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Please advice regarding purchase of new punto..

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by saiyanajay, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. The rearseat cramp is more in the looks than in the seat. The colors kinda conceal the space a bit. and of course, it's not a lie to say that the i20 has a tiny bit more of rear bench space. but the interior color tones really make the punto appear a bit cramped. when i TDed the GP a year back, i did it with three ppl at the back. my wife, my bro-in-law who weighed 78-80 kg, and my dad-in-law who has never touched below a 100 kg in his life. i drove, n the sales guy was wit me in passenger seat. the drive was fine, without too much complaint from rear benchers. of course, GP cant seat ppl like it's a Merc. but a few mm of space can be sacrificed for an immaculate drive, plus u need to take into consideration the absolute absence of body-roll in Fiat!

    Music system: i've heard a lot of complaints about the speakers from punto n linea owners, but my 2012 model has real good speakers. when u TD, do play some good songs too. now, you're in a car, and not in a high profile party. so, adjust ur expectancy to that level. but anyway, it performs better than my pioneer speakers in my zen. i think Fiat did something about it in the 2012 models.
  2. saiyanajay


    Thanks for the great advices so far.. The dynamic do not have USB or AUX in, but the sales guy told that a tiny device can be connected to the 12V plug which will enable to connect USB. I will check the rear seat tomorrow. Glad to know that they improved speakers in the 2012 model. Even today two of my friends suggested i20, but I have fixed my mind on punto:)

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    They will give free reverse sensors, seat covers. Also free insurance, which decreases the price from 7,28,000 to 7 lakhs. I also managed to find a customer to buy my old ritz at 2,75,000. It is an Lxi, brought on december 2009,
    ran just 14,000km. Ya, the price may be low but still I am happy that the punto which is about to arrive can be used for a long time and will provide much better mileage than my petrol ritz. Now I really hope they dont start increasing diesel prices unscrupulously!
  3. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    congrats on your decision.. From which showroom are you planning to book your GP? I would say, punto is the best bet for our kerala roads with its awesome suspension ! If you planning for dynamic.. i would say change your tyre before you take delivery itself !
    If you can stretch your budget, emotion is a very VFM proposition. you get 15" alloys with larger better accelere low profile tires, 2 airbags, automatic climate control,rear defogger, leather wrapped steering, more importantly, blue n me.
  4. saiyanajay


    From Mohandas motors.. I like punto emotion but it comes to 7,60,000.. Max budget is 7 lakhs
  5. singh

    singh Amatore

    This Forum is big Fiat Brotherhood , you will hardly get any thumbs up for other cars , because Punto really have no comparison.
    From my experience Swift has less rear legroom , than punto , i20 has comparable rear legroom (Read comparable not much more). Mark my words Punto is very spacious .
    Swift has nice dash board but plastics around hand brake and glass holders is worst . All interiors look dull , not to mention Tiny rear doors and windows.
    I20 feels too low and creates feeling of nausea in rear seats , yes AC is good in new model.
    Polo: go to showroom and in 5 minutes you will realise that how much they want to sell Polo . Like Liability
    Every swift , polo or i20 owner will praise their cars , like we do . But to be honest Punto is better in all aspects . You will feel special once you get some miles.
    More good i write about Punto , more better i feel.
    Fiat Brotherhood
  6. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I can tell you if you want the best driving experience with the fullest control on road and top notch safety in the price range go for Fiat. Even if you have to spend more time and money on spares/service/niggles (I haven't experienced any) take this expenses as premium for your Life Insurance which pays you everyday (unlike the other life insurance which pays after you "......." ::D )
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