile munching beast. Though the petrol engine doesn't do justice to vehicle and if you are set for Duster, make sure you buy diesel.

    If you have car which you love, and has cruising capabilities; your limited running would translate into more running. You'll look for reason(s) to drive her.

    Regarding clutch pedal & dead pedal position. Yes, it does interfere first few times. When I bought my linea; I was very irritated with my foot hitting dead pedal time and again. Few days later, it never happened. May be you adjust to the position. Dead pedal is boon for highways

    You may also want to look Rapid/Vento (D); if it suits your budget.

    If I had to pick from your list, i'll pick Duster (D). (The only thing; I dont like about duster is, after spending almost a million rupee; I get interior of basic hatchback). Also, select the variant (110 BHP or 74 BHP) as per your need. For more city drive 74 BHP would be great (minimal turbo lag, 205mm GC, floats over broken road, huge boot)
  6. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Get the car you heart says. Go for ABS and Airbags. They are must.
    For 7000 km a year, petrol is good enough (ie, 500+ km a month).
    Ride is certainly better in Duster, but handling is not. The handling thing may be new to you, as you are new to driving.
    Once you like and appreciate handling, you would love FIATs further.
    As said above, the clutch is only a matter of getting used to in a FIAT. It's butter smooth, though.
    Dead pedals are a helpful tool during the long journeys.
  7. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Why not go for Nissan terrano.....A better looking car than Duster and with better interiors.
  8. vinvk

    vinvk Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Thank you for the inputs.

    That would open a pandora box with Honda city, Linea, coming in. To keep it simple, I've zeroed in on SUVs or Fiats. :)

    in duster I cant have both under 12 Lakhs on road.
    Petrol duster comes with ABS but no airbag.
    Diesel duster 12L onroad comes with driver air bag but no ABS.

    I do understand what you mean. Thats why Avvy is in the shortlist. I guess I cant get everything in one car. Let's see which one I'll end up with. :)

    Terrano Petrol comes to 12L onroad. I've to wait for 2016 models which will take a month. They do not have 2015 models in stock.

    The advantages are better interiors and Petrol variant comes with both ABS and driver airbag.
    The disadvantage is for the same price I get Diesel Duster (without ABS but with airbag).

    Terrano looks better option compared to Creta though. Creta comes with ABS in all variants. But if I want airbag, Petrol variant costs 14.3L on road and the diesel variant costs 14.6L. Also Creta has 3 to 4 month waiting period.
  9. Dr Nitin Dutta

    Dr Nitin Dutta Novizio

    Guwahait; Assam INDIA
    Avventura 1.4
    Hi Vinod,
    Go for the Avventura powered by Abarth blindfolded.
    I have been driving since the age of 14 (I know its illegal :p) I am 52 now.
    I just got mine 3 days ago. It's an awesome car. Get yourself a test ride. No questions about its highspeed stability. It simply hugs the road. Rock steady. you will love it on the highway. The steering lets you know what the wheels are upto - so unlike the EPS of the other cars. It is shod with 205 tires.
    Go for it you will not regret.
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  10. vinvk

    vinvk Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    @Dr Nitin Dutta
    Hello sir
    The final three in the ring. And in that order.
    Duster 85 PS diesel Explorer edition. 12L otr. 19kmpl
    Avvy 1.3 diesel emotion 10.6L otr 20kmpl
    Avvy abarth petrol 12L otr 16kmpl

    On the Fiats..I'm yet to find out how much discount I'll get.
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