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Please help a newcomer - 2011 Fiat Linea Tjet+ ....To buy or not

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by s_mehta, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. s_mehta


    Hi all,

    This is my maiden post here and i sincerely request help from experienced owners on my queries.

    I currently drive a 11 year old Indica V2 (dad's car). Concorde (Mumbai) is offering a hard-to-ignore discount on the 2011 linea tjet+ (mostly mar/apr 2011 manufactured). This includes 1 lakh cash discount, 1 lakh exchange bonus PLUS the actual exchange they offer on my indica which is roughly 30-40k, 10k corporate discount, free insurance. This is without ANY bargaining. So the OTR is roughly 8.2 but i'll try to get it down further/get some accessories like parking sensor fitted. My doubts:

    1) Dealer claims (and says will give in writing) that the car hasn't been used as test drive vehicle. He says balance inventory of 2011 tjets is 40 odd and that since his dealership does not have any remaining inventory, the 2011 car will be shipped from the pune (ranjangaon) factory. They say that Fiat registers its test drive vehicles and hence they cannot sell a customer a vehicle that was used as a test drive vehicle earlier. says they sold 15 2011 model tjets last month. Does all this sound legit? I'll insist on the 'H' on the odo. Is there any issue buying a 2011 manufactured model now?

    2) Any feedback on the after sales service/spares? Sales chap says spares are made at ranjangaon so they arent costly. Says service will be (for now) at the Tata workshops and that there wont be step-motherly treatment. My servicing will be in Mumbai (Andheri) so if anyone's aware of the experience in servicing their cars in Mumbai, it would help

    3) Sales chap says servicing is for 4 years/80k kms which seems amazing. Any caveats i should specifically explicitly ask/clarify ?

    4) What all do I need to demand before taking delivery (if i decide to buy) - i'm thinking new battery, tyres (if they agree). Anything else? Sales chap says Fiat and the dealer's technicians will both inspect the car at ranjangaon/stockyard before its delivered. Still, anything in particular i need to ensure they replace/fit anew?

    5) The alternative car (which i booked but then cancelled) is Nissan sunny petrol XL. But it doesnt have the full package (all leather seats, electronics, disc brakes and alloys, 16 inch tyres etc etc) that the tjet+ offers. My driving will be 80%+ city and the occasional highway drive. Im moving from a diesel car (current indica) to a petrol one (i dont think diesel will remain subsidized over the next 5 years - its a call/risk i'm taking). My daily driving is roughly 35 km. Thoughts on 2011 linea tjet+ V/s 2012 nissan sunny petrol XL?

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. I'm scheduled to test drive the car at 5 pm today. The dealer's offered to send a test drive vehicle to my home. Why is the dealer going over the top to sell me a car? should i smell something fishy?

  2. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    There is absolutely no issues with the 2011 Tjet. You can go through the various ownership threads to understand about the car, if that helps. It is an absolute beast on the road.

    As you mentioned, Fiat is offering 2.36 lakhs discount on the Tjet to liquidate the stock in their Pune plant. As far as the news in the market goes Fiat is going to introduce a facelifted 2012 Tjet as soon as the old stocks are liquidated. You will find the Emotion variant missing in the petrol Linea.

    Check the H mark to ensure that the car has not been used much. This mark normally stays upto the first 200Kms.
    Do a through PDI of the car personally. You will get the checklist in the forum. Do a test drive of the vehicle if allowed by the dealer.

    However, you will not get the additional features of the 2012 Linea, just to remind you.
    If you find everything OK, go ahead with the Tjet. But Linea is basically more fun to drive on the highways.

    BTW most welcome on the forum.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2012
  3. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    It's a one year old car, I don't think you need to push for new battery or tyres. As long as the car starts and drives smoothly it's okay. What I would suggest for you is to check the weather stripes on the door's for hardness or leakage's, insist on new wiper's and check all hoses for any hardness.

    You said your other car that you considered is the Nissan Sunny petrol! Get the Linea T-Jet. Eyes closed.
  4. s_mehta


    Thanks for the replies. Test drive got cancelled. Sales chap said the fellow who was getting the test drive vehicle locked himself out of the car (keys inside) and arranging for spare keys will take awhile. Not a good start.

    Anyway, did some quick calculations again. OTR (before discounts) is 11.4 - discounts total 2.86 or so which implies OTR of 8.5.

    On the other hand, Sunny petrol = 8.38 and i've arranged for 80k for my 11-year old indica which would set me back by roughly 7.6 lakh.

    7.6 (2012 model sunny) V/s 8.5 (2011 linea tjet+)

    your take?
  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    T-jet is the ANSWER for you rather than going for the sunny.
    You can have a safe nut shell and the Turbo which the sunny lacks.
    Do the thorough PDI and all will be fine..
    T-jet is a Beast.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2012
  6. sungoa2010


    When I bought my Punto it was a six month old. But the difference was that it was manufactured in the same year. I didn't face any issue because it was old.
    Do a thorough PDI and go for Tjet. It looks very sad to hear about old stocks of Tjet. It is a car that should sell with 3-4 months of waiting period, if we consider it's potential and price.

    Sunny is roomier and fit and finish is also good. There is no point exist for comparison(it is my opinion) with Tjet beyond that. Any way do a test drive and choose what suits your and your other family member's requirement.
    Good luck.
  7. The price you have been quoted for tjet is without any bargaining from your side ..right??
    Why don't u haggle for.more discount with the dealer...
    And alternatively check other dealers also if they can get you a better deal.if they an get hold of one from fiat.

    Though i will say that the present deal is very good to go ahead...
    Also i am not sure of the fiat td vehicles undergoing registration as i recently saw an ad in fortune showroom @nerul about sale of td vehicles with interesting discounts.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2012
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    The T-jet is a true driver's car. The Sunny is a C segment commuter car. Take your pick.

    The Great White Shark vs the Beluga Whale. :)

    At this price, the T-jet+ is the winner. Not only is the Tjet+ a champ in driving aspects, but in terms of features , it pretty much smothers the Beluga Whale.

  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    1000 plus kms a month would warrant a diesel car purchase,think twice as to why you shouldn't go for an MJD Linea.
  10. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    If you are getting the exchange bonus it's a no brainer(go for the Tjet). Also please note that the gift cheque amount from this month is 1.15 lacs taking the total benefit to 2.51 lacs

    Do a very thorough PDI and check for the following in addition to what Amit has mentioned:
    - rust under bonnet/boot lid and near door hinges. Rust is normally seen at these places or where water can accumulate
    - check fir spikes on the tyre as shown in the pic of TFI PDI thread
    - check that all tyres are from the same batch
    - if dealer allows, take a small test drive in the stockyard

    Ask the dealer to replace the battery before you take delivery - most people who have bought a year old TJet have faced some issues due go battery (acceleration related or battery going dead in a few days). Dealer shall not agree for tyre change and you shall have to get that done from outside

    from what I have seen, most cars manufactured in Mar/Apr do not have rust. Appears that these cars maybe standing in a better area where exposure to environment is less

    best of luck and do post some pics

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