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Please suggest the Right Fiat for me

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by vinvk, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    If you want to make a super sharp turn or U-turn at 120+kmph, don't buy the abarth avvy.-- no one will do that, it's that dangerous even in a Volvo...

    Since you just started driving, I hope you won't.

    So eyes closed get avvy abarth. No more questions. Period
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  2. Pramod N

    Pramod N Amatore

    I personally have a FIRE 1.4 Petrol for 4 yrs now... Its beauty in both the world... WILD OR MILD... You will enjoy it.
  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hey there!

    Listen, please TD all the petrol models: do NOT rely on reviews, not even owner ones or the apparently objective comprehensive ones online on certain fora.

    Why? Because of the 'missing the woods for the trees problem'. Cars are holistic aesthetic/physical-mechanical COMPOSITIONS. The elements cannot be evaluated in an enumerative way like they do in reviews, with lists of strengths and weaknesses. Because of trade-offs between various parameters in the car in-itself let alone in the potential owners' equation or 'function' of variably-weighted criteria, and because strengths in some areas contribute to weaknesses in others, and vice versa, relying on reviews makes not the least sense. You have to see and feel for yourself how it is all put-together: whether the composition of different mechanical and design elements come-together in a compelling whole or are they instead just a bundle of incoherent functionalities, "apps": "strengths" and 'weaknesses", pro-s and cons-?

    Fiats are, like almost all cars from almost all brands in/from Europe, "wholes", holistic automotive compositions, with certain tradeoffs chosen for aesthetic, engineering, safety, cost and driving pleasure etc reasons. That is what makes them pretty exceptional in our mass market.

    You can only figure this stuff for yourself by TDs. The 'navrasas' of a Fiat can never be appreciated by reviews that focus on this or that rasa present or absent. The whole point is of how it is 'composed' together, FOR YOU and for your needs, style and desires. And please eliminate the 'bluetooth streaming' decision rule: you'll be "missing woods i.e., the whole, for one very very tiny part", especially since workarounds are so facile and so easy and inexpensive.

    Please try out the 1.4 Fire Punto Evo emotion. It is a very refined, reliable and efficient engine with a really good mid range, but is a tad, with the current gearing, unethusiastic off the line, but that is or should be a non-issue IMO in bangalore traffic conditions. Moreover, competitor petrols aren't any better off-the-line either BUT they are much lighter so they 'feel' 'peppier'. Until the Fire hits its mid range where the in-gear quality and driveability really shines through. Reviews speak typically of 0-100 and off-the-line pep, whereas what you must really judge and the real criteria is all about in-gear performance (say from 20-60, or 40-80), where the Fire 1.4 is just fine, in fact really excellent at highway/open road revs and speeds/gears etc.

    However, if you want and feel, despite being a new driver, something truly stellar, just 'too-good', too memorable all-round, whether in city or highway, any gear, any revs, any driving style etc, and you have the money, and the restraint(!): the Abarth Punto Evo or, since you frequent choppy roads, the Abarth Avventura.

    cheers, keep us posted on how the td-s go for you, man.
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  4. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    For me the overall package of Honda Jazz is better.I am buying Jazz V CVT.
  5. Anirudha Mukerjee

    Anirudha Mukerjee Novizio

    Punto Evo 1.4
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  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    It is, what, 2 lakhs+- more expensive than a Punto Evo or Avventura, i believe, once discounts either way are considered? As much (or more) than the Abarth Punto/Avventura, no?

    anyway, enjoy, and drive oddly or evenly sir, but not both! ;-)
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  7. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ha ha......
    Actually i love Fiat.......but it does not have CVT. The car is for my father.
    The overall package given by Honda CVT is better than any other CVT in the market.
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  8. metal_heart

    metal_heart Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Another suggestion, i would give you is
    For all the car(s) you have shortlisted or have been suggested; please read the ownership report(s) for them. There are many enthusiastic(s) who share each and every detail about the experience and journey with the vehicle. It would give you a better understanding. (spend 10-15 days for same)

    Once done, re-write your requirement for car. I'm sure you'll be find a suitable car for you.

    NO car in itself is bad and people buy different car for themselves are perfect for them (Reason: each individual has difference preference). As few people have suggested, start with petrol hatchback(s)

    VW TSI, Honda iVtech, Maruti VVT, FIAT Tjet etc are gem of petrol engine; and each competent in their each way. Sort out your requirement / preference; there is a car made for each of us.

    And please; do take test drive of the shortlisted car. If required, repeated test-drive(s); over all kind of road(s) and traffic condition. Just in case; you shortlist 1 particular car; if possible; rent it out from zoom car or any other OR if any friend can lend it for a day.

    That would give you to best experience of the car, before buying one.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2016
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  9. manjunathkl

    manjunathkl Amatore

    Linea 1.4

    2) I've just learned driving. Went for a driving school. Got license. Now going for extra classes just to be in touch with the car and for driving practice. I drove WagonR and New Alto. Didn't like WagonR one bit. Nothing to write about it except, may be the head room. Coming from WagonR, New Alto seemed sporty. I liked the low slung driving position. Car is light and peppy.

    WagonR was built for specific needs in Japan and suzuki just dumped it in India. Japan has parking restrictions based on the exterior dimensions of the car. So Suzuki and many Japanese car makers have this boxy hatches. Small on outside and big on the inside. India has no such need. Suzuki's largest market (India) does not get deserving respect (made of India cars) from the executives. Even though they have a pole position in Indian market, there are very few cars they did specifically for India.

    3) I'll be using the new car for
    Daily commute to office (Marathahalli to Whitefield)
    City run abouts in the weekend (groccery shopping, going to shopping malls, and other places in the city
    Occasional Out of the city trips max. 350km one way(highway, ghat, anything)
    Over all mileage would be less than 5000km / year.
    4) Prefer petrol to Diesel. I believe Petrol is relatively less polluting. Also cheaper to buy and run ( for my mileage)

    You are absolutely right here. If you don't run about 1500Kms/month, diesels are not gonna pay off the premium.

    5) The road condition in Marathahalli (especially the service roads and inner roads) is pathetic. The service roads have no gravel. In Rainy season it becomes slushy.

    Not just Marathahalli, everywhere it is the same story. Bottom line - you need a good Ground Clearence. 175mm is minimum.

    6) Other than the fundamental factors like engine, transmission, gearbox, suspension, I also value creature comforts, convenience, and practicality in a car.
    Front airbags and Bluetooth Streaming are must for me. Please let me know if any of my below shortlisted cars doesn't spport bluetooth streaming.

    Front airbags present in higher variants. The the B&M system in Fiats don't support Bluetooth streaming. BUT, you must know, that if you stream music from bluetooth, you will have no control (other than volume) over your music from steering mounted controls/head unit. You have to fiddle with phone to change tracks, jump to a new playlist etc. This is dangerous in my opinion. What I do is, I connect my phone to USB and it will detect the memory of the phone and accept it as a USB drive. It will play music from your phone and you can also control the music from steering controls. Use it once and you will not ask for bluetooth streaming.

    7) I've shortlisted FIAT based on online reviews. I'm yet to take test drive of their cars.
    Please suggest which Fiat car would be best suitable for my needs.
    Punto Evo: Don't want FIRE Petrol. Dont want 73bhp MJD. That leaves me with 90bhp MJD Emotion

    1.4 Fire is a very under-rated engine. All the auto reviewers drive tinny marutis and their quick 0-60Km speed times and call 1.4 sluggish. Once 5-6 reviewers repeat the same thing, it becomes obligatory to repeat in every reviews. Fiats are solidly built and one of the heaviest cars. I will bet if Marutis build this heavy and sturdy car and put their engine, it will not even pull them effectively. If you were a college kid who wanted to show off your girls that you can zip faster than other boys, it is a requirement. Otherwise, all you need is a decent pickup. With my 1.4 Fire (Non-TJet) I do lot of spirited driving. It is NOT sluggish as claimed by the reviewers.

    Avventura Abarth: Don't want FIRE Petrol. Diesel variant apparently has hard clutch and some issues wrt. driving position, pedal position etc..

    Same as above for petrol engine. Driving position and pedals you will get adjusted in days. Don't worry. Especially if you buy the variant with seat height adjust.

    Punto Abarth: Fun petrol engine. My only concern is it's bad road ability. Given that it has Race suspension, want to know how good it is at handling bad patches of road. Especially Bangalore service roads which are kachcha Mud roads in summer and slushy Rally tracks in rainy season.

    If you are not looking at a sports hatch, don't pay the premium. Just buy the low powered sibling.

    Avventura Abarth: Fun petrol engine. My only concern is it's hig speed stability. Given the high ground clearance, I want to know how stable it would be on highways at speeds in excess of 120kph. Also, does it support bluetooth streaming?

    Worry not about high-speed stability. Realistically, you will drive max at 130Kms/hour. At that speed, fiat cars have only tested their low end of their limit. When fiat engineers increased the height for Avventura, they compensated the height with wider tyres, stiffer suspensions. Rest assured, Fiat does a phenomenal job when they re-engineer their cars. Another example, Linea TJet gets 16 inch wheels and disc brakes in the rear over the 1.4Fire linea. That shows they just don't do upgrades for marketing gimmicks.

    Linea Tjet: This seems better fit for my needs.
    Tjet engine in it's state of tune matches pefectly with the chassis and suspension setup of the car. It is not an afterthought like in case of Punto/Avventura Abarth.
    Only thing is that I wasn't looking for Sedans. But then if I want Fiat, this seems right choice.

    If you are not looking for a sedan, you must not buy one. Go for a hatch Fiat or other.

    I've also shortlisted few cars of other make. Please suggest how they fare in comparision to Fiat.

    Duster Petrol

    Duster looks like a genuine SUV. Duster matches Punto/Linea in ride, excels in space and ground clearence, but very low on creature comforts, since you said you value creature comforts, this is not right car for you.

    Duster Diesel 110 bhp

    Same as above.

    Ecosport Petrol/ Ecoboost/Diesel
    Ecosport is a very well engineered car. The only issue is the space is a boot issue if you compare with Linea. Another thing is its steering is electric. Will be super light but not have a good feel of the road like a hydraulic steering. BTW, hydraulics are going to get extinct on road cars. If you have one, preserve it.

    Figo Diesel

    New Figo is good, try the petrol. Powerful engine, definitely better build than tinny competitors.

    Creta Petrol
    Good all rounder, but there is not one thing that is better than everyone. Like Fiats are great lookers, no one can beat them there. Creta lacks anything unique. Another issue is their video game steering. Enthusiasts will not like it.

    Scross Diesel

    Scross is a mix of sedan, hatch and a mini-SUV. Because it has to play all those parts, it fails to impress in any department. For e.g. its ground clearance is 5mm less than Linea. Apart from that, I have a strong feeling that Scross will fail to sell in large numbers and Maruti pulls down such non-performers. E.g. A-Star, Ritz, Estilo, Vitara, Versa, SX4, Kizashi. I'm sure Ciaz will sell in respectable numbers, but Scross might flop (given duster/creta/eco-sport are already plundered the market).

    Choice is yours, most of these cars are good ones, there are minor differences. I feel you must know what these brands are known for before you buy a horse from them. Fiats are known for solid cars and great design, great handling and ride. German brands are known for great fit and finish, great ride, premium feel. Japanese/Koreans are known for fuel effienciency and reliablity. If you are looking for sheer driving pleasure at affordable prices, it will be hard to beat Fiat.
  10. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    Abarth Punto Have Bluetooth Streaming Option

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