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Please help a newcomer - 2011 Fiat Linea Tjet+ ....To buy or not

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by s_mehta, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. FFF


    Hey which dealer in mumbai gave you this deal? Also did they throw in some accessories for free?
  2. s_mehta


    I didn't get any special deal. The LCD TV was part of a 'dhamaka' offer valid only on saturday 16th June 2012. It was a lucky draw system where you get an assured gift being what is mentioned under the scratch card you pick out of a bunch after you book the car. Believe me, there were a lot of bookings yesterday.

    No accessories offered -don't think this car really needs anything. I asked for parking sensors to be included in the price but dealer didn't accept. Anyway, i'll pay the 4 grand for parking sensors.

    Guys who've installed parking sensors - is the beep-type one worth 4k ? or is it better to install the ones that show you the distance ?

    Breakup of my linea (in Rs. lakhs):
    OTR (before discounts) = 10.97
    Cash discount = 1.15
    Exchange bonus = 1
    Valuation of my 12 year old indica v2 (diesel) with 41k km clocked = 0.45 (very low - i was getting 0.8 outside)
    Free insurance = 0.35
    Corporate discount = 0.1
    OTR (after discounts) = 7.92

    had a very smooth booking experience with Concorde (Worli)
  3. FFF


    Thanks for the information sounds like a good deal apart from the exchange price. When are you expecting delivery? You mentioned a lot of bookings all tjets or was this dhamaka offer across the board?
  4. s_mehta


    offer was for all cars - tata/fiat booked yesterday.
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  5. FFF


    Great and congratulations on your new car. If you see my other thread I am also considering the Tjet+ hopefully it happens :).
  6. Satyajit


    7.92 on road is fantastic. Cost me over 9, but that was in late September. May 2011 models should be fine. Do a PDI.
    Take the one with distance showing in the rear view mirror. Xenos. Should be under 5k. You'll get beeps and oral alerts as well.
  7. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Congrats on the purchase. I got the Fiat standard sensors installed - I preferred them over the camera. And later I was able to get t free, along with the most of the other TJet standard accessories (in March last year).
    I chose the beep one because they cover a wider area - and they beep at different frequencies for 1'/2'/3' distances. So, one knows how far is the obstacle. I thought the camera one may not be as effective in the dark as well as in showing obstacles in the corners and so chose the beep one. The camera-type owners can give you a more accurate picture about it.
  8. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Too good a price to resist, congrats. That's a beast of a vehicle you got there. Looking forward to the 0-100 figures :)
  9. s_mehta


    Received an email from the dealer's official email ID:

    "Dear sir,

    We here by conform that your linea T-jet plus B.N.White is not a test drive vehicle, it is not been register on any other person name you will be the 1 st owner (Ur Wife’s Name),it is 2011 mfg vehicle as it has been inform you before taking booking . We had place an order & it will be coming from the fiat plant

    Fiat Team"

    seems in order ? How is concorde as a dealer ? i assumed that since i'm essentially dealing with Tata (Concorde is a 100% subsidiary of Tata motors) it'd be better than dealing with an independent dealership like wasan/fortune etc.

    am contemplating going for the beeper-type parking sensors. one more thing i noticed during the TD was that the positioning of the rear-view mirror blocks a significant part of the traffic view while driving when a passenger sits in the rear middle seat.

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    One more question: is it necessary to do a pre-registration inspection ? sales person said not to worry there won't be any paint chipping/rusting/dents and the car will be new. Also given the 2 year + 2 year (extended) should i be okay with doing a thorough PDI (after registration) ?

    stay in the suburbs and stockyard i think is at panvel, so highly cumbersome to do a pre-registration inspection
  10. Guys who've installed parking sensors - is the beep-type one worth 4k ? or is it better to install the ones that show you the distance ?

    I have installed OE sensors with painted, It costed me 4.5K. - Including a matching color paint job, for the same price i also had Minda sensors with distance, I choose OE since the fitment is done by Autocop guys, will not void the warranty and most importantly it had a sheet which has marking sketch of the Lineas Rear bumper with markings where holes need to be drilled . So the holes drilled were in perfect distance and precission. Im loving it. All my previous vehicles, i used manual judgement, So the parking sensors are help me in judgement process and i don't merely rely upon them.

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